Sunday, June 7, 2020

It's June????

It's June.  It doesn't feel like the year is half over.  COVID19 took three months from us and I'm still in March mode, sigh.  North Florida is opening slowly and with success and I must share that May has been one of the best months for sales for me.  Not only at my spaces at the Lyon's Head Antique Mall but also my Girdle Gals etsy shop.  I am grateful for this and most appreciative of all those who have purchased my items.

I have been visiting my local haunts for treasure and it has been fruitful as I really didn't know what to expect with this crazy spring we have had.

A lovely mid century, Waterford Crystal ships decanter.  Acid etch gothic mark for Waterford on the side base.   There is something marvelous about how ship's captains ensured their best drink of choice was held in a highly stable, heavily weighted base.

Mint first day covers for Walt Disney and Disneyland from 1966.

A handsome, pale green St. Nick with mica flakes.

Antique, French Ray-O-Vac flashlight, circa early 1900s.

Lovely antique, carnival glass bowl, may be Fenton, have some homework to do.  Marigold color.

A small but stunning, American Brilliant cut glass bowl. This little guy is heavy and beautifully cut and throws lots of rainbows.

Nice vintage, clay poker chips in wooden caddy.  Has space for two decks of cards as well.  Circa 1940s, these clay chips have that great sound when tossed on each other in the betting pile.

Nice vintage sewing tin.  Great colors in a tole pattern.

These hand held mechanical beaters were found in nearly every kitchen at the turn of the century through the 1950s.  They work fantastic and are easy to handle.  Children love using them.

Granny, of the Beverly Hillbillies always had a jug handy that held her "rheumetis medicine."  This charming, early 1900s Western Monmouth "corn squeezin's" or syrup jug is a charmer.

A gorgeous footed bowl with art deco scrolled handles by Cambridge.  This pattern is called Portia and was first introduced in 1931 and retired in 1953 and is commonly known as one of the elegant depression glass pieces.

  A marvelous, late Victorian The Bible Story for children book.  

Finally, one of my favorite things, old photo albums and this late Victorian album is actually in better condition that when I often find them. The velvet on both sides is intact and only missing the metal clasp to close it.

 Best of all, it is filled with family cabinet cards and a pair of tin types.

As I look through this I see a family. I don't know of anyone who cannot relate.  I pray for peace, I pray for respect, I pray for loving our neighbor, I pray that we have all had "enough".  Enough of canceling each other, enough of siloing who we are, enough of distrust and anger.  Enough.  Let us all come together to "hear" what the other has to say and walk away with insight and peace and brotherhood.  I close in the way I have since I first began blogging years ago.  Blessings to you and those you love.  SeaWitch

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Soft opening and new digs

Oh, how I missed my booth spaces and our customers these past 6 weeks but our governor has initiated the first phase to opening the economy with a soft open for retail stores.  So this Monday, we open our doors again. 

The one positive thing about the shutdown for me was that it allowed me to move from my original space into a new location in my happy place, the Lyon's Head Antique Mall.  We are open 7 days a week so moving or even updating your space can be difficult.  With the shutdown this was an opportunity to prep my new space and move everything over from my old into my new without having to move around customers.

My new space is about ten feet larger and what a difference these ten feet make.   I love a clean palette to begin with and a coat of Griege gray went up on the walls on Saturday.

Now the fun and the work begins.  

Moving all of the large furniture means emptying everything first so I filled the store shopping cart several times moving item after item after item.

Amazing how everything looks "new" when you change it up, rotate the stock and display differently from before.

Brought the antique jugs up front and center and they look so happy.

My mantle was the last big piece I moved and I changed it up completely with a religious display.  

Vintage Madonna's, candlestick crucifixes, antique religious prints.

Marvelous antique and vintage figures and mid century images. 
My display case looks great in the corner and has lots of natural light showing off the pieces.

 The open space is fantastic and the table I used to have placed against a wall in my old space now sits in the open space and I can display in a 360 degree layout which actually gives me more display room.

The large table holds so much more now that it is freestanding in the middle of the booth space.

This was a favorite piece of mine that I had in my home in Georgia and in my home in Florida.  It's now time for this sweet little rocker in that favored seafoam blue to find a new home to enjoy as I replaced it with this marvelous drop leaf end table.

 Head over teakettle in mad love with this 19th century piece, from the vibrant tiger maple to the pretty little Sheraton legs. This was a find from my favorite place to shop rusty, crusty, dusty...Junk Co., Port Richey, Florida.

Love that light coming through the front windows.  I got it all done today and now I'm really feeling my age, LOL.   Good and stiff from 5 hours of straight work today but it was worth it.  

As we all start slowly returning to life as we lived it, as always, I wish blessings to you and those you love, SeaWitch

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Table or Booth?

Those three words I long to hear, "Table or Booth?"  So waiting for the seIf isolation restrictions to slowly lift.  Let me at least share that I am blessed and have it much easier than many others.  I already work remotely so this was not a transition for me.  In addition, I live in Florida where I have a small pool so I can spend time in an outdoor living space.  Between the pool and my spinning wheels and my antiquing, I've got plenty to keep me busy but I miss my social time at local restaurants.  You get to know the people who work there, the owners, the wait staff, the line cooks, etc.  You become part of a local, extended family and I miss this.  In addition, I miss the hunt.  The search for treasure where I can touch things, pick them up and hold them in my hands.  Like so many others, I haunt  the facebook business pages and purchase from the images and then make a trip to curbside pickup with local businesses.  Such a different world these days.

I was taking video of booth spaces in the Lyon's Head Antique Mall last Saturday and saw that our neighbor shop, Junk Co. was upcycling furniture pieces while a dealer was bringing in new items to their booth space.  I took a walk over after taking the video clips and was able to find a bit of treasure.  Have to say it was odd walking into both the Lyon's Head Antique Mall and Junk Co., which are large spaces, and other than the owners not a soul in sight.  My footsteps echoed throughout both shops.

The dealer was bringing in marvelous religious pieces and I was lucky to be the first to see what he brought into his space.  
A nice, 1930s print of St. Anthony of Padua in original frame.

A spectacular chalkware statue of St. Lazarus of Bethany.  Lazarus, found in the Gospel of Luke (Luke 16:19-31), tells of the relationship in life and in death, between an unnamed rich man and a poor beggar named Lazarus.

  Lazarus is often depicted as a starving beggar at the foot of the stairs leading up to a rich man's house, and who was covered in sores that even the dogs came to lick those sores.

  Lazarus was venerated as a patron saint of lepers and forms the basis of one of two missions of the Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem which is dedicated to aid to those suffering from the dreadful disease of leprosy and the defense of the Christian faith.

A magnificent vintage, bronze crucifix. Heavy, oak cross.  This is a large piece and most likely from a Catholic rectory or convent.

The bronze crucified Jesus is beautifully detailed.

The ever popular and always sought after vintage, Lefton turkey.  This one is a planter but I used these for serving bread sticks.

How cool is this 1940s Christmas bell wreath for the front door.  This is so nifty that I may keep it myself.

And finally, this charming child's toy sewing machine.  

So I will clean them and price them and get them ready to take into my space when we can reopen.  I hope that will be soon as I miss all of the dealers and shoppers and my spaces.  So I wish for all to remain healthy and this virus disappear so we can return to our jobs and our lives and the friendships we have made over the years.  Blessings to you and those you love.  SeaWitch

Monday, March 30, 2020

New Normal

It's the new normal, it's my new normal, it's the new normal for our family.  What we are all hearing and saying these days.  So many businesses and restaurants are closed, large and small, local and global and it breaks my heart.   Yes, I get it, we have to close to keep this virus in check but it still has me worried about all of the small businesses that may not make it through this financially.  

I'm in the senior age category as I will be 66 in May and I also live with adult asthma.  I had to make a run to my local Home Depot so I'm wearing my black, latex gloves and a wrapped scarf around my face...of course a great pair of sassy glasses make it all come together.

Highway 19 is usually packed with cars coming and going and this is a picture of Saturday at 2:20pm.  Barely a vehicle on the road.

 Had to pick up bolts for a glider loveseat so it was off to the Home Depot.  They now have reduced hours and only allows 200 people in their store at a time.  The line to get in wrapped around their building.  I parked the car and got in line.  Everyone was standing 6-10 feet away from each other and the sun was blazing down on everyone.

The Home Depot folks passed out bottles of icy cold water to everyone waiting in line.  They had associates at one entrance and exit and as people exited the building new shoppers were let in.  They had sanitized carts inside for us as well.  Have to say that Home Depot really had this well thought out.  One of my projects for my home, this year, was to finally tackle the really odd sized and ugly outdoor atrium that is between the two bathrooms.  The homes in my community were built in the 1970s and they thought a "Florida room or atrium" was unique.  However, they are all odd sizes and they left them with the sandy outside without any kinds of flooring. This is the mess I inherited and it's the first thing you see when you enter my front door.  

Most folks pour a concrete floor but then it looks like an afterthought and without drainage for the rainy season.  Pavers or tile are nice but so expensive and then you have to seal them each year.  I really wanted to turn the room into a quiet space with a zen quality to it.

Spent a lot of time looking at Pinterest pins for small spaces and then finally sketched out what I wanted to do with the space.  Now to collect all of the materials and hire strong bodies to remove all of the white rocks, patio block and prep the ground for the composite tile blocks I wanted to lay downl

 Ground is now clear and the layer of commercial grade weed guard has been laid.

An inch of packing paver sand and a good tamping down will level off the area.

Paver boards are the newest and best way for laying either pavers, patio block or the composite decking tiles I will snap in place.  These Paver boards eliminate the need for 4-6 inches of paving sand.

 Gynness loves the tiles as they do not get hot on the feet, even with the hot Florida days. They snap in place like legos making this part of the project move very quickly.

I left an 8 inch area on both sides for drainage and will fill with smooth, black Japanese stones.  I also kept a small garden area in the back where I will plant a pair of banana plants.

Here is the finished look and I adore it.  Still waiting on a second chair to arrive and will be planting a Gardenia tree in the other corner.  What a difference and I'm head over tea kettle with mad love for this new space.  It gets direct sun for about an hour a day and the rest of the time it is all passive so it is a perfect place to sit with morning and evening coffee or tea.

Most of the thrift and antique shops have closed but there was one that was still open so I popped in for a quick looksie.  I was still wearing my gloves and scarf and I was actually the only one in the shop.

Found this lovely, mid century weather set and its now hanging in my home.  I love these and was really glad to find this priced at $6.00.

I seem to find really nice religious items these days and this stunning, French, alabaster marble Crown of Thorns Christ bust was a nifty find.  This is a small figurine but lovely.

A nice baby Jesus figurine in a manager.  

Went into the Lyon's Head Antique Mall to take photos for our facebook page as we are selling off of that as many shops are with the self isolation and business closings.  Found this nice pair of tin types in modern frames.

Hand tinted cheeks on this mother and child tin type.

 Pretty little girl with hand tinted cheeks.  

I'm pretty good about keeping items in the house in case of an emergency as we deal with hurricanes here in Florida.  However, this was a first with how people hoarded everything and continue to making it all but impossible to find "the precious".  I have been unable to find toilet paper anywhere for the last ten days.

Placed an order with Grove Collective, as I like their cleaning supplies, and lucky me, they still had it available on line.  Funny how this box of TP made my day when it arrived.

Sweet girl and me have been hanging around the pool these days.  I do miss visiting local restaurants as this has always been time I liked to spend enjoying a meal with a good book. 

 Still, I am fortunate as I have been blessed with a day job where I already work from home and with outdoor spaces that allows me to be outside without worrying about total self isolation inside of the house.  

My hope and wish is that you are all doing well, my friends, and this virus will bypass you all.  Praying for a quick end to all of this so we can get our small businesses back up and running and yes, with a selfish desire to eat out again on my part.  Blessings to you and those you love...and wash your hands.  Sea Witch 

Sunday, February 23, 2020

February Finds

February is a short month even when it has 29 days.  I've been busy with my "day job" but have found Leap Year treasure along the way.

It's been eclectic finds these last few weeks and one of them was this...
nifty vintage 3D/hologram Sacred Heart Jesus and the Mother Mary with Infant Jesus in a pierced aluminum lighted frame.  So very 1960s and often found in Catholic homes throughout New Jersey and New York during that time.

Ed Clark gnomes were wildly popular in the 1980s and I came across five large size ones and a few signed by Ed Clark.  I find these continue to sell well in my spaces so when I find them at a good price I pass it along to my customers.

Lovely pair of Therom paintings beautifully framed in gold leafed frames. Circa 1970s
Theorem painting is the art of making stencils and using them to make paintings on velvet and was popular during the 1800’s and especially in Colonial New England.  Theorem enjoyed a popular resurgence during the American Bicentennial.

A stunning Sheffield plate bridal basket.  This is a gorgeous piece and in marvelous condition and I will add it to my personal collection.

 Wonderful Early American pressed glass creamer from the 1800's. Queen Anne pattern known as "Bearded Man" by LaBelle Glass Co. 

Another great piece for my compote collection, antique Adams & Co. glass footed and lidded compote.  Pattern:  Ashman, circa 1880s.

Antique Fosteria, needle engraved cruet with stopper.  

Early Arts and Crafts hand thrown and decorated pot signed Gletus Gallus 1916.  

And finally a large, needlepoint rug.  This is so lovely but does not fit with my decor at all I would keep it.  

Loving the longer days and looking forward to turning the clocks ahead in three weeks. Hopefully, this will be the last year we ever have to change them.  Would love it if we returned to nature to manage the seasons.  Wishing everyone a marvelous spring and blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch