Sunday, August 27, 2017

Getting there.

Slowly but surely I am chipping away at getting my home together.  When I relocated to Florida, I sold most of my furniture other than a few of my personal favorite pieces.  Now as I put my guest room together I wanted a piece of furniture that would hold storage like an armoire but did not want the size or the formality of a traditional piece.  

 Came across a 1990s Entertainment Armoire at a local thrift shop that actually fit the bill.  It was banged up quite a bit but had the good bones I needed for what I wanted to do with it.

Gave it a base coat of Tidal Pool blue.

Had a poster made to fit the length and width of the two bottom drawers and adhered them.

Ditto with the top portion of the armoire.  Lots more to do to both pieces.  Will followup with final images when completed.

Dropped off a few bags at my local Goodwill and although I didn't find much this trip, I did come home with a lovely, mid century, Gorham silverplated tray.

A little difficult to see, but a lovely pressed glass with the Goofus paint removed.  

Brought in more items to my space and as I was chatting with the gals at the front desk, I saw a bucket full of cabinet cards.  I am weak for old photos so I had to have these. 

And then, the motherlode.

 A photo album filled with images from the 1890s through the 1960s.  Pure joy.

Kids, relatives and those great poses. 

Saucy hats and turn of the century clothing.

Stunning 1920s wedding party.

Great, great grandmothers.

Another well dressed bride of the flapper era.

This was just a smattering of the many photographs in this album.  

Can you believe that August is nearly over?  September begins Friday and that leaves us with 4 months left to 2017.  This year is flying by.  So wishing everyone a safe and enjoyable Labor Day and blessings to you and those you love. Sea Witch

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Belle, Glass and Booth

My youngest granddaughter, Kels, texted grandma-ma to tell her she wanted to be Belle for Halloween this year and that she would need the "exact" yellow gown that Emma Watson wore in the movie.   So it was off to the fabric store to purchase sun yellow fabric dye and begin dying 20 yards of beaded tulle from a wedding train. This will be a fun gown to make for her as I love to replicate these pieces.

While the fabric was undergoing several dye baths, I made a run to my local Goodwill and it was raining glass.  I was in the market for vintage, 2 quart canning jars to store pastas, rice and cereals.  There on the shelf were three and they had the zinc lids with the white glass inside.  SCORE!!!!  

These three look so good and now I'm on the hunt for more.

Milk bottles!!! Oh yea, a quart, two pints and a creamer and I am in glass heaven. I will repurpose these into Christmas display pieces. 

A marvelous Early American Pattern Glass (EAPG) buttermilk pitcher.  Perfect condition.

A charming, big glass boot says Christmas to me.  I may fill with vintage glass ornaments or vintage elves or pretty holiday picks.  

 Lovely sterling and etched crystal bud vase was black with patina.  Marked Webb Sterling, this is such a pretty piece.

Finally, three beautiful EAPG goblets.  All are in perfect condition.  I love using EAPG pieces, there is something marvelous about drinking from a glass that is 120 years old.

A pair of Wedgwood plates were a Salvation Army find.

Also from the Salvation Army, a terrific vintage turkey platter with that coveted salmon pink border.  This will move quickly come Thanksgiving.

Still unpacking inventory and found a few pieces to bring in to my booth space.

Antique shaving mirror with scalloped edges and folding stand.

Corn cob pipe is a perfect touch to leave next to the empty plate of cookies that Santa receives from children.  "The stump of a pipe he held tight in his teeth, and the smoke it encircled his head like a wreath."

Stunning, late 18th century, earthenware milk pitcher.  These soft paste pieces didn't often survive. Circa 1780s-1830s.

 Stunning, early 20th century, hand woven splint gathering basket.  Lovely carved and shaped handle with ash splints and vegetable red dyed pattern.

Ahh, the type of piece that makes the Sea Witch weak in the knees, a lovely sea urchin about the size of a small grapefruit was sitting on a self at the Goodwill.  $1.98 later and I carefully hand carried this home and it now sits next to my corals.  

Labor Day will be upon us so wishing everyone a gentle holiday and blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Junk Co.

I am so excited.  A fantastic architectural salvage shop, Junk Co.,  just opened a few doors down from the Lyon's Head Antique Mall.  It is a shabby, crusty, rusty, chippy, industrial treasure trove!

Pretty bulb lighting shines through the windows that are pure eye candy with marvelous pieces inside.

Junk Co. has lots of space that is filled with industrial pieces, furniture, lighting, you name it.

Fantastic vintage signage and lockers everywhere.

These lockers make a great closet for a kids room.

Nice barrel, scale and signage.

Fabulous metal cabinets with glass doors would be perfect for an urban look in a modern kitchen.

Really nice sized bird cage for parrots or unruly children.

Mad love for this vehicle grill, wouldn't it be a terrific firescreen?

Huge industry lighting.

If I had larger space in my liani area, this would have come home with me.  I would fill it with towels, sarongs, pool toys, sunscreens, you name it.

In addition to big pieces, there are lots of smaller decorative elements and items you can repurpose into lighting, vases, or whatever.

Junk Co also sells chalk paint products.

Stunning pair of chippy barn doors.  So love these.

Love CSI, then this gurney needs a place in your kitchen.

Crib side repurposed into a towel rack.  This would be great for the pool area for drying towels.

Love the colors of these industrial lights and the vintage suitcases.

These huge safety bumpers just called to me. If I had much bigger digs, all three of these bad boys would have come home with me. They were priced to steal at $12.00 each.  Yup, $12.00 each.  They would make unique shelving with heavy glass shelves on top of them.

Salvage? Yea, they got it.  Lots of antique and vintage doors to choose from.

Windows, lots of windows in every size and style.

My favorite, wood scrap from antique homes. So much treasure to select from.

Shutters everywhere in all sizes.  Crushing on those tool ones next to the big, white window.  
Just walking through Junk Co., I get ideas for my home and I know you will too.  They are open three days a week, with normal business hours of Thursday, Friday  and Saturday from 10:30am to 5:00 pm. Other time by appointment.  Their grand opening is next weekend and they will be grilling hotdogs and sausages for all visitors.  If you are in the Port Richey/Hudson Florida area, do not miss visiting Junk Co.

Wishing them much success and blessings to all and those you love.  Sea Witch

Sunday, July 30, 2017


a new space.  I have wanted to have a booth dedicated to antique and vintage Christmas for years now.  A small space came up at the Lyon's Head Antique Mall where I have my main space and if luck would have it, just across from my present space.  I wanted something small so I could keep the space fresh but also looking like a Victorian parlor.

 So I was hanging wallpaper again but it went quickly as it was a small wall area.

Brought in a stunning, Victorian pump organ in pressed walnut.  The best thing about this beauty is it still works and sounds great. This will be a lovely backdrop for antique Christmas items.

Lovely Chromolithograph of two girls singing in church.  Nice companion piece to the pump organ.

Flocked garland and an antique book look so good on the organ.

Lovely Victorian lady looks right at home.

 Sweet antique, mustard yellow child's rocker.

Wouldn't ya know it, half the lights on the tree do not work, sigh.  Well, I can't complain, I've had the tree for 17 years now. I may have to replace as I cannot find the issue with the top portion of the lights.  Once I have the tree lit I will decorate it with antique and vintage items.  Want to hang light garland across the top of the space as well.  Loving my new space, Romancing Christmas, and I can't wait to bring in the antique holiday pieces.

Still had time to make a quick run to my local Salvation Army Store, they had a 50% off of everything in the store and it was a mad house.  Everyone was here to find a score or two and I made a few myself.

Never used Towle silverplated server.  Perfect for the holidays.

Lovely Revere Ware silverplated bowl with clear liner.  Another holiday piece.

I can't get enough quality silverplate and this is beautiful Reed and Barton Chippendale server.

Pretty Victorian, small water pitcher by Warwick.  

Vintage West German stein with pewter top.  This is a small one and in marvelous condition.

Pretty Wedgwood gravy boat.  Can't have too many boats on your Thanksgiving table.

1920s french jet faceted mourning beads.  These are a keeper for me for a while before I decide to sell them.

Sweet West Germany Hummel figurine.  I know these are not in demand right now but for 99 cents and then half price, I couldn't walk away from it.

Stunning vintage Orrefors signed crystal art glass bowl. This baby is heavy and throws rainbows when the sun or light hits it.

Charming vintage sled with ghost images of its original color, I will decorate with sea stars and pretty ribbon and put in my new space.

Lovely fireplace screen looks like an iron gate. Another piece that will find it's was into my new space.

And finally, drinking glasses that a Sea Witch needs, a mermaid tail and a shark's head.  How hilarious are these?  

It was a fun but very busy weekend.  I finished painting the guest bedroom, put the furniture back in place, measured for cellular shades for the window and now am on the hunt for an old media armoire to upcycle. Tackled the new space with wallpaper and then moving the Victorian pump organ and other pieces in.  And of course, treasure hunting at the Salvation Army.  Can't believe that July will be gone after tomorrow.  My day job begins it's new fiscal year and I'm hammered with work there.  So, it's off to bed, dream sweetly, everyone and blessings to you and those you love.   Sea Witch