Saturday, November 19, 2016

Christmas Open Houses and an extraordinary gift

Tis the Season of Holiday/Christmas Open houses at many of my favorite antique stores. 

I had the opportunity to visit "Curious Possessions" in Snellville and it was filled with Christmas delights.

Christmas reds abound.

Nice vintage foil Santa.

Darling child's toy cash register.

Sweet little red longjohn's are an adorable item to decorate with.

Lovely punch bowl set is waiting for your holiday party.

 Delightful pair of Snowman candlesticks.

This dealer offered a stunning, complete set of Currier and Ives dinner ware and serving pieces.

Crazy about this beautiful print.

Boop boop be doop!

Lovely group of mid century vases.  These are hot collectibles right now.

Pretty purple decorative elements.

 Elvis loves a blue, blue, blue, blue Christmas.

 Everything you need for your entertaining.

 This is such a warm display.

As I walked from booth space to booth space, something caught my eye on a shelf.  I have a passion for Victorian quadruple plate and I saw this pretty serving bowl had a sea shell theme.  Something I have never seen in my many years of collecting.  I made a fast bee-line to it, hoping that the many others in the shop had not seen it.   

I looked everywhere for the price tag and couldn't find it so I started emptying out the silver balls inside it.  I find a paper tag and instead of finding a price I see a message.  My heart skips a beat and then tears begin to fill my eyes. 

I'm reading the note but I still am in shock and carry this beautiful serving bowl with the note to the front desk for them to confirm what I am reading.  They see the tears in my eyes and after reading the note, they begin to shed a few tears as well.  My friend, Rose, whose spaces are known as Silver Glory, Pink Glory and Gray Glory always have such beautiful pieces and I have purchased many items over the years from her booths.  She had been saving this piece for me since the summer because she knows how much I love the sea and her lovely surprise will always be a Christmas memory for me.  This stunning bowl will be a centerpiece in my home in Florida and I will always think of Rose and smile when I see it. 

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving and blessings to you and those you love. SeaWitch

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Sabbatical here's what's happening

I'm back.   The Sabbatical was exactly what I needed.  Spent the time looking at where I am and where I want to be and to paraphrase Mr. da Vinci, "if I wanna be somewhere else, I need to move on."  Apologies to Mr. da Vinci.

Still his words ring truth and I have decided to prepare for a move from Georgia to Florida.  I'm a few years to retirement and my present employer continues to go through reorganizations every year.  Sooner or later, my number is going to be called and I would rather be in Florida when they decide to call it.

So, I have closed both of my spaces in the Queen of Hearts, sigh, I miss it already.  I have emptied out my home into a POD unit and am now repainting the interior and have new carpets being installed next week in hopes of listing my home around Thanksgiving.  Home sales are still hot in my area so I am hoping it will sell before the end of the year.  Once that happens, I am off on a new adventure.

Of course, once I do finally relocate, I will first look for a place to live and then follow up with searching for a new place to sell my wares.  Anyone who has ever been in the antique biz knows you never really ever leave the business, you just find new digs.  So even though I may not have booth space right now, I am always looking for good inventory.

Marvelous silverplated mint julep cup.

Lovely EAPG green and gold vase is the "Band and Diamond Swirl" pattern made by the U.S. Glass Company. circa 1898.  Love this rich, dark green.

Lovely alexandrite and gold lustre vase changes from ruby red to ice blue in different light.  Mid century piece.  

Large Milk Glass Loganberry Vase by the Imperial Glass Co.  Produced from 1950-70s.  

Be still my heart, I am crazy for antique transferware and this pitcher is a honey.  I suspect this may go into my own display cabinet once I get it out of the POD unit.

Lovely hammered silverplated serving plate.  Circa 1930s. 

Pretty little bucket creamer and sugar bone china first looks like Belleek but it is not.  Royal Worchester made in England.  

In between my treasure hunting, I spent Halloween week with grandchildren in Virginia.  

 My grandson wanted to be Boba Fett this year and his twin sister fit into the Dorothy costume I made Kaitlyn three years ago.  Kaitlyn made her own costume this year and she went as the Mad Hatter.  I love that she tackled her first costume by pulling items from past costumes and repurposing them into a great Mad Hatter.

Conner is Boba Fett.

I had to put together this jetpack after I had put all my craft supplies into the POD.  It's true, duck tape and a little card board can make anything.

Kells Bells is Dorothy right down to the ruby slippers.

Look at those Mad Hatter eyes. LOL

So, there you have it, a new adventure awaits me and as each step unfolds, I will share it with you...because it's "just georgraphy" but ahh, the most intersting unknown beacons me and I desire to bring you along.  For now, it's time to turn the clock back one hour and wish blessings to you and those you love. SeaWitch

Monday, September 12, 2016

Short sabbatical.

Greetings blog readers.  I am a reader of signs.  I listen to their voice, their imagery and their consistency and it doesn't take me long to do a redirect or "reboot" in today's vernacular.   

Some might find this scary, but I have learned over the years that life's changes have always been a positive thing for me.    I will be going quiet for the next few months as I work through this reboot and then I will be back to share with you the magic of new beginnings.  

Was at a local auction on Saturday and they had tons and tons and tons of stuff.  Unfortunately, most of it was of no interest to me, although I did come home with a few nifty items.

Pretty little souvenir red transferware plate. These always sell well.

Heavy pair of weighted, sterling silver candlesticks.  These polished up beautifully and are always sought after for holiday tables.

And now, what I really, really wanted to win and "did" were these five, antique Alaskan Inuit, Yupik coiled baskets with knob top lids.  Dyed and undyed rye grass and some with embroidered native birds.  

Brilliant red and black dyes in the line design.

A pair that have natural dyed embroidered birds native to the region. 

It's so easy to identify the Canada goose on this one.

These pieces are tightly coiled and the lids hold tight.

The smallest of these knob baskets has pretty red butterflies around it.  They measure from 3 inches to about 7.5 inches in height and they appear to be from the early 20th century.

Lovely set of six cups and saucers and dessert plates of fine, bone china from one of europe's oldest pottery houses, Rorstrand, manufactured in Sweden since 1726. 

The early brown mark dates from 1890-1920s.

And finally, who expects to find a pair of Aquatalia black patent leather boots, never worn with the Nordstrom price tag of $450.00 at an auction? Not me but I got them for a song so they are now up on ebay for a great price as well and with free shipping.  Size 6 if anyone is interested.  

So it was a minimalist weekend of finds but still some great treasure. Now to tackle the "reboot" and a short goodbye to friends.  Know that I will be back to blogging in November and as always, blessings to you and those you love.  SeaWitch

Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor Day Fun

They say one "woman's chore" is another "woman's fun."  With a three day weekend, I filled it with treasure hunting and cleaning out closets, taking stuff to Goodwill and painting interior doors, prepping walls for a repaint and pricing items for my spaces.  In between those plans, Gynness and took walks and sat in the sun on the back deck.  It was pure joy and a lovely way to spend the last summer holiday before the year comes to a close.

Saturday was my treasure hunt day and I took off for Monroe, Georgia.  First stop was at Davis Street Antiques, I always find unique pieces there.  Check out this magnificent morning glory speaker on the Edison Home Phonograph, handpainted and works.  

I had to keep reminding myself that there was a mortgage to be paid and I should walk away from the phonograph.  It will have to go home with someone else.

I have a weakness for antique, EAPG butter dishes and I nearly squealed with delight when I found this one.  A Centennial piece for America's 100 year anniversary.  Liberty Bell aka Centennial by Adams Glass co. ca. 1875. It has a little liberty bell shaped finial as well.

There is a quiet elegance about master knife rests, a tool from an age gone by, these are lovely on anyone's holiday table.

It's been years since I came across a pair of Victorian button boots and this pair is in marvelous condition.  They also have that much sought after "witchy" heel that everyone loves.

Lovely beaded and crocheted flapper handbag.  This one is in great condition and very usable today.

Pair of sweet, Aesthetic design blue transfer ware child’s tea cups.  Little girl with kitties drinking milk, this pattern is often referred to as Mae with pets. Made by Charles Allerton & Sons in the late 1800's

Nice assortment of vintage sun and prescription glasses and cases.  My visit to Davis Street was a win fall of goodness.

From there it was on to Ian Henderson's Antique Mall. With over 500 dealer booths and 100,000 square feet of awesome, (as their tag line says), you will find something you must take home with you.

Whooo hoooo, I nearly did cartwheels up the stairs to the check out with these two fantastic halloween items.  A vintage paper mache pumpkin that was priced for my budget and this nifty, handmade witches hat from corrugated and poster paper and painted with black poster paint.

Sought after Don Anderson vintage straw hat with gro grain ribbon trim and leaves and berries.  Circa 1940s.  This is a real beauty.

Marvelous girls sampler with embroidered red wool on linen canvas.  Trying to talk myself out of keeping it but I think I'm losing the battle.

Love Colonial overshot coverlets and this is a nice piece of one that will make a lovely decorative element.  As a wrap up, if you haven't been to Ian Henderson's Antique Mall, then you must plan a trip there.  It is a joy to walk through the old textile factory, they have lots of parking and they are also surrounded by other antique shops making it a "plan a day and lunch" at this location.

From Monroe, I headed home but made one more stop at a favorite haunt and found these items. 

A terrific find, I was thrilled to come across this late Victorian newspaper/magazine hanging rack.

Here is an example of the same type of rack in the renowned Castle Marne, Denver, Colorado. 

Pretty little quadruple plated cup engraved "Aunti to Ella, March 10th, 1886.

RARE Blue Dog holding a Cornucopia Bud Vase. Spectacular Early American Pattern Glass (EAPG) piece with the daisy & button pattern.  Produced in the 1890's by Columbia Glass, Findlay, Ohio.  Minor damage with a missing scallop at vase edge.

Four lovely Tiffin, Cherokee Rose etched champagne glasses.  Circa 1940-1955.  

Set of three long tin types of two marvelous ladies and one dignified man.

 My Victorian booth is looking witchy in time for the Halloween festivities.

These three marvelous days are coming to a close and I have had too much fun and am not in the mindset to return to work.   Have a gentle week and wishing blessings to you and those you love.  SeaWitch