Monday, September 16, 2019

Florida Harvest

I adore living in Florida but I must share that I do miss the color explosion of fall.  There is something magical about leaves changing their colors, pumpkins in funny shapes and sizes  and in a range of pastel colors, crisp apples fresh from the trees and hot cider donuts fresh from the fat to the plate.  The best that I can do is make the cider donuts and decorate with faux pumpkins and then enjoy a Florida harvest of finds at my local haunts.

These vintage stacked pumpkins with the lights inside were 1980s decorating favorites.  This one still has the bright florescent orange paint.

Everyone loves the popular, Lefton turkeys that were salt and pepper shakers, planters and napkin holders.  I now have my mother's set and use at Thanksgiving, but I love it when I find these Lefton pieces to share in my booth space.  This Tom actually looks pretty happy sitting in a mid century pedestal compote.

This late Victorian, wool jacket with tails is a great steampunk for costumes and cosplay.  

Whenever I find quality silverplate or pewter I always think of my Atlanta, antique gal pal, Rose, who always finds/sells the prettiest silver for her space called Silver Glory.  I do miss her lovely spaces as I always found a treasure or two.  I acquired this set of four, Woodbury Pewter plates at my local thrift store.  Made in the USA, they are known for their high quality.  Perfect for setting your Thanksgiving table.   

This Victorian smelling salts/vinaigrette is the first I have ever found.  Sterling cap, it is missing the screw cap at the other end.  Lovely cut crystal, this is a marvelous find and I will keep if for a while.  I would love to find a cap for the other end so that hunt now begins.  The p of smelling salts are to around consciousness and are centuries old with found documentation as early as the Romans using them.  They are meant to help revive those that are faint of nerves or those that need some extra oxygen flow to help with breathing.

Haven't come across a vintage Halloween noisemaker in many, many years and this happy pumpkin is a sweetheart.  Vintage Halloween items still bring in high dollars.  

Found a charming quad plate creamer and three, mid century sequined Santa boot ornaments for the tree. 

I have a weak spot for early Windsor chairs and this is beautifully stenciled with bronzing powders and has its original red paint.  Definitely a keeper for me.

In no particular order, these were Goodwill finds, a teeny tiny vintage, oil can and a charming, souvenir cup and saucer in a Scottish thistle design.  Most likely imported from Germany.

and  finally, I actually harvested a pumpkin....well, not a pumpkin but a huge, dried gourd shaped like a pumpkin.  This is the only decorative pumpkin I can use in our hot and humid weather without the pumpkin imploding in three days. LOL.  

So to my friends who are enjoying the Indian Summer and stepping into fall, I wish you good harvest in your treasure hunts and to all, blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch

Sunday, August 25, 2019

It's August? Where did July go?

I cannot get over how fast this summer is moving along.  Kids have already started school in my area and September is two weeks away.  It still feels like July to me.  Raviolis came to visit and we all had a grand time in the pool.  

All three have gotten so big.

Connor loves "laying" about in the pool like he was king of the house.

Over the last few weeks I have found some interesting treasure from my local Goodwill and a few thrift shops.

A marvelous Edwardian  stud set of brilliant mother of pearl set in rose gold in the original box.  

Now a mystery piece.  A friend suggested it may be an Edwardian bird perch.  All I know is that is is a marvelous, cast brass piece with a lovely patina.

Look at these magnificent talons.  

Lovely Austrian pitcher with cabbage Roses.  These were popular in the 1900s and came in various sizes and different types from tiny tea pots to large urns.  This one is now in my main space at the Lyon's Head Antique Mall.

The BlueJackets Manual 1940 was given to every Navy man and mid shipmen.  Filled with Naval information, pictures, photos and other illustrations.

Charming vintage bicycle horn. Still has that great hooter sound.

Popular Depression era print in original frame.

Lovely EAPG bud vase with handpainted roses and the words Souvenir from Germany.

This has been a summer of finding miniature oil lamps and I added this sweet amber one this week.  Instant collection if you are looking something to collect.

Acquired this for one of my hanging Victorian lamps but it was too small by 1/2 inch so it is now in my main space at the Lyon's Antique Mall looking for a lamp to call home.

Marvelous vintage Empoli avocado green pedestal compote.

Fantastic print of St. Theresa of Roses in a lovely oval frame.  Colors are vibrant and true in this 1900s print.

Hammered aluminum pieces were the rage in the 1950s and this dynamite ice bucket is a charmer.

Lovely set of dessert forks with heavy repossue handles, late Victorian.

The matching knives are just as lovely

First time I have come across a Rare vintage figurine of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel with fisherman in a boat.  Protector of fisherman, this mid century figurine is a marvelous item for the fisherman you love. Circa 1950s

A gorgeous, early German Majolica plate from Zell, Baden, Germany.   A trio of raised, white water lilies floating on an aqua-blue background.  Made by Georg Schmider, circa 1907 to 1928. The mark is the incised stamp of Georg Schmider

Pretty Early American Pressed Glass (EAPG) lidded dish.  Pattern:  Eye Winker.  Originally produced in 1890s, this reissue by L. G. Wright in the 1960s is in the popular amber color of the day. 

 Delightful Toy Dial Typewriter. Do I keep or sell? That is the big question. We shall see if it finds its way to my main space at the Lyon's Head Antique Mall

And finally, this huge gourd shaped like a pumpkin.  This bad boy will be the centerpiece of fall decorating for me.  One of the dealers at the Lyon's Head Antique Mall offers lovely primitive pieces and she always has nifty items.  

So school is back in session for most kids, the summer will be ending soon with the passing of Labor Day weekend and that means 4 months before the year is out. Where did it all go?

Wishing all a safe and joyful Labor Day holiday and bountiful blessings to you and those you love. SeaWitch

Monday, July 15, 2019

Summer junkin had me a blast

Summer junkin happened so fast.  It was a lovely Florida Saturday.  Lots of sunshine, heat and a later afternoon storm.  Oh how I love living here with nature constantly changing her mind.  Finally had the old, original carpet removed from the main living areas in my home.  I'm not a fan of wall to wall carpet and my little house still had the original white carpet from 1979.  I use the term "white carpet" loosely as the last owners had a pair of small dogs that used it as a personal toilet and there were gray circles everywhere.  Installed an indoor/outdoor vinyl planking that is gorgeous so it is perfect for my Florida lifestyle.  I wanted something for the main part of the family room but not a rug. Found this marvelous calligraphic script on bamboo mat that measures 6 x 9 and I love it.  

Everything about this is me.

I put a no slide rug pad under it and it has a nice cushion feel to its step.

 My "real" job keeps me busy these days so I look forward to Saturdays to do a little junkin in between my errands running.  Found a nice selection of eclectic pieces too.

 An assortment of lovely, hand made needlelace doilies.

Some nice carnival glass pieces have been popping up like crazy these last few weeks.  This brilliant, marigold carnival glass fruit bowl by Indiana is in fantastic condition.

A lovely pair of Fenton Marigold carnival glass, orange blossom tree mugs. Circa 1910.

The first piece in the 12 Days of Christmas plates by Imperial. The brilliant iridescence on this carnival glass plate, A Partridge in a Pear Tree is gorgeous.

This little sweetie is an early, small table lamp that emulates an oil lamp.  Heavy cast metal, I had to fight with myself not to keep it as I love that seafoam green color.

I've been coming across both small finger oil lamps and mini's these days.  This personal lamp is a charmer.

Who doesn't love the 1950-60s pop it beads that every young girl loves to wear and play with?  The largest necklace is a pale shade of blue.

The Flower Madonna and Baby Jesus Hummel figurine.  This is the second one I have found in the wild.  This one is the medium size figurine that measures approximately 10.5 inches.

Delightful pair of mid century modern, white tulip candlestick holders with gold brushed accents by Wales Pottery.  Made in Japan, 1960s.

 One of the coolest things that I have found in a long antique porcelain spout (faucet). Circa 1900s.

A lovely antique 1870-80s ruffled nightgown.  Cotton with decorative French seams, tiny hand stitched button holes with tiny buttons and ruffles at the neck, wrist and down the bodice.  This is a nice, larger size with lots of room and very wearable.

And a piece I kept for myself.  A brilliant and heavy American Brilliant Cut Glass trumpet vase. This bad boy is huge and heavy and beautifully cut and throws fiery rainbows.  This was a Goodwill find and filthy along with mineral stains on the inside.  I was worried it may have become sick glass but it cleaned up beautifully.  

This was a great two weekends of finding treasure and between the cleaning of what I have found and the putting my home back together after the new flooring was laid has kept me busy but so worth it.  I'm crazy about the new floors, love the way my house remains cooler and cleaner.  

Most of all, I love the sound of my sweet baby girl click clacking across it.  Blessings to you and those you love, Sea Witch.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Family and Fayetteville

Spent a marvelous week with my son and his family at Fort Bragg, NC early this month and truly, there is nothing like being around your grandchildren to make you forget your workweeks and just enjoy their hilarity.  It was hot hot hot weather and hotter than Florida, we even had a tornado touch down but all was fine around us.  T-Rex visited the field and walked around the quad to say hello.

The twins could barely see through the costume as it really was an adult size, but they had a ball wearing it.

Big sis climbed on top of barriers and roared like the big T-rex she was.

While the raviolis were in school and dad was at work, mom and I took a visit to the newly revitalized downtown Fayetteville. Wow, it is lovely and designed to walk around leisurely, stroll among the little shops or stop for a freshly brewed coffee or tea or even freshly squeezed lavender lemonade which was perfect for the 104 degree day.  Kerry has talked about a shop she adores that was located in this newly revitalized area and we went for a visit.  It is called "The Promise".

The Promise specializes in primitive design and owner, Trisha, has a marvelous decorative eye for display and a love of her faith and both are beautifully shared within.

This bright "Son" yellow door, warmly welcomes you into this small yet every inch of space filled with wonderful pieces.

Antique and vintage furniture is used to display little vignettes of primitive pieces married with tiny white lights and found objects.

Placards abound with words of love and scripture that reminds us of God's love and how we should live our lives gently and with love.

Lovely angel statue is nested among greenery.

 Wire baskets and planters, birds and lanterns are everywhere and all are priced most affordably.  

Owner, Trisha, warmly shares her faith with the many placards that share the Gospels.

Swans and bird cages of all sizes are offered.

I fell in love with the many lanterns that were filled with nests and eggs, tiny lights, and other found objects.  If I had room in my luggage, I would have come home with three of them in different sizes to fill with my own found items at home.  Perhaps with my next visit.

Tiny wooden birdhouses and decorative metal shelves of all sizes are offered.

My favorite items though, are her price tags.  She has added a primitive look to them and added scripture in a lovely calligraphic script.  I had more joy reading each tag she assigns to her pieces and they gently call you to "buy me".

Trisha and "The Promise" are not on most social media but she does have a Facebook page that she will occasionally add photos to.  If you are ever in the Fayetteville area, you must make "The Promise" a visit.

Next store to "The Promise" and on the corner of the street is a charming shop called "The Door Belle".

Delightful windows are dressed with vintage clothing and accessories.

Racks and racks of clothing in all sizes and genres abound.  You can also find a few sassy wigs and church hats to match.

Tables are filled with lots of kicky, fun and vintage footwear.  Prices were good and you could put together several outfits on a budget.

We walked all over the downtown area visiting antique shops and when the heat was at its highest we found a marvelous Tea shop called Winterbloom Tea

They had a sandwich chalk board that announced Lavender Pink Lemonade so we popped in for a tall cup of that brew.

O M G. This was so good and icy cold with a rich pink lemonade color and flavor laced with the sweet taste of lavender.  
We nursed these as we walked back to the car and headed for home.  

This was such a lovely day trip to the pretty little revitalized community.  I hope, dear reader, that you have the opportunity to visit downtown Fayetteville and experience their shops and hospitality.  Blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch.