Monday, April 23, 2018

April showers bring thrifting and flowers

 A lovely and busy weekend filled with planting hibiscus and hydrangeas and preparing beds for landscaping.  I lost every shrub and plant from the winter double frost we had and had to pull up everything and start anew.  Still, this was an opportunity to replace what was originally planted, which were non indigenous flora, with native tropical plants like hibiscus.  The only non native item I added were hydrangeas.  I adore these mopheads and had to plant them under the front window.

Replaced the heavy, white plastic blinds with cellular shades.  Love these for their black out capabilities and they are light in weight and easy in lifting and closing.  In between my household tasks I did a little junkin in my local haunts.

A fantastic, retro nine piece set of vintage mid-century silver rimmed glass tumblers with glass coasters in caddy. Queens Lustreware Set by Kimiko. The set was a hostess gift for early Guardianware home parties. Circa 1970s  Looks like it was never used.

Fell in love with these vintage Taylor Smith Taylor, Bread and Butter plates and berry bowls.   Pattern is called Conversation and they are a marvelous green border edge with a Jack in the Pulpit in the center.  Circa early 1950's.  You don't see this pattern too often.

Mid century stretch and swung glass vases are hot hot hot.  I can't keep them in my booth spaces long and the warm colors like this amber footed bud vase sell quickly.

Always crazy for anything Early American Pressed Glass (EAPG) and this pretty footed server with handle.  It's hard to see but there is lovely floral etchings on it.  This will be added to my personal collection.  EAPG is often priced for pennies on their value and this one was marked at $1.99.  Lucky me.

I have never come across a hat stand with a vintage dollhead with bobbed hair.  Nice art deco stand.

How fun is this Cologne bottle embossed with western motifs and the word Stampede? This amber bottle is a cologne called Stampede for Sears and Roebuck.  Next to it is a small Wheaton bottle of a fish that says Doctor Fisch's Bitters, Millerville, New Jersey.  Both are from the 1970s.

Lovely pair of cut crystal sherbet goblets.  These are gorgeous.

And my last find is this Charming child's cup with the word sweetheart. CHERRY W/ THUMBPRINT aka Paneled Cherry ca. 1904. Another EAPG piece that I may hold for a while before I bring it into my space.

Wishing everyone a marvelous week and blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch

Sunday, April 15, 2018

It's Done and Thrifting

It's done.  I finally finished my new sewing storage station.  As much as I adore my little Florida home, it is lacking in storage space and I needed a place to store my sewing machine, fabric, notations, iron, patterns and trims.  The piece also needed to have easy access as I use my sewing machine a lot.  

I've been wanting to do a decoupage/chalk paint piece for a while now and I love the way this turned out.

The two bottom drawers hold lots of fabric and the top portion my machine, iron, patterns, threads and other sewing accessories and supplies.

I purchased the media armoire from a local consignment shop.  You can pick them up cheap these days and I wanted a piece that had smooth, clean lines.  Well made and heavy, it is a massive piece and thankfully, it separated into two pieces.  I gave it a few coats of pale, coastal blue paint. 

I then decoupaged a poster over the two drawers.  This fit beautifully as I did not have to to trim it down at all, just center it over the split between the two drawers.

Decoupaged the mermaid poster to the large doors and then went back and painted the top sky and the bottom ocean to match the poster.  A nice Kona stain and wax finish and new knobs and I am head over teakettle crazy for my new storage piece.  I'm always fascinated the way a little paint and stained wax finish can so change a piece.

In between finishing up my sewing armoire, I visited a few haunts for treasure.

Pretty vintage frame with a mirror in it.  Not a large piece but perfect from a dresser or table.

Lovely little transferware sugar bowl.  This was a goodwill find.

Everyone loves popular paneled grape milkglass and this lidded candy or powder dish is a charmer.

Lovely stretch glass footed compote has the palest shade of iridescence.  Do I keep or do I sell?  The struggle is real.

Always delighted to find Victorian whites and this parlor cloth is in excellent condition.

Three, late Victorian, cut glass salt cellars are a Goodwill find.

A lovely selection of mid century pins and a bracelet.  All of the rhinestones are clear and full of color and sparkle.

Three necklace, the famous Krementz rose, a Brooks Brothers chain link choker and a light chain link in silver.  

And finally, a nice selection of mid century rosaries.  These always sell well for me.  The snowbird season is nearly over and most have begun their trek up north.  Hard to believe that school is nearly out for kids and the summer season will be upon us shortly.  Sis is coming up to see me in May. We always have a great time and laugh so hard it hurts.  

Wishing all a great April and blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Doesn't seem like a year...

but it was one year ago Saturday that I closed on my home in Florida and began moving in.  I am so happy here that it feels like I've been here for years.  Additionally, I have made a home at the Lyon's Head Antique Mall and have grown from one space to two and will be moving into a display case as well next month.  The owners are lovely people and I so enjoy my association with them.  I'd like to say that my unpacking is completed but, alas, it is not. Still have some things to open and arrange or rearrange but that's okay.  I'll get to when I get to it. LOL   The double freeze we had killed off all of my flowering shrubs so I had everything removed this weekend and all of the flower beds raked.  Since the sides of the house are not accessible I decided to have a power wash and exterior painting done as it had been almost ten years since it was last painted and it was beginning to show wear and flaking of the paint.  Looking forward to seeing the transformation and the new planting.

I have been transforming my main space at the Lyon's Head Antique Mall as well. Found a stunning vintage free standing, fireplace mantle that is perfect for displaying pieces and doesn't take up a lot of space evening though it is a large mantle.  It opened up my booth and still allowed me to keep all of the furniture I had in the space.  Now everything looks so much more open and it is easier for customers to move around in it.

Finding interesting items at my favorite haunts but have noticed an uptick in Carnival Glass interest.    Every piece I have had in my spaces has sold and the new pieces I brought in last week are already gone.  Something is going on with Carnival Glass.  More folks are asking for it and it is also being purchased by millennials.  I suspect they remember seeing these pieces on their parents or grandparents tables and cabinets and they look well on the Ikea furniture they love so well.  
Found this lovely little Smith creamer with a rich iridescence at my local Goodwill.  

Found this marigold carnival basket in my unpacking of more inventory last week and is lovely to put an Easter egg or two in it.

Another weekend Goodwill find, a pretty vintage Carnival Glass blue iridescent pedestal covered candy dish by Indiana Glass (one of their most popular and sought after pieces). Beautiful ice blue iridescence in the open lace pattern. Circa 1970-80s 

Satin finish Fenton is another popular seller for me.  This sea blue is rich in color and the Jim Shore quilt egg looks happy in it.

Charming Depression glass juice pitcher in the open rose pattern.  Another thrift store find. 

Nice vintage mesh egg basket are always fun decorating pieces.

Saw the title of this book and had to have it for my space.  The Strange Woman, copyright 1941, reads like bodice ripper tales.

Sweet little creamer from the 1930s is too cha cha for words.  The little velveteen rabbit looks happy next to it.

Nice Candlewick twin server was a thrift store find along with the silverplate pieces.  

Brought in a lot of vintage 1950s faceted choker necklaces in poppy red and American blue.  These are fun to wear and are great colors.

My main space is packed with treasure so now it was time to see what my fellow dealers had to offer.

Be still my heart, I go weak in the knees for vintage and antique silverplate, especially when it is in this great condition.  Add in a low price and you can shout, "SOLD," because it is coming home with me.

Lovely set of Wallace, serving spoons with monogram W.

Set of Reed & Barton tablespoons are also in lovely condition but just need a little polishing.

Nice set of Rogers monogrammed teaspoons. I really scored with this find and will use when I entertain.

On my way home and decided to stop in Treasure Trove, a sales and consignment shop in Port Richey/Hudson.  They advertise they sell antiques but only two dealers there really deal in such pieces with the other dealers selling a wide variety of pop culture, dolls, clothing and large pieces of furniture often consigned.  You never know what you are going to find there so it is always an interesting stop.  

Well look what I found there...

A stunning, antique wicker lamp that has been rewired.  OMG I practically cartwheeled to where it was sitting.  I have been looking for a lamp for my guest room and I wanted to keep the beach vibe without looking like a Home Goods.  (nothing against Home Goods, I shop there all of the time, just wanted an authentic piece)  Has layers of paint and will need to give it a good cleaning but oh, man, am I in love with this lamp.   

Always love when the time change kicks in as the days are so much longer and full of sunshine and wishing blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch

Monday, January 29, 2018

Loves me some sidewalk sale.

Greetings dear readers.  The country's weather patterns are all over the boards these last few weeks but Mother Nature finally cut us a break and we had a chamber of commerce Florida day on Saturday.  Perfect for the Lyon's Head Antique Mall sidewalk sale and our dealers were out in full force.   Tables on either side of the shopping center sidewalk, you were surrounded by treasure.

My first acquisition of the day was this faded Rolling Rock Beer advertising sign with working thermometer.  The dark, pine green color has long faded to a muted seafoam green.  I tried taking a picture of just the thermometer, but my little girl kept getting in the picture. I gave up and have decided she provides scale to the size. LOL

One of our dealers ladedi her sidewalk tables with baskets filled with vintage linens and all were priced at one dollar.  ONE DOLLAR - yea I hollered and then purchased eight lovely tablecloths.  I can't wait to wash, starch and iron these beauties.

Depression glass is slowly making a return in demand for those millennials who want to have a few pieces they remember their grandmothers or great grandmothers using.  I'm finding that they are not looking for complete sets as was popular years go but unique serving pieces and table items like candlesticks and condiment servers.  

Ditto with these Art Deco sandwich servers.  Couldn't give these away a few years ago but now I am moving them like mad.  Especially the amber color.

From the sidewalk sale, I headed out to my local Goodwill and found some nifty pieces.

Looks like Elegant Depression glass is Saturday's watchword, because these two stunning pieces were priced to steal.  Both are New Martinsville etched large cake servers.  One has the flat edge while the other has the upturned edge and in Prelude pattern.   

Three dinner plates of McBeth-Evans, American Sweetheart in the palest shade of pink.

 Six vintage, hand cut, engraved and applied sterling silver over glass tequila shot glasses.  They have a Taxco hallmark that I am now searching info on.

 Heavy, mid century mirrored dresser tray with cabbage roses handles.

Vintage or new, I love these glass terrariums in any size.  They are marvelous to fill with found treasures or tiny lights.

Set of four, vintage, crystal with silverplated tops, salt and pepper shakers.   

Valentines Day is just around the corner and touches of spring are hitting my spaces.  Wishing everyone a gentle week and blessings to you and those you love. Sea Witch