Sunday, August 16, 2015

And I still haven't found what I'm looking for....

sing it to me sweetly, Bono.  Still haven't found that cupboard that I am looking for.   So I made a cupboard hunting pilgrimage to Monroe, GA where there are many "HUGE" antique malls.  Thought I would find it there, but no such luck.  I have to stop looking for that elusive cupboard and let it find me instead.  Still, it was a lovely day to be out and about and the first day I have felt half human as I get over this bout of stomach virus.   Started off at Hodge Podge Art, Antiques and Interiors where a lot of new dealers have taken up residence.  You can tell that everyone is looking forward to the cool nights of fall as they begin changing out their spaces from summer fun to cozy autumn.

Beautiful drieds, a cute nanny goat and vegies everywhere.

This space is so joyful with its rich, riot of jeweltone rugs.  

It's always the case, I was interested in this table top cupboard but the tag said NFS.

These warm copper pieces suggest cooler days ahead where kettles filled with water heating upon the stove will soon bear cozy teas or hot chocolates.

What a sweet face, lovely acrylic painting.  One of my lovely daughters in law would be ga ga over this.

On to one of my favorite dealers in Monroe, James at Davis Street Antiques.  Still no cupboard but there is always treasure at Davis Street Antiques.  

Marvelous retro 1950s coat of black satin with huge buttons.  This is too cha cha for words.

Love Victorian/Edwardian whites and I found several there. 

From Davis Street I headed to Ian Henderson's Antique Mall.  Open 7 days a week, in the former Walton Mill, they live up to their tag line, 100,000 square feet of awesome.   Would I find my elusive cupboard?  Nope, but I found Neptune's triton, I found treasure. 

 Love this Edwardian net skirt with bustle room to boot.  This is a piece that I will keep and wear.

Be still my heart.  I am head over tea kettle with this find.  A Civil War era Chantilly lace shawl.  These are so delicate and gorgeous and I have lusted after one for years but their price is often way out of my budget.  This one was priced to move as it had a few lace tears along each end but it was so worth it to me.  

The fun at Ian Henderson's Antique Mall are the finds.  So many booths to explore and always a unique item to be found.  Great old celluloid dolly with hair that looks like mine when I first wake up.  An adorable little jointed hand made bear will find it's way to a Christmas display come December.  As I checked out at the register, Ian Henderson himself not only waited me out but actually remembered me from a visit last September and the blog post I wrote about my visit.  WOW, with the hundreds of thousands of people that walk this spacious antique mall, Ian remembered the Sea Witch.  Now that is amazing customer service.

Sheffield  knives in what looks like never used condition in their original presentation boxes.    Bakelite handles on the carving set and celluloid handles on the small butter knives.  These were an auction win from last week but I was sick with the stomach virus and I had forgotten to pull them from the car.  Found them this weekend.

A local thrift store find, gorgeous EAPG covered compote. Huge and acid etched uranium glass of feeding swans.  Circa 1880s.

 Pretty, early Carnival Glass of water lilies.   Double handles and in perfect condition.

The season for family entertaining will be here sooner than you think and I scored with this group of serving forks and sterling handled cake server.

Love this old brown transfer ware plate of herons. Still looking up the maker and pattern.  May not part with it as I adore the theme. 

Who doesn't love snow babies and I acquired this group for such a steal that is would have been sinful not to take them.  Come December, they will be in my main space at the Buford Queen of Hearts.

So glad to find this antique crocheted tablecloth.   These items have been selling as fast as I can bring them into my booth space.

Another thrift store find, he's just to cute for words.  

Stopped by Vintage Village and nearly squealed with delight when I found this pair of vintage noisemakers.  

 I remember carrying these as a child in New Jersey on Halloween.  

Sweet set of French grammar books from the 1900s.

Yes, another petticoat.  It was a great weekend for finding these gems and at good prices.  

And finally, at a yard sale, picked this beauty up for $1.00.   Sometimes dropping in as they are shutting down is the best time for a great buy.  

So, as I began, I end and I still haven't found what I'm looking for.  However, the hunt continues to be fun.  Blessings to you and those you love. Sea Witch

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Walking Dead

Have been feeling like one of the Walking Dead this last week.   Came down with that nasty stomach bug that has been making the rounds and it really kicks you in the gut.  I've been camping out in there for days and hopefully, I have turned the corner on this. Drinking lots of fluids and embracing the BRAT diet until my stomach stops turning in knots.  

So yea, this is pretty much me.  

Now before all of this hit, I had a great time at the last auction and came home with some great pieces.

Gorgeous Victorian, quadruple silverplated punch bowl.  This looked a mess with lots of black patina and tarnish and bidders were afraid of it.  Was really glad to win the piece and  it sure polished up beautifully and will be a marvelous piece for the Victorian, quad collector.

 Vintage jewelry always goes for prices higher than I have in my budget, but I walked away a big winner with some beautiful pieces.

Gorgeous dome brooch with hand set  aurora borealis and amethyst stones in a gold wash setting.   

Another big vintage brooch with faceted and cabochon cut rhinestones, all hand set in a gold wash setting.  Rich jewel tones make this the perfect brooch for fall.

Elegant amethyst and aurora borealis rhinestones hand set in a gold wash setting.   

My favorite of these four brooches, this has such fire and beautifully set.  

You'll be puttin on the ritz with this sassy rhinestone brooch.

Pair of fiery, vintage rhinestone earrings sets.

Gorgeous "Parue" of aurora borealis rhinestones, hand set and full of fire.

Lovely, vintage, Miram Haskell rhinestone pendant necklace.

Lovely pair of vintage, rhinestone necklaces. Stones are set, not glued.

 Pretty black and clear rhinestone demi parue set.

Lovely demi parue set of blue and crystal rhinestones.

Love cut crystal pieces and this heavy decanter is a beauty.

There is something marvelous about gravy boats and tureens.  They evoke the best in cooking and holiday meals.  These will find there way to my booth space come Thanksgiving.

 Sweet little vintage, flow blue covered sugar bowl is meant for tea time.  Do you use cubes or crystals?

Pretty little pair of Fenton, Spanish lace and silver crest pattern.  

And finally, this electrified, antique brass oil lamp with original glass shade.  I swoon over these pieces and will be keeping this one.    

So, I'm hoping that the stomach bug is passing and I will be up for a weekend of treasure hunting.  Stay healthy and blessings to you and those you love. Sea Witch

Monday, July 20, 2015

14 days of treasure hunting fun.

Yes, I'm still on the hunt for a primitive cupboard and the old axiom still stands...when you are looking for something, it hides itself away.  Still, I can't really complain because I have been visiting new and old shops these past two weeks in search of that illusive cupboard and have found marvelous pieces along the way.  

Made a trip to one of my favorite "Primitive" dealers who moved to her new digs in Buford, Georgia..."Further Down the Rabbit Hole."  

This shop is filled with beautiful American primitives, old and new, and a mix of really nifty items of interest. 

Had to purchase two of these 1776 flags with a liberty banner and then the muslin flag tribute endless scarf.  (I kinda bleed red, white and blue, so I love finding new flag items)

Purchased this fine, punch needle work that was a natural progression from the heavy scatter rugs made by women for centuries. Made with a  smaller punch needle and  fine threads, this pretty little dresser scarf has long faded to softer tones, but if you flip it over, you will see the true colors of the piece.  Circa 1920s 

Another find from a favorite spot but still no cupboard.  1925 print by the artist, R. Atkinson Fox (1860-1935) and known as "Love's Paradise”, it  shows a mother holding her baby in a fantasy setting.   At the lower left is "© 1925 Borin Chicago” and at the lower right is "Fox - Urgelles.”  In the original, two tone wood frame, this marvelous print is in great condition and a nice addition to a R.A. Fox collection

Nested among vintage tablecloths, this 1950s, Black Americana Towel kitchen towel, also known as the “mammy towel”, was popular in the 1950s. The children have taken some of Momma's pie and she is not happy about it! The colors are primary red, yellow and blue, no holes or wear and in excellent condition and can be found in my main space at the Buford Queen of Hearts Antiques & Interiors.  If I may share my commentary on the Black Americana collecting field: What we choose to collect is a very personal choice. Just as we can’t make assumptions about people based on the of their race, creed, gender, etc., we must not make assumptions about what people choose to collect either. A few may fear that the preservation of Black Americana serves to prolong racist prejudices but others collect these items to ensure that America’s troubled past isn’t forgotten by future generations. In the words of David Pilgrim, founder of the Jim Crow Museum at Ferris State University in Michigan, “Use items of intolerance to teach tolerance.”

Be still my heart, how I adore textiles.  Gorgeous Japanese coat is heavily embroidered stump work.  Original silk lining has shredded away and it is covered in age stains, but I think it is extraordinary.

Photo of the back, it is filled with the beloved flower, the Chrysanthemum, or Kiku in Japanese, a symbol that represents longevity and rejuvenation.  The color white, and especially a white Chrysanthemum, is worn for funerals, so this lovely coat may be a funeral piece worn to honor the deceased.

Close up of embroidery. Gorgeous.

A Goodwill find, this was a single stack of little plates tapped together for a single price.  Three vintage transferware pieces, a wedgwood ashtray, a nippon piece and 6 gold and white butter pats.  

One of the coolest items I have found in the last few years, a marvelous (RARE) Victorian, left handed “Pap” boat, baby/invalid feeder, medicine spoon.

Pure silver, no marks, pat. pend., with black, wooden handle. Heavily repoussed, this is a unique medical tool that is rarely seen anymore. Circa 1860-90s.

Big, vintage W&SB Blackinton, silverplate punch serving ladle.  A thrift store find, this fancy bowl lets you easily pour right or left handed. Great condition. Circa 1930-50s 

Bring the romantic light of a Tiffany lamp to your deck, patio, porch or favorite outside living space with this lovely stained glass lamp that is brought to life with candlelight.  Love it when I find these at my local thrift stores.

What marvelous pies, cakes and cookies were mixed in these bowls? Heavy, McCoy mixing bowls (often nested) were found in nearly every home in America in the 1930s. Yellow ware, stoneware blue and pink banded mixing bowls each have a long crack from age but still good enough to mix up batter. I found these at a great price so I am passing them on at a screaming price in my main space at the Buford Queen of Hearts Antiques & Interiors

I've found some of the best antique carnival glass this year.  The streak continues with this lovely pair of antique Dugan & Diamond White Carnival Glass Rose Bowls in the Grape Delight Pattern. The iridescence gives the pieces the look of a blown bubble. 1907-1931

And finally, another antique kitchen mantle clock jumped into my arms.  I just can't resist time pieces and when the price is right I dance all the way to the check out counter. No, really, I do!!!

So, another two weeks of cupboard hunting and haven't bagged it yet. This coming Saturday is a local auction so I'm hoping it may be waiting for me there. We shall see.  Blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch