Sunday, September 14, 2014

Step back, honkey cat...

well, Elton John may sing that tune, but this gal knows how to make an auction hum in her favor.  It was a fantastic auction at the Atlanta Auction Company this Saturday with lots of great furniture on the auction block.  Really wasn't in the market to purchase furniture but I came home with four great pieces.  

First win was this fantastic, 1870s Victorian marble top, walnut parlor table.  This is a big one and is a beauty.
I already have 4 Eastlake chairs and wasn't in the market for anymore, HOWEVER, when I can bid and win a pair for a total of $15.00, I bid and I win.

I watched practically new sofas go for $25.00, a huge dining room table set with 8 chairs for $35.00 and assorted antique pieces go for pennies on the dollar.  But when I saw this amazing, pitch pine, step back cupboard, with original bubble glass on the block and nobody  bidding on it, my paddle went up and this beauty came home with me.  

 Almost eight feet high, this 1870's piece is in amazing condition with pegged shelving and locking drawers and doors.  Beautifully hand glazed, oak grain finish is the real jewel to this piece.  My plan was to sell it but when I got it whispered to me...put me in your kitchen.  So I did.  

 Top cupboard now holds my treasures and for the first time, they are not on top of each other.  This is such a large piece that I can actually display them rather than stack and pack.

The bottom portion of the cupboard is huge and I was able to load it up with small appliances, tablecloths and large platters.  

 A few of my antique transferware, flow blue and copper pieces that love their new home.
 My vintage West Point Military Academy pieces can now be seen.
This was my original cupboard, a classic, 1900s, oak cupboard that was painted a rich green sometime during the Depression era.  Smaller than the new cupboard, this pretty piece is now in my main booth at the Buford Queen of Hearts.  I purchased this in Clinton, Iowa in the early 1990s and it traveled with me to Flagstaff, AZ and then to Atlanta, GA.  She has been a marvelous piece for me and now she is looking for a new home to enjoy.

This pretty cupboard is the perfect display for antique and vintage yellow ware, transfer ware pieces.

Another auction win, a fantastic Tobacco Spit glaze, whiskey jug.  Circa 1900s.  The story goes that potters would spit their chew on the pottery to test the firing state.  The spit tobacco would react to the applied glaze and burn off leaving a tobacco spit mark.

 Had to drive to Snellville to find fabric for Halloween costumes for my Alaska raviolis so I stopped in at one of my favorite shops, Vintage Village, to see if I could find treasure.

This pretty little vintage spun aluminum pail in Halloween orange nearly leaped into my arms so it came home with me.

 One of my favorite spaces, the Glory spot, always has the must fun items and this grinning jack-o-lantern is huge and I just had to have it.

Pages from a book on biology were a must have.

I don't come across these too often and this lucite purse is a beauty with no cracks or issues.

I love scientific apparatus and this vintage, metal micro cope with original box is perfect for Halloween decor.

And finally, a pair of delightful, antique books--The children's book is filled with the most delightful illustrations and the Milton book is just that, a 19th century, leather-bound book with the works of Milton.

It was a lovely weekend for finding treasure and the cool weather we had today whispers that fall is just around the corner.  Hope everything has a delight week and wishing blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Going, Going, SOLD

I have been lucky to have access to a local auction house, Atlanta Auction Company, just a few miles from my home.  Always a great selection and plenty of merchandise for everyone who attends to go home with treasure.

One of my first wins this past weekend was this pair of vintage hat boxes. 

They both have the typical edge separations that come with age, but the cabbage roses illustrations are just to faboosh to toss out.  I have them priced to steal and they will make a marvelous decorative element for someone.

Hiding inside one of the hat boxes were these vintage, drapery pulls.  Pretty green and red flowers, these are such sweet little touches for drapes.

Be still my heart, antique flow blue pieces always get my heart racing and this gorgeous platter was an auction win.

When I lived in the midwest, I couldn't keep salt glazed pitchers like this in my booth.  They always flew out the door.  This beautiful bad boy has a chip on the other side but I would use it to serve crusty loaves of French/Italian bread over the holidays.

I adore chairs, the older the better.  My first love are Windsors but this gorgeous bentwood with original caned seat is a beauty.   Right now, it's in my home and I may have a little difficulty putting it in my booth.

Another auction win, a gorgeous Victorian, Eastlake influence, quilt/blanket rack.  You don't come across these often.  This will also be in my Victorian booth.

Lovely antique 19th century American Oil Painting on canvas--luminist landscape scene of a moonlit, winter’s night. Church, stone bridge, home with smoke lifting out of chimney.   Possibly Hudson River School.  Artist initials at lower right hand corner:  RDM.  Painting in original antique frame. Needs some minor restoration but it is a beauty.

Crazy about the gorgeous victorian frame and so was the artist.  The floral still life is oil painted on canvas dated 1978 and the artist must have loved the frame too.  I will remove the painting and sell it but keep the frame.

Sold a piece of furniture so I brought out the old desk, Navajo blanket and vintage lamps.  

Can't believe this week is almost over.  I thought I would have this post up on Monday and here it is Thursday and I'm still playing catch up.  Wishing everyone a gentle evening. Sea Witch.

Monday, September 1, 2014

September is here and so am I.

So glad to be back blogging and reading those marvelous posts of favorite blogs again.  My few months respite was exactly what I needed to get a handle on some things and now that I have tackled them and brought a little more order to my life, I am back blogging again.  

I hope everyone had a marvelous summer.  My granddaughter flew in from Anchorage  Alaska to spend a few weeks with me.  We did a "mermaid tour" of Florida visiting Weeki Wachee, Sanibel island and Deerfield Beach and friends and family.  We had such a great time that I need to have her for three weeks next year as two weeks was just not enough.
Wearing her mermaid tail in the kiddie pool. Giving it a test drive before we took it to the big pools in Florida. Worked like a dream.

Sweet Gynness has really come far since I rescued her in March.  She has put on a healthy weight, loves to take walks and travel with me when I do a little antique meandering.

This was her Memorial Day pic.  She jumped in an old wooden, wash tub that I had and I added the flag and snapped the pic before she knew what happened.  

I've been chalk painting pieces over the summer and they sell as fast as I can bring them into my spaces.  Painted these two over the Labor Day weekend and brought them in to the Buford, Queen of Hearts today.

The two tables turned out beautifully with one of my favorite chalk paint colors, "Paris Cafe".  A great neutral that goes well with so many decorative themes.

Now, for some treasure finds this week.

Bubble, Bubble, toil and trouble...these delightful, vintage McCoy soup cauldrons are perfect for your best homemade soups or chili.

Everyone loves Kings Crown goblets. These are early pieces as they are tri-pressed.  You can tell the people are beginning to prepare for the holiday entertaining that will begin as footed cake plates are flying out of my booths.  Sold 9 of them in the last three weeks so this pretty, elegant depression glass cake plate with etched pattern will be a nice addition to my general line booth.

How lucky can a girl get?  Found this pair of mid-century silver-plated, large serving trays at the same thrift shop.

Both are in marvelous condition and in my Victorian booth at the Buford Queen of Hearts.

I don't come across many antique spittoons in Atlanta (more of a western item) but I did find this beauty with a gorgeous patina.  

Another weekend find, this gorgeous, Art Deco silver-plated basket vase.  Haven't decided if I'm going to keep it or not.  

Now the best for last.  A gorgeous pump (reed) organ from the Victorian era. Found in most Victorian  homes, these used to sell for about $35.00 to $55.00 during their heyday.   Most people now "scrap" these but I'm not sure what I want to do with it yet.  

So, let me thank you all again for your understanding as I took a short sabbatical and hope you find your way back to my blog.  Blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch

Monday, May 26, 2014

Will I see you, in September...or lose you, to a summer blog?

Life has been throwing curve balls at me these days and I need to focus on them with mind and spirit.  So I am going to take a summer break from my blog, work on what I need to take care of and then return in September.  I have missed posting weekly and reading my favorite blogs, but things are just a bit chaotic now.  Nothing bad or catastrophic, just need to get a handle on some things and once I have gotten everything back on track, I will be posting again. 

So here is my last post for a few months, I thank all my followers and new visitors for stopping by and I hope you will return, like me, in September.

 The last two weekends have blessed me with lots of great treasure.

 Gorgeous pair of heavy, Italianate tables are a nice size, beautifully made and have a drawer.  The tops are a bit scratched so  am going to paint the tops a chalk paint French blue with a dark wax finish.
 Fantastic, carved walnut parlor chair is now my new desk chair.  Super comfy and will look lovely when I pick up my captains desk that is presently living with my sister in Florida.

 Victorian lace boots don't get better than this.  Lovely condition.

 Nice print from the turn of the century in original frame.    A new matt was added; I will remove and reset before I bring it in to my booth.

A very, well played with Victorian doll.  She still has her eyes and her teeth, needs a little work but she has all of her original, handmade doll dresses and her camisole, bloomers and petticoat.

 Always adore these Victorian brides baskets and this one is high and now in my quadruple plate collection.

 A Vintage Village find, lovely depression glass etched bud vase.

 This beauty whispered my name as I passed by.  Vintage American Brilliant cut crystal makes me weak in the knees and although it does have a large chip along one scallop, the price was a giveaway and it will look gorgeous filled with treats on my holiday table.

A local thrift store find, six fluted martini glasses.  Very mid century.

 Same thrift store, more treasure.  Six sherbets and four cordials, hand cut crystal glasses have cut polka dots on them as well.  These make your favorite bubbly look even better.

I fill these with Christmas picks each December and they practically dance out of my booth.

 Nice 1878, hand colored print of Victorian ladies and gents visiting the Brighton Aquarium.  Was framed by an art shop in New Zealand so this piece really traveled far.

 A Vintage Village find, lovely flowblue transfer ware pitcher.  Has a few chips on the lip, but this is expected by the use of "heavy hands" when it come to pouring.  I have it filled with water and limes and it's in the fridge so I can have limey water any time I desire.

 Gorgeous set of game transferware pieces.  They are big and in marvelous condition.  I can't wait to use them when I serve a good Irish stew and homemade garlic rye bread.

Sweet pair of child's shoes are to cha cha for words.
 Sweet, young person's Victorian nightgown.  I love these Victorian and Edwardian whites.

Glorious pair of vintage Calabash pipes.

Amazing, hand carved briar pipe of a Confederate solider. Kepi lifts up to fill pipe with tobacco and when closed, smoke will draft out the figures nose.  Tortoise shell mouthpiece completed this elegant piece. 
Close up of face with hand painted glass eyes.

Last but not least, my sweet little girl, Gynness, is doing so well. She has gotten health and happy and we have a ball together.  So I will close with a thank you for stopping by today and I look forward to seeing you in September.  As always, blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch