Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Surgery was a SUCCESS

Hello blog friends.  I write this with tears of joy and am happy to share with you that my granddaughter's brain surgery to remove an AVM was successful. 

 My son posted on his FaceBook page the following:  "Kaitlyn arrived back in her room at 1810 (6:10 pm) after a LONG day of surgery. She is doing awesome. Awake, talking, and has the use of most of her motor skills. She came back into her room upset because the boy (i.e. neurosurgeon) who did her hair, did not do a very good job with her ponytail. At least her priorities are straight.  Best news of all: the AVM is gone. 100% gone.
Angiogram confirmed it. "

  Leave it to my granddaughter to be upset with the neurosurgeon because he did not do a good job with her ponytail. That is my girl. Thank you all, everyone, for your continued vigil of prayers and thoughts these past few weeks.  I know that it was your prayers that aided the medical team's hands and ensured that Kaitlyn would come out of this with flying colors.   She will have a long night this evening as she has so many wires and probes on her to measure her post surgery vitals...something that she hates.  But then a feisty patient is a healing patient.  This is the best Christmas present I could ever receive.  Blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kaitlyn Update and Candlelight Open House

Finally came up for air after an emotionally exhausting week with Kit Kat's AVM scare.  She is doing well and the swelling is reducing nicely.  Her speech is back to normal and at 100% and she has nearly all feeling in her right side returned.  She still has right hand grasping problems but they will return with physical therapy and time.  She went through her angiogram testing like a trooper and based on that test, she is scheduled for brain surgery to remove the AVM next week.  I want to thank all of you for your prayers, emails of support and all of the good energy and strength you have sent her way.  Next week will be a critical time in her life so please continue to keep her in your hearts.

I made her Pumpkin pies (her favorite) and daddy was making her laugh by putting whipped cream on her nose.

Got back into town in time to take in the First Annual Candlelight Christmas Open House at My Sisters Antiques in Loganville, Georgia.  WOW! and WOW! again.  It was lovely and festive and colorful and musical and just a feast for all of the senses.  These ladies and their wonderful dealers left no snowman unturned as they decorated the store for the season with lots of pretty holiday lights and candles throughout.

Two entrances to this lovely shop and everyone's favorite seems to be the double red doors all decorated and light up for welcoming friends.

So  many beautiful wreaths to choose from. Both old and new.

My kind of decor...American primitive.  Love the simplicity.  I really should go back and purchase these cake molds...I bet they are gone as I write this.

From the same booth.  Love this dealer.

Marvelous table decked out for the holidays.  Paul and Jeanine are terrific folks and they have exquisite taste.  Excellent prices, I buy from them quite often.

Don't you just love a trunk full of Christmas?  I purchased the shabby looking gold foil wreath with the teeny tiny mercury glass balls on it.

Now that is a bird cage perfect for the partridge in the pear tree.

Candles along the check out desk.  So festive.

Faboosh crystal chandelier captures the mood of the holiday.

Pretty green goblets and red beads.

Looking through the front window into the shop.  Enchanting.

This glorious Victorian bed was made and I just wanted to crawl under the covers, pull the quilt to my neck and just dream. 

My Vintage Heart, another favorite dealer (and friend)...I walked away with a few of her treasures too.  Susan has a gift for display and you will want to carry the same flair into your own home.

Dinner's ready or at least it will be once you put your best china on this lovely antique dining room table.

More holiday treasure.  The store was packed with folks and not a space was available in the rear parking lot.  I was so glad to see so many folks as this is My Sister's Antiques first Christmas.  I could tell by the folks shopping in the store that this was going to be a Christmas ritual for them going forward.

So hard to select from so many wonderful things.
The front entrance.  Had to dodge the cars pulling out of the Walgreen's across the street. They just didn't understand that I needed a good photo of the front of My Sister's Antiques. 

Well I walked away with a vintage gold foil wreath, a vintage gold sled with original angel hair, a pretty little Victorian mustache cup with the transfer ware phrase, Happy New Year, and a to die for, had to have it, late Victorian, black marble parlour table.  It was hard not to purchase more but the seawitch minds her budget. 

If you ever have the opportunity to travel to Loganville, you must stop in at My Sister's Antiques.  You will adore their hospitality and all of the wonderful treasures found inside.  My best to you and those you love.  Sea Witch