Monday, February 25, 2019

Happy mails to you...

Until we meet again...okay, Roy Rogers never sang Happy Mails, but he would if he received a  happymail package like I did this week.    I adore living in Florida but I sure do miss my antiquing haunts back in Georgia and especially Vintage Village in Snellville.  Still, I can visit that marvelous shop on their facebook page and cyber purchase smalls that they will safely package and ship to my front door.

A happymail package arrived this week and as always, there is pretty packing paper to be found.  Several sheets of this delightful paper was inside and wrapped around treasure.  I can't wait to use this paper in a project or two.

This antique book of "Pleasant stories and pleasing rhymes" is filled with what it advertises and lots of pen and ink illustrations.   Reading these stories of 100 years or more ago brings smiles.

My love of antique bibles is fed with this leather bound, small hand bible published 1865.

Both Old and New Testaments with gold paper edges and very tiny letters means I must really open my eyes to read the word.   What really touches my heart is the date.  On 
April 9th, 1865 the Civil War ended and then 5 days later on April 14th, President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.  Was this bible opened by a shaking hand and read with a tearful heart?  It is what I feel when I hold it.

My sheepies herd is growing with these charming little lambs.  I use them as part of my Christmas decorating by placing them throughout vintage toy houses and buildings.

 Needed a unique shaped glass apothecary jar and this big girl fit the bill.  It may be just a Chinese import but I don't care, I love it.

A Saturday trip to a favorite haunt found a lovely Victorian, cut crystal knife rest.  It is now in my display case at the Lyon's Head Antique Mall.

A magnificent green and gold lustre accents Early American Pressed Glass (EAPG) banana bowl.  Produced by both Bryce and U.S. Glass, the pattern is Delaware and produced in 1899.   

Sweet little bone china trinket dish is handpainted with sweet flowers but my favorite part is the green lucky shamrock at the top of the dish.  

Not an old mirror but it has the look of an antique all mirror and can be hung or left standing on a dresser or mantel.

Spring is just around the corner with Easter hopping for time with family and friends.  I had sold a similar set of vintage cabbage salt and pepper shakers many years ago and was delighted to find another set last weekend.  They look sweet with vintage Lefton bunnies and make a charming Easter table display.

Looking forward to turning the clocks ahead in a few weeks and seeing the days continue to get longer.  I love the Florida outdoors and the longer days make it that much more fun so with that I wish blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Smoke gets in your eyes

Ahh, the title of my blog post really should say, pollen gets in your eyes.  I am now full Floridian as the palm pollens have broken through my life long, no allergies for me, defenses.  Even living in Atlanta for 16 years with the heavy Southern Pines pollen fall each spring couldn't make a dent and I happily went about my day without issues, unlike so many of my family, friends and colleagues.  I'm still luckier then most as my symptoms have only been gritty eyes and teeth with a runny nose.  Thankfully, a simple allergy nose spray works very well for me.  But like my antiquing gal pals, even a pollen kissed nose will not stop us from the hunt.

It always surprises me to find pieces like these at my local Goodwill.  Signed Waterford crystal pieces.  There truly is nothing like Waterford, substantial crystal with spectrum clarity and a lovely ring when pinged.

Pretty elegant depression parfait glass etched and the popular pink.

Pretty little hand painted cup dated from the Memorial of the Dead, Brezova pod Bradlom.

Fine bone china and hand painted Slovakian in gold lustre script and dated 1928.

Set of three pretty little porcelain dessert plates with gold lustre trim and lovely cabbage roses in the center. 

Two cut crystal salts.  I love these little things for so many reasons, mostly because they throw lovely rainbows when the sun hits them.

This was a nice find as well.  Heavy Victorian crystal knife rest in lovely condition.

Lovely vintage glass stein with heavy pewter lid.  Marked Original BMF Bierseidel.  Germany.

It's been a few years that I've come across these large, antique glass apothecary funnels.  They are great decorative elements and large enough to be used as a cloche for found objects.

This Edwardian parasol may look a little rough for ware with the aged stains but it has a marvelous look and long wooden handle.

Vintage and antique clock faces are the hot decorative element for decorating these days. I was lucky to find a bag full at my local thrift shop.

I acquired this rare, political Nixon campaign parasol at a local Atlanta auction house several years ago.  It is now in my display case at the Lyon's Head Antique Mall .  

Marvelous Native American, silverplated and beaded coin purse.  The have repousse image of an Indian Chief, and the beading is a lovely dark green with pin and black details.  Patent date inside is Dec 15, 03. 

The Indians were commissioned to produce the beadwork and then forwarded to Bostonia Company to complete the silver plated embossed design.

and last but not least...smoke does get in your eyes with this lovely, pencil drawn picture requesting patrons to not smoke.  Lovely retro lady from the 1940s with big shoulder pads and a handkerchief dabbing at her eyes.

Wishing you all a pollen free February and blessings to you and those you love. Sea Witch

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Finding love.

February is a reminder to express your love for those who impact and enrich your life.  We find love in many forms and places as well as in what we love to collect.  I have a love for textiles and fiber of all types and  found these two American beauties at one of my favorite shops near me.  The Junk Co., located in the same shopping center as The Lyon's Head Antique Mall where I have my spaces, had a marvelous vintage vendor market and one of their dealers offered a series of 1930s quilts.  I was lucky enough to grab these two in rich reds, whites and blues.

A true American beauty with great calico patterns, this quilt is soft from years of use.  

Another stunner, brilliant reds in calicos and just as soft from use.  My raviolis, what I call my grandchildren, will love wrapping up in these after a full day in the pool. 

Found this fantastic pair of Hollywood Regency lamps from the 1940s.  Heavy, faceted crystal balls on a black glass block with glass sticks, these are stunners.  

Retro is the word these days and this quirky resin marlin with glitter in the fin and abalone shells in the body and eye makes me smile.  

Pretty red roses on this 1920s Droste tin chocolate box.  Makes a lovely Valentines Day gift box.

How cute are these little cherubs holding up a mirror for one to look at.

Charming little wooden box crafted from architectural salvage from a home in South Georgia.

Found a pair of American Brilliant Cut Glass nappys.  These are full of fire and a smaller size than you usually find.  

Now I'm on a hunt to confirm the makers.

Lovely silver plated basket with pretty beaded handle.

Love this brass wired little basket and it holds a WW2 New Testament with a presentation from mom and dad to their son and dated 1947.

Vintage barbershop item, Campana Italian Balm wall mount soap dispenser.  Circa 1940s.

Elegant, mother of pearl opera glasses are French.  A Goodwill find, I will need to replace the missing brass screw that moves the eyepieces up and down.

A Sunday find, everything about this antique watch chain and fobs is made for this Sea Witch.  Lovely gold filled Anchor and Bosun's whistle fobs.  I will be converting this to a necklace to wear.  

Another thing to love is that the days are getting longer and lighter and my little doxie is loving running around the lanai barking at the herons and the squirrels.  We have much to be thankful for and wishing you blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

The Biscuit Jar saw its shadow.

January flew by and February arrived this weekend with some nifty finds.  Sometimes my local Goodwill offers up marvelous pieces and they did not disappoint.

An absolutely stunning cut glass corset vase and a big one. The spectrums it throws are brilliant and I will be keeping this one for my personal collection.

This is the biscuit jar that saw it's shadow, a fantastic Victorian Bristol glass piece.  

Love this heavy, lead crystal piece, unmarked but brilliant in its colors.

Fun souvenir from England, a Bobby's helmet bell.  Very 1970s

First time I have ever come across a quadruple plated hair receiver.  Engraved initials adorn one side.

Big, quadruple plated coffee pot is missing its top impediment but I may have one in a box of interesting things that I retain that often fit that need.

A pair of mid century pins and an interesting key chain which is a miniature box cutter.  

This was a piece I had hanging in my home for a while but I'm downsizing and have decided to put it in my booth space.   Downsizing, such an interesting word.  I did a lot of that when I moved to my new digs but I find that I don't have the wall space I did in my previous home as I traded a wall for a bank of windows that leads to my pool area.  Wouldn't change that for anything but it means less wall for displaying pieces and hanging art.

My booth spaces are filled with  pretty things for spring.  There is something "genteel" about these pretty hand painted porcelain salt & pepper shakers.

This sweet seafoam green chair was another piece I had in my home for years and tough for me to bring to my booth space.  I have displayed so many marvelous treasures on it in my home but it's time for it to find love in anothers home sweet home.

In time for Valentines Day, I brought in a pair of antique Sacred Heart of Jesus prints in original frames.

The other Sacred Heart of Jesus in original frame and a pair of vintage crucifix candlesticks are perfect for Easter.

Downsizing, there's that pesky word again. I thinned out my collection of American, antique/vintage baskets and brought them in to my booth space.

A new piece but in that marvelous seafoam green, I had this in my kitchen and would post the day's menu when guests were at my home.  Another item falls to the downsizing word.  

Finally, these boots were made for walking.  Two pairs of Victorian high top boots.  Smaller size in black leather and a much larger pair in brown leather with canvas uppers.  Both pairs are in marvelous condition and very wearable.

This marvelous birdcage was a Vintage Village purchase and the trigger for me thinning out a few of my collections.  I'm just crazy about this pretty piece and filled it with favored seashells and red coral. 

Moved other pieces around to accommodate my new display and I love the look.  This was my first chance to display the bee cloche and I have hidden under it a marvelous piece that my Harry Potter loving grandchildren will delight in when they lift up the cloche.  

Last but not least, when I relocated the spool cabinet it opened up the exact size space I needed to finally hang the gorgeous antique basket rack you see.  It has been hiding in a closet since I moved here and I'm thrilled to see it finally mounted and my antique American baskets hanging from it.

This has been a fun weekend with great weather, finally, and even though I'm not a super bowl fan, I just loved Gladys Knights marvelous rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.  Always a beautiful lady with a million what smile and voice.  Thank you, Miss Knight, for a fantastic performance.  As always, blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch