Friday, May 31, 2013

Translate into other languages

Weekend is practically here, my children.  Ahh, those blessed words, "my children" always spoken affectionately by Samson, the co-manager of the Carnivale.  This is still one of my favorite series, (albeit, short lived) that HBO ever offered...other than that Jersey born Soprano's.  Hey, a girl just has to return to her roots.  With summer here, a good carnival is always enjoyed for all of its rides, midway food and creepiness that so attracts me for some reason.

But I digress, let us return to other topics to include the Translation teaser in the headline.  I have discovered a new antique store in Duluth, GA of which I will be visiting tomorrow.  Look for photos and my further antiquing adventures by late Sunday night or Monday morning. 

Blogs are such delightful things.  Another communications tool for the masses but especially a voice for the blogger.  Ideally, we want others to "hear" that voice, but often it takes on a therapeutic process of its own. Sometimes, I just like reading my own words, no matter how regionally & grammatically incorrect they may appear.  It is my voice.  From the basic human need of wanting to be heard, liked and admired, I so enjoy it when others come to visit and leave a comment.  But did you know that we can reach most languages worldwide by the use of a language translator?

By using Google Translate and adding that to your blog, you have opened your voice to the world.  How wonderful.  I have the Translate gadget installed and readers can access it at the top of my page.  Try it out, it's really neat the way my words have been translated into another language.  Of course, I'm sure their are nuances lost within the translation, especially when it comes to slang and cultural references, but I have used this on other blogs around the world and had very little translation issues.  Screen shot of Musings of a Sea Witch translated into Chinese simplified. 

To add Google Translate to your blog, go to the top right hand corner of your page (ensure that you are signed in) and click on Design, then go to Layout, click on the Add a Gadget box and then scroll through gadgets until you find Translate.  It shows up as the fourth gadget when I scroll through it.  Click on it to add and then it will ask for a short narrative. Save and you are good to go.  

A few of my international blogger friends utilize this gadget and it is marvelous to read their words and their stories.  

Have a marvelous weekend and blessings to you and those you matter the language.  Sea Witch