Sunday, February 23, 2020

February Finds

February is a short month even when it has 29 days.  I've been busy with my "day job" but have found Leap Year treasure along the way.

It's been eclectic finds these last few weeks and one of them was this...
nifty vintage 3D/hologram Sacred Heart Jesus and the Mother Mary with Infant Jesus in a pierced aluminum lighted frame.  So very 1960s and often found in Catholic homes throughout New Jersey and New York during that time.

Ed Clark gnomes were wildly popular in the 1980s and I came across five large size ones and a few signed by Ed Clark.  I find these continue to sell well in my spaces so when I find them at a good price I pass it along to my customers.

Lovely pair of Therom paintings beautifully framed in gold leafed frames. Circa 1970s
Theorem painting is the art of making stencils and using them to make paintings on velvet and was popular during the 1800’s and especially in Colonial New England.  Theorem enjoyed a popular resurgence during the American Bicentennial.

A stunning Sheffield plate bridal basket.  This is a gorgeous piece and in marvelous condition and I will add it to my personal collection.

 Wonderful Early American pressed glass creamer from the 1800's. Queen Anne pattern known as "Bearded Man" by LaBelle Glass Co. 

Another great piece for my compote collection, antique Adams & Co. glass footed and lidded compote.  Pattern:  Ashman, circa 1880s.

Antique Fosteria, needle engraved cruet with stopper.  

Early Arts and Crafts hand thrown and decorated pot signed Gletus Gallus 1916.  

And finally a large, needlepoint rug.  This is so lovely but does not fit with my decor at all I would keep it.  

Loving the longer days and looking forward to turning the clocks ahead in three weeks. Hopefully, this will be the last year we ever have to change them.  Would love it if we returned to nature to manage the seasons.  Wishing everyone a marvelous spring and blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch