Sunday, December 3, 2017

We need a little Christmas

right this very minute. We need a little Sidewalk too!  The Lyon's Head Antique Mall, where I have two spaces, holds a monthly sidewalk sale from October through March (our winter season where the humidity is low and the temps heavenly).  Although I have yet to participate as a seller, I have found some marvelous pieces each time I went to take photos for their website and facebook page.  I've been loading up my spaces each weekend with antique and vintage Christmas pieces as well as popular items for gift giving.

Antique Christmas framed prints, St. Nicks, vintage ornaments, snow babies, and stockings are of what's moving out of my spaces.

These vintage glass ornaments did not last 2 days in my space. The unique orange color was pure 1960s.

Avon's Cape Code series is still in demand by collectors for the holiday tables.  

Everyone loves the vintage Lefton sleigh and holly server. Brilliant Christmas green with red berries, these continue to be sought after holiday items. Original label still on sleigh.

Pears for the partridge and an I Believe star for the children. 

The famous Houzz, "Season's Greetings" stained glass drinking glasses. These were first offered in the early 1970s and continue to be a hot seller.  

Believe it or not, I am still unpacking boxes.  My day job has been a bear this year and I have never put in more hours in a day like a do these days.  I have been remiss in finishing up my home and pulling out so many of the Christmas inventory only reinforces my desire to get my home in order.  I took a vehicle load of items I thought I would use when I moved here to Goodwill, and of course, stopped in for a quick look to see if I could find anything.

Imagine my surprise when I saw this lovely, Victorian silverplated hand mirror.  
Yea, it came home with me.

Surprisingly, the mirror itself was in amazing condition as these tend to lose their silvering from water or perfumes over the decades of use.

Stunning vintage cut glass piece.  Not AMCG, but still lovely.

 Lovely shaped bowl.

I don't know about you, but I never have enough serving spoons come the holidays so I nearly squealed with delight when I came across this set of six large tablespoons.   Now I need to polish them and look up the pattern name and date them. 

Lovely late Victorian silverplate pieces.

My most recent Lyon's Head Antique Mall sidewalk sale was this pair of hand carved duck decoys.  Signed by the carver and dated 1909 and 1935.  

The last purchase at my local Goodwill was this unusual shredded money wreath.  Actual shredded American paper currency has been turned into a holiday wreath.  Makes ya wanna go out and buy a lottery ticket. LOL  

Wishing everyone a good final month of the year and blessings to you and those you love.