Monday, July 30, 2012

Friends and Treasure

It was a crazy busy week so I was really looking forward to this weekend.  From the start of the Olympics to spending time with junkin friends, this weekend still flew by faster than I had hoped.  Oh, and has anyone tried the Square Up card reader?  I just received mine and I'm loving it. Great way to make sales anywhere and anytime.  Reader attaches to your smart phone and is about the size of a quarter.  You swipe your customer's card and the transaction puts the sale amount in your account.

No monthly fees, they take a small percentage of the sale amount. Oh, and did I mention that the card reader is FREE? How cool is that?  You can use the reader on a smart phone or tablet.  

Saw some treasure on the Vintage Village facebook page that I had to have so I made a trip down to Snellville to see what the dealers had brought in.  The vintage hag, Debbie, was there along with Jeanine and Paul, husband and wife team, dealers and just terrific people who were working the counter so I was able to gossip with junkin friends while I shopped for treasure.

 Some of the beautiful things that are in Jeanine and Paul's booth.  It's hard not to want it all.

The "wall" of many things.  This booth contains hundreds of items from cards, tags, stamps, game items, marbles, pins, flash cards, records, bags, postcards, figurines, you name it, and not just one or two of each by dozens of each.  If you are an altered artist, this is your booth.  I am in awe of the patience the dealer has in putting a label on every piece of inventory.

I'm crazy for huge, American baskets and this beauty is big enough to hold a lot of your favorite things.

One of my favorite booths, filled with Americana pieces.

Tray full of vintage drip plates for candles.  Jeanine and I were laughing about what these were called.  So many regional terms for them...what is yours?

I love the whimsy of a leaf rake nestled between beautiful, elegant pieces.

Lost a few of your marbles, well you can find plenty of them here.

Love, love, love the red, white and blue of this booth.

 Lots of interesting items in this booth and great mantiques are nestled in corners and on shelves.

This great man cave booth holds dozens of quality hats.

This is such a pretty little kitchen display of vintage hand towels on a vintage rack.  How cute would this look in your kitchen?

And now for the treasure I found this weekend.

I kinda fell into this lot of Depression Green etched optic champagne/sherbet glasses.  They were covered in dust and dirt and two of the ten had flea bites.  The owner no longer wanted to store them and I got the lot for $16.00.  They washed up beautifully.

A local Goodwill find,  this antique mirror has 98% of its silver and has the prettiest reverse etching at the top. The heavy, wooden frame is hand carved and covered with layers and layers of paint.

 A unique find, a Holy Bible miniature edition from 1896 and a Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, 1922. Both with soft suede covers.  No bigger than the palm of your hand and in marvelous condition.

Pretty little beaded bag from the 1920s.  Some beads missing, but a great starter piece for the collector who loves Roaring Twenties bags.

How cool is this, a vintage speed bag with chrome ceiling support.  Leather and lots of hand stitching repairs.  What stories this bag must tell. 1930s

A very heavy, cast iron toy cap gun manufactured n 1915.  Small item but looks real at first glance.  Made in the US.

Not an old lamp but pretty just the same.  

I adore percussion instruments and this 1930s tambourine is in great condition. Missing some of the cymbals but it still rings out nice enough to gather donations at your favorite revival meeting.  Owners name is inked inside, this baby traveled all the way from Connecticut.  

Pretty vintage, handcolored print is beautifully framed.  I have a mate to it but have to remove the print to clean the inside of the glass.  A couple of interior fly footprints have stained the glass but not the print, thankfully.

I sell so much off of these vintage wicker chairs that I have to keep refilling them with other items.  It gives me the opportunity to change the look as well.

A lovely find.  West German Bleitcristall lead crystal footed bud vase.  Brilliant iridescence in blue, green showcased the hand etched designs at top of vase.  Original still intact. 

Pretty flow blue salad plate called Niagara.  A tribute to the popularity of Niagara Falls in the late 1890,  you can barely see the falls in the background as it is obscured by pretty floral sprays and a pair of birds in cameo circles. 

Growing up a Kosher-Catholic in New Jersey, I was surrounded by chalk statues and Kosher coffee cake. LOL. Every household I knew had the obligatory Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary pictures a well as a few chalk statues throughout their home.  I still love these religious figurines for their messages of peace, protection and a little prosperity.  This Infant of Prague still has the silver Mercury dime taped to the back of the statue which the believer added asking the Infant to ensure that money is always in the home. Circa 1950s

Didn't plan on it, but the placement of this last photo is a nice segue into my final thought which is to wish you and those you love the same message of peace, protection and a little prosperity.  Blessings to you, dear reader, and those you love.  Sea Witch