Sunday, May 22, 2016

May is nearly over

Can you believe it?  May is nearly over.  I feel like I just paid my taxes and it's really March. Where has the time gone?   Schools let out this week and summer is off to the races and our neighborhood is under siege with AT&T laying cable.  Our street faired well with no real issues but others have had gas lines hit, water mains destroyed and Comcast cables cut.  It is a mess and I hope they get it contained tomorrow for the folks who live on those streets.

Saturday was another rain, no rain, rain, no rain day.  Headed out to a few of my favorite haunts for treasure and although I did not find a lot this trip, I did acquire some unique pieces.  Let's just start with the "piece de resistance."

This very rare, Victorian, Masonic Order of the Eastern Star tilt table.  Beautifully inlayed with a variety of woods and the main table and base are American black walnut.  Masonic furniture is crafted specifically for lodges by individual craftsman and not from a commercial enterprise.  

Original patina finish, it just doesn't get any better than this and pieces like this are true rarities and are highly sought after by those who collect this field.  Circa 1870s

Love my local Goodwill for hats.  This one is a "late vintage" but is as sassy as can be in Patriotic Blue with rhinestones.  Circa 1980s

There must be something in the air these days as this is the third piece of Alexandrite (or Neodymium) glass that I have found in a two week period.  Alexandrite glass changes color from a rich purple (natural light) to a lilac blue (fluorescent light).  This stunning Alexandrite pear within a pear lead crystal bookend or paperweight is very heavy and by the Alfredo Barbini Sommerro Murano Art Glass House.

Lucked into a group of Victorian serving pieces at a thrift shop.  All are Bavarian and have the loved cabbage roses.

Lots of great colors on this one.

Such soft colors in this pretty serving bowl.  

Lovely and very long Victorian dresser tray is filled with hand painted cabbage roses.

 Uncommon World War 1 Veterans Auxiliary parlor tablecloth.  Circa 1940s 

After a morning of successful hunting I headed over to Vintage Village to pick up a piece I saw on their facebook page.  As always, this lovely shop is rich with delightful booth vignettes.  

My Vintage Heart finds the niftiest stuff and displays everything so beautifully.  Love these woven covered bottles.

Sweet ice cream color 1950s sock hop dresses are too cha cha for words.

These delightful cows have taken over Vintage Village.

Get ready for the summer with lots of patio accessories.

Love this dry sink.

So much to find here.

 Here is the sweet picture I saw on the facebook page.  Beautiful Edwardian woman looking hopefully up at Mistletoe.  I can't wait to display this over the Christmas holidays.

Sunday afternoon was spent fluffing my own two spaces.

I'm ready for the Memorial Day, start of summer rush.  Walked all around the Buford Queen of Hearts and, of course, found something that hopped into my cart.

Stunning late Victorian mirror in cast iron frame.  I adore these and even though the silvering has seen better days, these just make me smile.  Hoping your week is full of light and blessings to you and those you love. SeaWitch

Monday, May 16, 2016

Rocking the weekend away

It was a lovely Atlanta weekend with warm days and cool nights. Reminded me of Flagstaff, Arizona weather where you can leave the doors and windows wide open (no insects), the days are warm and sunny and the temps drop 20 degrees at night for great sleeping. 

Interesting finds this weekend and one of them was a keeper.

Lovely Raku pottery plate with incised face and decorative edge around the rim.  

It is signed but I am still trying to decipher the signature.  Once I do it will be in my main space.

Same thrift shop yielded this magnificent rocking horse.

Nice reproduction of a 1900s rocking (gliding) horse, it has a real horsehair tail and would make a nifty photography prop.

Nice Loose-Wiles Biscuit Company cookie tin. Brothers Loose and industrialist Wiles created the Loose – Wiles Biscuit Company in 1902 which later became the Sunshine Biscuit company we know today. Rare George Washington tin, 1930s

A few weeks back I came across this marvelous Antique EAPG – Northwood Cherry and Cable pitcher.  (1908)  This week I found the sugar bowl at my local Goodwill.  I love when that happens.  If I'm lucky, I will eventually come across the matching creamer.

My favorite semi precious stone is the Alexandrite, known for it's ability to change color when seen in natural light or florescent light.  So when I come across Alexandrite glass (also known as Wisteria glass as it replicates the colors of tht lovely flower I get a little head over teakettle.  This is a lovely, mid century Wisteria (Alexandrite) glass vase.  Alexandrite or Neodymium glass changes color from a rich purple  (natural light) to a lilac blue (fluorescent light). You can see the color change in the photo.

Not one, but two pieces and also found at two different shops.  A mid century Murano, lead   crystal , Alexandrite swan. displays the same color change abilities.

Mid century reproduction of the 1800s original Uncle Sam penny bank.  This popular cast iron bank drops a coin in his carpet bag when you push the button behind his umbrella.  This particular reproduction was very popular during the US Bicentennial.  Circa 1970s

Used paint brushes always call to me, no matter the size or their use. This pair of vintage house paint brushes make a nice decorative element.

My main space is filled from the top to the bottom with lots of treasure.  With the summer holiday season beginning at the end of May, the vacationers are already looking for unique items to take home.

And speaking of taking an item home.  I came across this stunning, late 1800s American Brilliant, cut crystal bowl.

This is a big one, heavy and thick and every square inch is hand cut beautifully.  I got it for pennies on the value because it has major damage along the rim.  If you look closely at the top rim you will see two scallops that are lower then the rest of the bowl.  This must have been a prized family piece because they had repair professionally re cut to match the rest of the rim.

The pattern is Royal and the manufacturer is the Hunt Glass Company.  This large bowl even has cut feet on the bottom.

It throws so many spectrums that I fell in love with it upon cleaning it and decided to keep it.  I know most purist collectors will say it hold little value because of the damage, but I like that the original owner had a repair done.  I collect inventive repair when I come across it so this pretty bowl is in good company.  

Wishing everyone brilliant and colorful light throughout their day and as always, blessings to you and those you love. SeaWitch.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Curious Possessions and other finds

It was a spectacular weekend in Atlanta with perfect weather for hunting treasure and playing in the yard.  Curious Possessions, a shop in Snellville was having an outdoor, parking lot sale so I had to make a fun run out to see what I could find.  

There was treasure everywhere and these dealers had items priced to move.   A gal pal dealer even had everything in her outdoor space at a $1.00.  Here are some of the finds I came home with:

Vintage, 1970s curved cathedral glass hanging lamp.  

Darling 1950s prom dress.  Brilliant blue with sequins and netting.

Lovely Victorian, milk glass oil lamp that was electrified.  I have a top piece that will go well with it so I will do a new electric setup and this will make a pretty desk lamp.

 I then moved on to the interior of Curious Possessions and found a terrific man's straw boater from the 1900s.  This beauty is in fantastic condition.

 Stunning pair of Victorian salt and pepper shakers are deeply carved and frosted glass with sterling tops and mother of pearl toppers.  

 Can't visit Snellville without stopping by my favorite shop, Vintage Village.  I always find something marvelous there.

I am head over tea kettle with this fantastic purchase.  Shaker type wooden hat box with wooden knobs. Most likely French, this is now in my personal collection.

From Snellville, I headed out to some of my other favorite haunts.

Nice mid century leaded cathedral glass hanging window piece.  

Sweet pair of Art Deco silverplated creamer and sugar.  
Unusual shape and in marvelous condition.

Pair of Depression era, serving bowls in that coveted Depression Green.

Unique shaped teapot from "The Stevens" Hotel in Chicago.

A pile of darling Christmas themed tablecloths.

Found another stained glass piece. This one is a larger window pane hanging.

Once I got home with my treasure, Gynness and I went for our evening walk.  She was exhausted after sniffing through all of my finds and the walk and sprawled out to snooze the rest of the evening away.

I hope it was a lovely Mother's Day for all and blessings to you and those you love.  SeaWitch

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Ravs and Treasure

Hard to believe that May is already here.   April flew by with lots of changes at my day job...another reorg so that makes 6 in 6 years and so far, I think I avoided another reduction in force.  Still, April was a month for visiting the Virginia raviolis (my term of endearment for my grandchildren).  It was a short but always a fun visit.  Can't believe how big they have all gotten and we had such a good time together.  While there, I did make a quick pit stop at my favorite place for finding unique pieces, Treasure Trove, where all proceeds benefit programs and services of the Inova Fairfax Medical Campus.

Stunning Towle silverplate waiters tray.  I can't get enough of these as they are so popular.

I have a weakness for covered servers.  They remind me of a more elegant time when entertaining was almost an art form.  This beauty if in fantastic condition and the handle is removable for ease in cleaning and storage.  Fighting with myself about keeping or selling it.

 My grandmother always had a pretty crystal candy compote filled with hard candies or foiled chocolates.  This sterling base and topper reminds me of her.  

When I returned home, I had committed time to spring yard work as the lawn needed attention as well as the shrubs.   Still, I found a little bit of time to make a quick run to my favorite local thrift store.

 Found this amazing, contemporary, hand blown studio art glass vase.  Tall and full of iridescence, I am now seeking out glass experts who can help me identify the maker.

Lovely Vintage Hobnail, Opalescent and blue Ivy Bowl by Duncan & Miller. 
Circa 1930-1955.  

Really nice cut glass footed compote.  Unusual edge is scalloped.

 Lovely pair of cut crystal cocktail glasses.  These are gorgeous and now I am on the search to identify the maker and the pattern.

Also bought the matching pair of wine glasses.  All four are in perfect condition.

Sweet little EAPG toothpick holder with brilliant gold lustre.

Yes, these are seashells, something that the SeaWitch just can't pass up.  

My Victorian space is filled with lots of goodness.  The "high" season is soon upon us and I want to keep both spaces filled with pieces that our summer visitors will enjoy.

My main space is also filled with something for everyone.  I did a big booth "refluff" which always makes items that have been in the space look like they just arrived.   Sure enough, by the time I returned home, I had sold several steins and creamers that I had moved around.  

Gynness is exhausted from the road trip and the booth refluffs.  All she wants to do is have her belly rubbed. So before I "rub the belly", let me wish blessings to you and those you love. SeaWitch