Sunday, May 3, 2020

Soft opening and new digs

Oh, how I missed my booth spaces and our customers these past 6 weeks but our governor has initiated the first phase to opening the economy with a soft open for retail stores.  So this Monday, we open our doors again. 

The one positive thing about the shutdown for me was that it allowed me to move from my original space into a new location in my happy place, the Lyon's Head Antique Mall.  We are open 7 days a week so moving or even updating your space can be difficult.  With the shutdown this was an opportunity to prep my new space and move everything over from my old into my new without having to move around customers.

My new space is about ten feet larger and what a difference these ten feet make.   I love a clean palette to begin with and a coat of Griege gray went up on the walls on Saturday.

Now the fun and the work begins.  

Moving all of the large furniture means emptying everything first so I filled the store shopping cart several times moving item after item after item.

Amazing how everything looks "new" when you change it up, rotate the stock and display differently from before.

Brought the antique jugs up front and center and they look so happy.

My mantle was the last big piece I moved and I changed it up completely with a religious display.  

Vintage Madonna's, candlestick crucifixes, antique religious prints.

Marvelous antique and vintage figures and mid century images. 
My display case looks great in the corner and has lots of natural light showing off the pieces.

 The open space is fantastic and the table I used to have placed against a wall in my old space now sits in the open space and I can display in a 360 degree layout which actually gives me more display room.

The large table holds so much more now that it is freestanding in the middle of the booth space.

This was a favorite piece of mine that I had in my home in Georgia and in my home in Florida.  It's now time for this sweet little rocker in that favored seafoam blue to find a new home to enjoy as I replaced it with this marvelous drop leaf end table.

 Head over teakettle in mad love with this 19th century piece, from the vibrant tiger maple to the pretty little Sheraton legs. This was a find from my favorite place to shop rusty, crusty, dusty...Junk Co., Port Richey, Florida.

Love that light coming through the front windows.  I got it all done today and now I'm really feeling my age, LOL.   Good and stiff from 5 hours of straight work today but it was worth it.  

As we all start slowly returning to life as we lived it, as always, I wish blessings to you and those you love, SeaWitch