Sunday, July 1, 2018

It's July!?!?

It's July?  Anyone else still feel like it's March? I don't know where the first half of 2018 has gone to but then my last post was in April so time is moving faster than I can keep up with these days.  I'm slammed at my "day" job and it's not gonna let up and I'm doing a lot of yard work around my home but it takes time with these hot and humid days.  I'm only good for about 40 minutes when I just have to stop digging in the dirt because of the heat.  Still, I love the way my landscaping is beginning to come together and hopefully it will all be completed in another few months.

Saturdays are my treasure hunt day and I have been finding some really nifty pieces these last few weeks.

A stunning, Early American Pressed Glass (EAPG) pedestal celery called Adams but more popularly known as Square Panes, 1880s.

Oh, my knees are weak, found a marvelous antique brass oil lamp from France.  

Two for two?  This beauty has been electrified but I don't mind, I adore the decorative brass and will use this in my home.

Mid Century Holmegaard smoke glass decanter designed by Jacob Bang of Denmark.  Known as a Kluk Kluk (pinched) glass decanter. Originally held Holmegaard Danish brandy, these decanters are in demand with the Ikea generation.  

Vintage, seagreen, blow out glass grape cluster decanter. These are so much fun to decorate with or fill with your favorite wine.

Love these mid century silverplated champagne buckets. This was is by Sheridan and in marvelous condition. I love to use these as Christmas tree stands.

Stunning EAPG gold and ruby flash large, oval bowl. US Glass, this is called Delaware and was produced in 1899.

 Lovely 1890s, Riverside Glass Co., EAPG spooner.  Pattern:  Empress, clear with gold lustre trim.

Heisey Glass Pinwheel and Fan basket.  This bad boy is big and in perfect condition.

Be still my heart, my favorite colors are calling me.

This delightful 1960s pottery ashtray is too cha cha for words.  I've never been a smoker and have no use for ash trays but the colors are as seawitchy as you can get so I had to bring it home and use it to store my remotes.  

Can these little birds me anymore charming?  I will fill them with lavender talc and place in the guest bedroom for guests to sprinkle on their sheets.

And finally, a beautiful red and white embroidered on feed sack cloth quilt. This 1930s beauty is all hand pieced and embroidered. She has a faded section but I love it anyway.  

It's always fascinating to see what shows up in my area.  I can honestly say Florida is a grab bag of finds like no other state I have ever lived in.  This, of course, makes the hunt always interesting.  

So until my next post, wishing everyone a gentle Fourth of July and as always, blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch