Tuesday, August 27, 2013

There's treasure everywhere!

I'm all decked out and doing the happy dance as I found lots of treasure this weekend.  Sometimes, you just hit the right places at the right time.

Loving the antique frame on this small vintage needlepoint picture.  

It is such a pretty little piece.

 Candlestick with silver overlay florals on base.  Circa 1940s.  Kota, my coyote mix is stretched out on the floor. He is such a good boy.

 These late Victorian celluloid brush boxes are usually "lady" oriented, but this nifty box is for a man.  Neat faux wood grain shows a couple i a canoe that is paddled by two men through a raging river.  Love this unusual theme.

 Four rosaries, the three blue ones are faux crystal and fairly recent pieces, but the black rosary is from the 1930s.  Nice black, wood beads and sterling crucifix and medal.

After washing, starching and ironing nearly 50 pounds of vintage linens, this is the one piece that I am thinking about keeping for myself. A marvelous red thread on white cotton sampler study of initials. These stitches are so precise and intricate...beautiful. Circa 1930s

 Pretty EAPG  buttermilk pitcher.  This beauty has a hint of sun purple in it.

 Crazy about this fantastic double light tiffany style lamp.  Heavy, made in the USA and the shade is all cathedral glass. 

How about this huge crown...big enough to be worn by a person, this will not sit long in my booth.

Can't wait to polish this bad boy up.  Lovely, heavy silverplate footed server.  Perfect for your best cakes, tortes, cookies or tea sandwiches or fill with vintage mercury glass.

 You can never have too many brides baskets and I just added this one to my personal collection. I use them over the holidays by putting paper doilies in them and filling with homemade baked goods.

 Always delighted when I can find a piece of flow blue.  This pretty little dessert plate was $3.00 at a local thrift store.

Thanksgiving isn't that far away and gravy boats are always a huge seller.  This pretty red transferware  piece won't be in my booth for long.

Still doing research on this lovely, needle etched poppies on a bell shaped water decanter.   Definitely a piece of elegant Depression glass. 

Found these at Buford Queen of Hearts on Sunday when I was restocking my booths.  Priced to move, I was delighted to find them before another shopper.  Very heavy, gun metal cast candlesticks are antique gold with glass prisms that send rainbows everywhere.  Can't wait to use them over the holidays.

 The last three auctions I attended, I came back with three big boxes of linens.  After washing, starching and ironing nearly 50 pounds of assorted vintage linens, I have been pricing them to sell fast.  Filled this antique wicker flower stand with them and by the time I shot this photo, it was nearly empty. Gonna bring more in this weekend.

 and last by not least, I fell in love with this pretty little primitive pillow with a witch giving readings to felines.  Love the gentleness of this theme and it is now in my antique dough bowl.  This pillow was another find at the Buford Queen of Hearts.  I forgot to get the name of the booth and will do so this weekend for those who may want to visit it.  It is across from my  Victorian booth and I believe is two side by side booths filled with primitive pieces.

Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Labor Day Weekend and blessings to you and those you love.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Nifty finds.

Running a little behind this week. I usually have my weekend post up by Sunday evening, but I've been burning the candle at both ends these days and finally got time to sit down and upload photos.  Hit an auction, Goodwill and Vintage Village and found a little treasure at each.

 Pretty, creamy white and gold lustre trim chop plate and and gravy boat by the Harker Pottery Company, USA. This one has the red bow and arrow mark. Really a pretty pattern in it's simplicity.  This was a Goodwill find. 

How about 4 dessert plates, one bread and butter and 4 saucers to match?  These will be pretty to serve favorite family desserts over the holidays. 

I really like these elegant Depression glass servers.  They are lovely to serve tea sandwiches, petite fours or tea cakes on.  This one is etched crystal but a smaller size than the usual 12 inches.  A terrific Goodwill find.

A Vintage Village find, marvelous early 1900s skimmer.  

Love this "Souvenir of Montreal" a great panoramic photograph of the city of Montreal, that is handcolored and then fine strips of "Mother of Pearl" are scattered about. This was a typical artistic touch given to early century photos to give the appearance of light. 
Original frame and glass and the photo is dated 1929.

 Fine Dresden mesh purse is as pretty as can be even with the minor issues that can be repaired. Original pink lining is still intact but has pulled apart from frame. I will make the repairs and then bring in to the store. Circa 1920s 

Another pretty flapper era beaded bag with wooden handles.  Needs some repairs along the sides but this is an easy fix. Love the sparkling copper iridescent beads.

 Early American Pressed Glass pieces always call to me.  The dual handle sugar bowl has a hint of sun purple in it and the custard dish is so heavily pressed with designs that it first looks like cut glass.  Both date in the late 1890s.

 A pair of beautiful antique lace.  I use these in repairing antique clothing as well as creating new pieces.

 Back at the auction, I bid and won this fantastic Nixon election parasol.  A rare piece of political memorabilia, this was most likely a convention piece.

Another unusual win, a WW1 era wooden air plane propeller.  Would look great in a mancave or a pilot's fireplace mantle. 

How about a vintage mink hat?  Colder weather will be here before we know it and this will keep a head toasty warm.

Can't wait to use these vintage ornate frames for Halloween images.

and finally, this terrific pair of antique children's school desks. These are a very small size for the youngest students and are in fantastic condition.  

It was a fun, if not short weekend and with neighborhood kids back in school, I can already see summer is nearly over and all is just knocking at the door.  Hard to believe that this year will be over in 4 and 1/2 months. So wishing everyone a lovely week and blessings to you and those you love. Sea Witch

Sunday, August 11, 2013

More Auction Treasure

My honey has his chemo on Wednesday so I try and stay close to home over the weekend.  He usually sleeps through the weekend as the chemo does its stuff and he insists that I keep my treasure hunting routine.  Still, I'm just not comfortable being  more then 30 minutes away should he need something.  
So I have been going to the local auction house for treasure which is 10 minutes from the house.  On Saturday, the Atlanta Auction Company (AAC) had a major offering from a life long collector of both political and early baseball memorabilia as well as an extensive jewelry collection on the block.  This would be a fun auction to attend as well as an educational opportunity regarding the baseball memorabilia.  I always look for the opportunity to increase my knowledge base in areas that I have minimal or no expertise in.  Although I did not bid on the memorabilia, I did have the "auction luck" to win some marvelous early Carnival Glass pieces. 
My first win was this lovely, Sterling silver, cigarette case.  Beautifully monogrammed and 133.4 grams in weight, this is now in my display case at the Buford Queen of Hearts.
  There were nearly 400 items on the block just from the catalog so I did a little knitting in between items that I was hoping to bid on.   An antique galpal suggested that I was the Madam DeFarge of the auction set, knit one win, purl two loss. LOL.

After four hours, the catalog items was finally auctioned off and other items were now up for bid.  AAC had a few beautiful pieces of early Carnival Glass that I was interested in.  These would be pieces that a knowledgeable collector would want to own and often I am outbid way past my budget.  Still, I was hoping that I could obtain one or two pieces. 

 First item offered was this early Fenton, cobalt Orange Tree standard size mug.  Brilliant lustre all around it and in mint condition.  I couldn't believe it when I won it for $5.00.  This had to be a good sign.

Thrilled that I was the winning bidder for this early Fenton Carnival Glass ice cream shaped bowl is the Dragon and Lotus design. Brilliant marigold lustre and in mint condition. 

Love the dragons in this piece.  Circa 1915.

My heart went pitter patter when I was the winning bidder for this early Northwood, Three Fruits Medallions electric purple, footed bowl.  This piece electrifies with its rich iridescence.  Mint condition, I think it is my favorite piece from the auction.

 Oh wait, maybe this is my new favorite piece.  Gorgeous early Northwood  carnival glass, beaded cable rose bowl. Another piece in mint condition. 

 Nice, squatty vase, green carnival with brilliant lustre.  I have always liked these vases and have used them as bread stick holders on my holiday table.

 My final winning bid was this box of linens... almost ten pounds worth, I couldn't wait to get home and wash them all and begin ironing and starching them.  This was a treasure trove of Edwardian whites, vintage lace panels and so many napkins and tablecloths that I stopped counting.

My favorite set of vintage lace panels from the box.  Love this scalloped lacy pattern.  I spent the rest of the evening starching and ironing these lovely items.

From the auction, I made a quick trip to Vintage Village to pick up an antique mob cap I saw on their facebook page earlier this week.

 I adore display items and was delighted to find this marvelous Victorian ring display box.  I will use it to display my personal antique jewelry.

Love stretch glass and this brilliant orange compote is so Art Deco. I have the identical piece only in a smaller size as well.

Nearly swooned when I saw this gorgeous, American Brilliant Period, cut crystal ships decanter. Very heavy. Circa early 1900s.  Almost makes you want to fill it with a quality liquor and have a drink.

It doesn't get better than this, a delightful vintage store display for  a Dipsy Doodle hat. Don't you just love everything she is wearing?  Dated 1938.

It was a wonderful Saturday with truly lovely finds and Sunday was my inventory, pricing and restocking of my booths--afternoon.  Monday begins my "real job" week and as always, I look forward to the weekend for more treasure hunting.  Blessings to you and those you love. Sea Witch

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Auction Wins

As many of you know, my honey is battling Stage 4 liver cancer and has been doing weekly chemo sessions.  This leaves him very tired over the weekend and although he insists that I do my Saturday treasure hunting, I do not like to be far from home these days.  So I have been hanging out at a local auction house for treasure finds.  The fun thing about auctions is that you never know what you will come home with. There were several plats of silverplate that I thought I would bid on and win but they went for outrageous bids.  In fact, nearly all of the items I had hoped to win were sold for prices way out of my investment range.  However, I came home with a few marvelous pieces that I hadn't planned on buying, but I couldn't resist the low start bids.

My first winning bid of the morning.  The clock found in 19th century schoolhouses, train stations and office buildings across America,  is in excellent working condition.  Nice size, all original glass, pendulum and key made this a terrific auction win.  It is already in my Victorian booth looking for a new home.

 Sorry about the poor photo, but my camera was giving me fits today. This is a magnificent table lamp from the 1950s.  Heavy bronze candelabra with five candles that have twinkling flame bulbs and a center three way bulb setup that lights up a gorgeous opalescent glass shade.  
Will try and get a better photo this week.  Without a doubt, this lamp will be the focal point in any room it resides in. 

 Had my eye on a plat full of Native American beaded pieces and was afraid it would go high.  Lucky me, I won the plat and it was filled with adorable vintage moccasins and souvenirs.

 Pretty little pair of hand beaded child's moccasins.  In great condition with Plains tribe beading, these moccasins were made for the tourist trade, circa mid 1900s. 

 A sweet pair of miniature buckskin boots with real, buffalo nickel buttons.

 Look, there's more.  A pair of vintage, hand beaded buckskin and fur miniature mukluks and an unusual pair of woven sweetgrass mukluks.  Both are northwestern tribal pieces made for the tourist trade.

 This little vintage Skookum composition papoose doll in cradleboard was hiding under a beaded bag.  Nifty Rockaway Beach souvenir. Circa 1930s

 And here is that gorgeous beaded bag.  Beautifully hand beaded rosette with bands all around the four sides of the softest suede split ever.  Beading is mirrored on the opposite side as well.  Another piece made for the tourist trade, late Victorian, circa 1900s.

 Small Papago woven basket. Circa 1950s

Was the winning bidder of a vintage sewing basket from the 1950s.  Inside was the usual assortment of sewing tools, but it also contained a chain of old keys and this neat, Sterling silver St. Christopher  medal with the words, Be My Guide, on the obverse. 

However, it was the reverse side of this medal that was most interesting to me. It had a single prop airplane and a sedan car from the 1940s.  Medals with transportation on them were popular in the 1940s and were often found on key chains carried by men. 

So it was a successful auction for me and still allowed me be to close to home.  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and wishing blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch