Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Nifty finds.

Running a little behind this week. I usually have my weekend post up by Sunday evening, but I've been burning the candle at both ends these days and finally got time to sit down and upload photos.  Hit an auction, Goodwill and Vintage Village and found a little treasure at each.

 Pretty, creamy white and gold lustre trim chop plate and and gravy boat by the Harker Pottery Company, USA. This one has the red bow and arrow mark. Really a pretty pattern in it's simplicity.  This was a Goodwill find. 

How about 4 dessert plates, one bread and butter and 4 saucers to match?  These will be pretty to serve favorite family desserts over the holidays. 

I really like these elegant Depression glass servers.  They are lovely to serve tea sandwiches, petite fours or tea cakes on.  This one is etched crystal but a smaller size than the usual 12 inches.  A terrific Goodwill find.

A Vintage Village find, marvelous early 1900s skimmer.  

Love this "Souvenir of Montreal" a great panoramic photograph of the city of Montreal, that is handcolored and then fine strips of "Mother of Pearl" are scattered about. This was a typical artistic touch given to early century photos to give the appearance of light. 
Original frame and glass and the photo is dated 1929.

 Fine Dresden mesh purse is as pretty as can be even with the minor issues that can be repaired. Original pink lining is still intact but has pulled apart from frame. I will make the repairs and then bring in to the store. Circa 1920s 

Another pretty flapper era beaded bag with wooden handles.  Needs some repairs along the sides but this is an easy fix. Love the sparkling copper iridescent beads.

 Early American Pressed Glass pieces always call to me.  The dual handle sugar bowl has a hint of sun purple in it and the custard dish is so heavily pressed with designs that it first looks like cut glass.  Both date in the late 1890s.

 A pair of beautiful antique lace.  I use these in repairing antique clothing as well as creating new pieces.

 Back at the auction, I bid and won this fantastic Nixon election parasol.  A rare piece of political memorabilia, this was most likely a convention piece.

Another unusual win, a WW1 era wooden air plane propeller.  Would look great in a mancave or a pilot's fireplace mantle. 

How about a vintage mink hat?  Colder weather will be here before we know it and this will keep a head toasty warm.

Can't wait to use these vintage ornate frames for Halloween images.

and finally, this terrific pair of antique children's school desks. These are a very small size for the youngest students and are in fantastic condition.  

It was a fun, if not short weekend and with neighborhood kids back in school, I can already see summer is nearly over and all is just knocking at the door.  Hard to believe that this year will be over in 4 and 1/2 months. So wishing everyone a lovely week and blessings to you and those you love. Sea Witch


Tanya said...

Once again - SO much fabulousness here, I can't choose a the Nixon umbrella - score! Love it all, really...question: When you say you are picking things up at your Goodwill, is it all in with the store items, or have they started a special "antique" section like they have in Las Vegas? Makes me so angry, because they also have someone WAYYYYYYYY overpricing those items (more than we would be paying in an antique store). Just wondering...Happy Thursday - Tanya

Mitzi said...

You really found some great items....I especially love the purses and those wonderful frames! Keep up the good work, lol!