Monday, September 23, 2019

Autumn Antique Market - Black Oak Antiques

Fall came to Florida this weekend and it was gorgeous.  Little to no humidity, lower temps at night, clear blue skies and other than the pesky "love bugs" we couldn't have asked for a more lovely weekend.  One of my favorite "true" antique shops, Black Oak Antiques, Weeki Wachee, was having their annual Fall Antique Market and it is always filled with sales, antiques, repurposed pieces and home baked goods.

Antiques and tables filled with vintage items were inside and out.

Father and son played live music through out the day.  It was marvelous and added to the already terrific vibe of the event.

A basket filled with vintage copper molds shouts fall decorating.

The barn was filled with treasure from top to bottom.  You can easily get lost in all of this goodness and forget there is still a shop just off from the barn to visit as well.

Charming vintage baby carrier basket was filled with bits and bobs of fun.

This was probably the most unique offering inside the shop.  An original, radio controlled Godzilla. Oh how I wanted to see it in action.

I couldn't resist these vintage bank bags from New Jersey.  It was like Tony Soprano was channeling me to obtain them. Yeah, they came home with me.

This tobacco lathe star followed me home as well.

My most favorite item at Black Oak Antiques, this amazing sperm whale weather vane. Oh, if I ever win the lottery in a big way, this will be the first item I splurge on.  I just adore this in every way but it is so far from my budget I just have to dream.  Ahhh, but it is good to dream.  From here I moved on to my usual haunts for treasure hunting and I found some goodness to bring home.

I don't usually pick up dolls as this is not my area of expertise, but when you come across a vintage Madame Alexander doll in the limited run Peter Pan you buy it.  This little charmer is in marvelous condition.

Everyone likes to pull out mom's or grandma's cook books when the holiday seasons arrive.  This Mrs. Rorer's New Cook Book, from 1901 is filled with marvelous recipes.  

Creamed baked macaroni is just one of the many tasty recipes in this great cookbook.

...and now, the find of the season...a stunning, late Victorian, lidded beer stein.  Porcelain lithophane with lovely pewter lid, the hand applied transfer commemorating the German Workmans Association. 

 Detailed transferware of commerce and cherubs with hand painted details.  

Gorgeous lithophane is the portrait of a German woman in traditional garb.  

Nice, small serving platter designed by Clarice Cliff for Royal Staffordshire.  Pattern is "Rural Scenes".  Circa 1940s

Matching square serving bowl.  Both pieces are perfect for a Thanksgiving table.

Vintage Rolling Rock thermometer sign has weathered to that coveted seafoam color.  Thermometer still gives accurate temps and is perfect for an outdoor living space.

Love antique medicine bottles and this pretty set of small to even smaller are perfect for Halloween decorating.

I hit the mother lode at my local thrift store with these five, antique miniature oil lamps.  I'm head over teakettle in love with the Goofus cabbage roses base.  The gold and red, cold paint is long gone and the glass has turned that lovely sun purple.  The small milk glass one also has my heart...what to do, what to do?  Oh, the struggle is real.

I truly hated to see the weekend end, it was so perfect in weather, chatting with friends, finding treasure to both keep and to sell.  My life may seem small to many but it is a gentle one and I am a happy girl so with that I wish blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch

Monday, September 16, 2019

Florida Harvest

I adore living in Florida but I must share that I do miss the color explosion of fall.  There is something magical about leaves changing their colors, pumpkins in funny shapes and sizes  and in a range of pastel colors, crisp apples fresh from the trees and hot cider donuts fresh from the fat to the plate.  The best that I can do is make the cider donuts and decorate with faux pumpkins and then enjoy a Florida harvest of finds at my local haunts.

These vintage stacked pumpkins with the lights inside were 1980s decorating favorites.  This one still has the bright florescent orange paint.

Everyone loves the popular, Lefton turkeys that were salt and pepper shakers, planters and napkin holders.  I now have my mother's set and use at Thanksgiving, but I love it when I find these Lefton pieces to share in my booth space.  This Tom actually looks pretty happy sitting in a mid century pedestal compote.

This late Victorian, wool jacket with tails is a great steampunk for costumes and cosplay.  

Whenever I find quality silverplate or pewter I always think of my Atlanta, antique gal pal, Rose, who always finds/sells the prettiest silver for her space called Silver Glory.  I do miss her lovely spaces as I always found a treasure or two.  I acquired this set of four, Woodbury Pewter plates at my local thrift store.  Made in the USA, they are known for their high quality.  Perfect for setting your Thanksgiving table.   

This Victorian smelling salts/vinaigrette is the first I have ever found.  Sterling cap, it is missing the screw cap at the other end.  Lovely cut crystal, this is a marvelous find and I will keep if for a while.  I would love to find a cap for the other end so that hunt now begins.  The p of smelling salts are to around consciousness and are centuries old with found documentation as early as the Romans using them.  They are meant to help revive those that are faint of nerves or those that need some extra oxygen flow to help with breathing.

Haven't come across a vintage Halloween noisemaker in many, many years and this happy pumpkin is a sweetheart.  Vintage Halloween items still bring in high dollars.  

Found a charming quad plate creamer and three, mid century sequined Santa boot ornaments for the tree. 

I have a weak spot for early Windsor chairs and this is beautifully stenciled with bronzing powders and has its original red paint.  Definitely a keeper for me.

In no particular order, these were Goodwill finds, a teeny tiny vintage, oil can and a charming, souvenir cup and saucer in a Scottish thistle design.  Most likely imported from Germany.

and  finally, I actually harvested a pumpkin....well, not a pumpkin but a huge, dried gourd shaped like a pumpkin.  This is the only decorative pumpkin I can use in our hot and humid weather without the pumpkin imploding in three days. LOL.  

So to my friends who are enjoying the Indian Summer and stepping into fall, I wish you good harvest in your treasure hunts and to all, blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch