Monday, February 20, 2012

Junkin in Monroe, GA

Presidents Day Weekend brought a family member from Upstate NY into Atlanta, GA. My son's wife's mother, Lynn, comes down to visit each year at this time and sis and I have a blast schlepping her around to some of our southern communities.  This year we took a junket to Monroe, Georgia for some junkin.  The last time I was in Monroe, the new antique mall, The Cotton Depot, had just opened.  Now it has expanded to three times the size and new antique stores have opened up around it.  We began our day at Hodge Podge, a lovely store located inside the end building of The Cotton Depot. Hodge Podge has amazing dealers with beautiful booth displays and everything from Victorian antiques, french chic and popular culture.

What you see when you first enter.  Which way should I begin, left...right...or down the middle?

This dealer had lovely pieces and I purchased cobalt edged plates with cabbage roses on them.

Pretty little wreath of sage, lavender and sweet birds nest.

Pretty cast iron garden pieces.

Lots of architectural items and at great prices.

Perfect items for a sea witch.  Fell in love with this shell covered candelabra.  So much work was put into these pieces.  I could have taken them all home.

Another dealer who took found vintage items and turned them into pretty and unique decorative pieces.

How sweet is this little mouse in a quad plated tea pot?

Marvelous decorative idea.  Using a vintage quilt as a tablecloth.

Had to have this adorable German egg  box to add to my vintage egg  boxes.

Purchased this beautiful pair of white satin glass candlesticks from the Victorian era.  Pretty gold lustre paint and hand painted posies.

One of five cobalt edged plates I purchased from Hodge Podge.  Just lovely.

Another set of three lovely plates from Austria that I found at Hodge Podge.

Pretty bone china Victorian teapot.  So light and thin and a lovely little thing to steep and pour your tea from.  I'm tempted to keep this.

I have a fondness for these tin plates from the early 1900s.  Such a pretty woman.

Couldn't resist this pair of very heavy, cast iron garden chairs.  Vintage pieces in terrific condition and both have lots of paint under the black.  These will never blow over in a Georgia thunderstorm. 

And finally, a stack of English white ware, one of my favorites.  This was a wonderful day of junkin at the Cotton Depot and Hodge Podge.

When we returned home, I spent the rest of the evening pricing those items as well as a few Easter items.

How cute is this little rabbit statue?

A unique "fairing" of twin bud vases in the shape of binoculars.

Delightful treenware of a pair of nesting eggs.

Not Eastery, but neat just the same.  I purchased this set of nesting serving trays while living in South Korea.  Every home had a set of these lovely lacquered trays and they were used to serve up family delicacies and treats.  I used them to serve Christmas cookies and other holiday treats.

Had a lot of vintage German paper eggs. This was a huge one.

Don't you just love Lefton animals?  So sweet and lifelike.  A cute group of rabbits and a peep.

More vintage paper eggs and vintage egg coddlers. 

I came across these pretty decorated sateen eggs from the 1970s.  
Soft pastel colors.

A deviled egg server filled with these pretty sequined and flower decorated sateen eggs.

Pretty pair of pressed glass berry bowls.

Easter rabbits in a glass terrarium.  How fun.

Pretty faux chocolate rabbit in a glass egg.

Sweet faced Lenox pig...

and his little friend, the Lenox rabbit.

Pretty spring green Yankee Candle votive house with working weather vane.

Pretty vintage (matt) Capidomente candlestick.  I love the craftsmanship that goes into this pretty pieces.

A huge vintage Capidomente display.  Four of these would make a large circle. What a spectacular centerpiece.

We have a marvelous weekend with family and treasures were found along the way.  I hate to have to return to work tomorrow as I took the day off and felt like I was playing hooky I had such a good time.    Wishing all the best to you and those you love.  Have a great week.  Sea Witch

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hearts to you

Happy Valentines Day to you and those you love. 

From 19th Century Sailors Valentines lovingly created by men at sea who longed to return to the heart that waited for them back home...

Perhaps you wear your
heart on a sleeve...

 or build a heart
 from textile scraps...

little vows of love 
in the form of Milagros...

or sweet knitted hearts

 felted soft and full of shape...

or that special message for  

 the most deserving... (thanks Sis for this)

This Sea Witch wishes you all the love you can possibly handle
and perhaps with a little "extree"
as they say here in the south.

...the Sea Witch.   
Images are non-commercial, public domain photos.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Madness, I tell ya, madness.

It has been a mad, mad, mad, mad world around my house since I last posted.  I have missed reading your posts and missed posting my own.  Since the "great flood" right after Thanksgiving, we have had the washing machine repaired, new flooring installed in the kitchen, the master bath and the laundry room, and finally, this past week, new carpeting in the hallways, two closets, the living area and the dining area.  Spent all last week moving most of what we owned into the guest room and then back out of it.  You could open the door to enter but couldn't get farther than a foot into the room.

Just getting started as I piled drawers upon drawers and filled every space I could with "stuff." 

View from the door.  I don't even want to think about when I have to move this all back in place again.

Most of this is now back where it belongs, some was donated to Goodwill and others were brought into my booths at Queen of Hearts to sell.  One of the positive outcomes of this whole experience is that it has allowed me to literally "clean a little house" and move things out. 

Have a little more emptying out to do and in between preparing our taxes, I hope to finish by next weekend. 

Had to take a day to relax or I was going to go a little nuts so Sis grabbed me on Saturday and we spent the day running around.  She has been as busy as me and we haven't had time to hang out so this was a treat for both of us.  We decided to hit our favorite chocolatier, Maison Robert, to "christen" the day. So glad we made this stop because they had it filled to brim with Valentines Day decor.

Velvet heart towers, enamel red souffle dishes, graphic heart boxes, and so many other choices for you to fill with their hand made chocolates for your sweetheart.

Ohhh, the display case.  Be still my beating heart.

I could eat my way into oblivion if I ever got behind the other side of this counter.  Sis purchased a red velvet gift heart box and a freshly made that morning rum ball the size of Cleveland. I purchased a 1/4 pound of my favorite...Hazelnut Buchette's and a slice of their flourless chocolate cake for my honey and me.  Add a strong cup of freshly brewed coffee and sis and I were out to take on the day.

While there was a record snowfall in Colorado, we had 65 degrees in Atlanta so it made for a lovely "spring fever" kind of day and perfect for schlepping and junkin.

Love these vegetable serving bowls that were give aways in the 1930-50s.  This was from the Ware Drug Company as noted on the back.

Items from my home that I am moving on.  I used to sit on this little metal ice cream parlour stool when I did demonstration spinning on my wheels.  Kids are grown so I just don't do the demos at their schools anymore and grandkids are far enough away that I don't think TSA would let me carry it on.  The pretty contemporary Indian pot with the pastel colors needs a new home as well.  I collect traditional Indian Pottery when I can find it.  Pastel colors are just not in my decor. 

Also from my home and now looking for new digs to hang out in.  This fantastic and heavy, rare fuel gauge can. This bad boy is big and always stopped guests in their tracks with questions about what it was used for.  You can't get more American Road collection than this.

Found lots of cupid items this weekend.  Lucky me, as these always do well.   Pretty hard paste plate in shades of pine green.

I think this is just too sweet for words.  Cute little cupids on a pretty bone china plate.  I think these plates make lovely valentines for the one you love.

Found this sweet little hand painted violets creamer and cabbage roses butter plate. Both late Victorian.

An old lamp part that I repurposed into a candle holder.  Heavy pot metal casting of a cupid and bird.

Where this water pitcher may look huge, it is really a gentleman's water pitcher to be used when shaving and brushing one's teeth. Much smaller than a water pitcher but larger than a creamer, these are dear to find as they were often broken first over the years.  Warwick China Company.

Four Homer Laughlin soup bowls with pale pink rose in the center.  How pretty to serve your favorite soups and than know when the bowl has emptied a rose appears to your guests and your loved ones.

Not very old, (1970s) but a lovely little butter server in Silverplate.

Don't you agree it would make the perfect way to present a diamond anything to your favorite valentine?

Bought four of these antique Chinese furniture panels.  Love the ghost images of ladies past on the brilliant poppy red oval.  Although you can't see it, the black edges are all trimmed in highly decorative scroll work.  I love these pieces for their decorative elements.  Displayed on small easels or mounted on your wall, they have a very artsy quality about them.

Lucky me, came across another piece of Polish Stoneware for cooking/baking.  Keeping this for my kitchen. I adore this cookware but it is expensive so when I can find a piece at a take it and run now price....I do.

Retro cool Playboy flask.  This flask is a small one that actually fits in your hip pocket or shirt pocket.  Very 1970s.

Came across these handsome Shaolin soldiers at the Goodwill store.  Price tag sticky said Pikes Nursery with an outrageous price on each...I snagged all three for pennies.  They are heavy, tall and handsome and will look wonderful in a garden, patio or spa room.  Love the patinaed green shades.

Antique fish holding net.  Another one of my home items from a guest bathroom. It was all done over in seafaring items.  With the new flooring, I'm now going for a spa feel.

Jackpot...a pair of lovely Lenox items in the coveted sage color.  Impressions of leaves and ferns and other fauna make up this huge vase and pretty oval server.  Another pennies find that had me doing the happy dance in the aisles.

My best find of all.  An Alexandrite crystal vase.  Big, heavy and changes colors with natural, flourscent or home lights and goes from a blue, blue violet, purple to purple red depending on the light source.  Has the look of the 1950-60s and the fine scratches on the bottom from shelf movement.  Have some homework to do to identify the artist or manufacturer. 

I had this antique iron wash bowl stand in my house for years.  I loved it and filled it with hand spun yarns.  The layers of paint and bare metal are terrific and what stories it must have told as these were an American mainstay at gold rush camps, brothels and sod homes during the 19th century. I acquired this baby while living in Flagstaff and have loved it.  It's now looking for a new home and is featured in my booth at Queen of Hearts.  I also added a Navajo rug and a bird house gourd. 

And finally, these neat, antique French Canadian Catholic Sacred Heart pins of church station.  

As you can see, sis and I had a banner day together with chocolate, new treasures, gossip and good times. I hope you all had the same. For me, the rest of the week means finalizing my taxes and cleaning out the last of what is stuffed in the guest room.  Gotta get that room squared away because we have a special family guest coming in again and we need to make her comfortable and welcome.  Blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch