Monday, February 20, 2012

Junkin in Monroe, GA

Presidents Day Weekend brought a family member from Upstate NY into Atlanta, GA. My son's wife's mother, Lynn, comes down to visit each year at this time and sis and I have a blast schlepping her around to some of our southern communities.  This year we took a junket to Monroe, Georgia for some junkin.  The last time I was in Monroe, the new antique mall, The Cotton Depot, had just opened.  Now it has expanded to three times the size and new antique stores have opened up around it.  We began our day at Hodge Podge, a lovely store located inside the end building of The Cotton Depot. Hodge Podge has amazing dealers with beautiful booth displays and everything from Victorian antiques, french chic and popular culture.

What you see when you first enter.  Which way should I begin, left...right...or down the middle?

This dealer had lovely pieces and I purchased cobalt edged plates with cabbage roses on them.

Pretty little wreath of sage, lavender and sweet birds nest.

Pretty cast iron garden pieces.

Lots of architectural items and at great prices.

Perfect items for a sea witch.  Fell in love with this shell covered candelabra.  So much work was put into these pieces.  I could have taken them all home.

Another dealer who took found vintage items and turned them into pretty and unique decorative pieces.

How sweet is this little mouse in a quad plated tea pot?

Marvelous decorative idea.  Using a vintage quilt as a tablecloth.

Had to have this adorable German egg  box to add to my vintage egg  boxes.

Purchased this beautiful pair of white satin glass candlesticks from the Victorian era.  Pretty gold lustre paint and hand painted posies.

One of five cobalt edged plates I purchased from Hodge Podge.  Just lovely.

Another set of three lovely plates from Austria that I found at Hodge Podge.

Pretty bone china Victorian teapot.  So light and thin and a lovely little thing to steep and pour your tea from.  I'm tempted to keep this.

I have a fondness for these tin plates from the early 1900s.  Such a pretty woman.

Couldn't resist this pair of very heavy, cast iron garden chairs.  Vintage pieces in terrific condition and both have lots of paint under the black.  These will never blow over in a Georgia thunderstorm. 

And finally, a stack of English white ware, one of my favorites.  This was a wonderful day of junkin at the Cotton Depot and Hodge Podge.

When we returned home, I spent the rest of the evening pricing those items as well as a few Easter items.

How cute is this little rabbit statue?

A unique "fairing" of twin bud vases in the shape of binoculars.

Delightful treenware of a pair of nesting eggs.

Not Eastery, but neat just the same.  I purchased this set of nesting serving trays while living in South Korea.  Every home had a set of these lovely lacquered trays and they were used to serve up family delicacies and treats.  I used them to serve Christmas cookies and other holiday treats.

Had a lot of vintage German paper eggs. This was a huge one.

Don't you just love Lefton animals?  So sweet and lifelike.  A cute group of rabbits and a peep.

More vintage paper eggs and vintage egg coddlers. 

I came across these pretty decorated sateen eggs from the 1970s.  
Soft pastel colors.

A deviled egg server filled with these pretty sequined and flower decorated sateen eggs.

Pretty pair of pressed glass berry bowls.

Easter rabbits in a glass terrarium.  How fun.

Pretty faux chocolate rabbit in a glass egg.

Sweet faced Lenox pig...

and his little friend, the Lenox rabbit.

Pretty spring green Yankee Candle votive house with working weather vane.

Pretty vintage (matt) Capidomente candlestick.  I love the craftsmanship that goes into this pretty pieces.

A huge vintage Capidomente display.  Four of these would make a large circle. What a spectacular centerpiece.

We have a marvelous weekend with family and treasures were found along the way.  I hate to have to return to work tomorrow as I took the day off and felt like I was playing hooky I had such a good time.    Wishing all the best to you and those you love.  Have a great week.  Sea Witch


Richard Cottrell said...

It would have been hard not to want to bring it all home. I love the rabbits and all the iron. Thanks for sharing, I felt like I was there. Richard from My Old Historic House.

Ana said...

So many wonderful treasures you found. That Cotton Depot looks like my kind of place. I could probably spend hours there just oohing and aahing at everything. And your booth looks like it's already for Easter. You have a lot of pretty stuff. Good luck my friend.

Hugs and Kisses,

shirley said...

You do find the most wonderful treasures. I love those shoes that are in the beautiful white frames.

Pam of Eastlake Victorian said...

Lucky you, to be able to go junkin' and antiquin' so often! What a great way to spend a weekend. I can't wait for summer, so I can make a few local trips to the outdoor markets. You have a great eye for spotting the prettiest and most interesting items! :-)


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