Monday, June 27, 2011

New display case

I have been looking for a large, display case for my main booth at the Queen.  My tabletop case was just not large enough and I really wanted to free up table space for other items.   A few weeks of looking on Craigslist and I scored a lovely, large curio cabinet from a gentleman who was downsizing his living space. So my honey and I rented a cargo van and picked it up and brought it to my booth on Saturday afternoon.  After we returned home, I had plenty of time to price more items to put in the new case on Sunday.  I am so please with my new display case.  It hides the red grids that my "neighbor" uses to hang her new merchandise on, it has a light at the top so it makes my items it the case really sparkle and best of holds so much.  (all photos enlarge when you click and double click on them)

Don't you just love it?  Most importantly, customers really seem to like it as well.  I had to stop working in it often to let customers see items inside.  Visually, it is the first thing you see in my booth as you come down the aisle from the front of the store so I am excited to see what type of sales I have from it.

A closer view of three levels.  I am now on the hunt for clear risers or other interesting objects to utilize the space better. 

What I love most about the case is it allows me to bring in much higher value items like these Art Glass cobalt blue goblets or the 10 piece set of 1880's champagne bowls with hollow stems that I know won't take a walk now. Yea, sad to say that with this difficult economy, many of my items have grown "legs" and walked out of my booth these last few years.  I rarely had items stolen but the last few years, people have walked away with Antique Limoges plates, sterling vases, etc.  I hate having to put so much behind a locked case but these times require a little more protection.

Anything I display in this birdbath sells so I changed it to display Americana pieces this week. 

How neat is this Coca Cola magazine ad? 
I love the smiling face of this Navy WAV.

Found this glorious Victorian frame with a heavy mirror behind it.  Great piece for over a mantle or a wall of mirrors.

Did Hugh Hefner leave behind his crushed velvet smoking jacket?  Sure looks like it.  Nifty piece from the 1960s for a cigar smoker or someone who just wants to live in the Playboy Mansion.  LOL

How cool are these faux candle lamp parts?  I found these a few weeks ago and keep arguing with myself if I should just take them home and keep them. I love the look of candles holding candles.  They are heavy items piece and from the 1950s.

Did a complete redo of my Victorian booth. Have been wanting to move the oak mantle and mirror to the center wall of the booth for months now.  So tough when you can't move items into the aisles to redo your booth.  I finally decided to just go "balls to the wall" and move it.  So glad that I did as it allowed me to display a favorite quilt of mine. A magnificent crushed velvet black and white checkered quilt from the turn of the Century.

Yea, I like the mantle and mirror in it's new location.  Items on the mantle keep selling so the eye appeal is working.  Opens up the view of the booth nicely.

I mentioned a few posts back that I paid $4.84 for a nasty, horrid, ugly looking chandelier a few weeks ago.  Well, no more.  I painted it it up and now it looks wonderful.

Amazing what a little paint can do for an old chandelier and I like this look so much better.  

Hated the weekend to end but it's back to the Monday-Friday gig.  Sigh.  Why can't I win that redneck pension plan they call a winning lottery ticket here in the south? I really just want to play...don't you? Blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pendant lamp tale

Okay, so three weeks ago I come across a fantastic "Dale Tiffany" Dragonfly pendent lamp at one of my favorite haunts.  Cheap Cheap Cheap and only missing one of the support chains needed to keep it balanced.  As most dealers will agree, finding lighting these days is like pulling hens teeth.  Even if you find a hen, you are still trying to locate the teeth.

This lamp is larger then it appears in the photo and it has extraordinary color.  Perfect for a dining room or large entry way.

I had the 3 way lighting tested at the place I found it and it worked.  Yes!!!!  So I grabbed it up, took it home and then contacted Dale Tiffany to see if I could purchase a replacement support chain.  Dale Tiffany is the world's foremost collection of fine Art Glass Lighting and Home Accents. Known for their quality workmanship and impeccable attention to detail, Dale Tiffany has recaptured the artistry and craftsmanship perfected by L.C. Tiffany in his original creations.  They did and a replacement support chain was in my hands in less then 5 days. 

I couldn't wait to put this beauty in my Victorian booth.  Especially since its original retail price was $630.00.  I paid peanuts for it so I was going to price it at a few hundred so everyone comes away a winner with a find like this.

I carefully drive it to Queen of Hearts, unload it from the car, carry it to my booth, climb the ladder, hang the lamp, put the bulbs in, plug it into the booth outlet and - and - and, wait for it....nothing, nada, nyet, bupkis.  Not a hint of light.  What's going on here?  It worked beautifully at the shop I found it in, it worked when I got it home.  What gives? 

I tested the lamp at other booth sockets and nothing so it was not my booth outlet.  So, back up the ladder, take down the lamp, carry it back home and still no connection.  Seems one of the wires was loose in one of the sockets so now I must tear the lamp down and rewire.  Sigh.  I know, I know, not a difficult fix, just a disappointment as I really wanted to get this in the store.  Oh well, as my forward thinking honey asked...why didn't you test it before you left the house?  Oh, I love you baby...but it worked when I bought it and in my world it should still be working. LOL.  Have a great day everyone and I hope all of your sockets connect.  Sea Witch

Sunday, June 19, 2011

New Header

Finally got around to producing a new header with one of the photos I took while in Cozumel.  As I mentioned in a previous post, the waters were so turbid with limited visibility that the few photos I had taken were dark and cloudy.  So below are a few photos of the water world and a few land animals that we saw each day. All photos enlarge when you click on them.

Not a lot of fish life for this trip but I did get a neat shot of a juvenile spotted moray eel. He was about 10 inches in length and kept popping his head out to see what was going on.

 Blue branch corals. This was a large patch of branch in a rich, french blue color.

This variety of coral is usually a brilliant purple.  This cone coral was a deep blue with white edges.

One of my favorite reef fish...a juvenile trunk fish. They have the sweetest they are puckered up and ready to give you a kiss.

Lots of sea turtles.  This one swam directly under me and I got the tail end of him swimming away.

My honey and I were walking towards the dining room when we came across this braying ass.  He was not happy to be out in the hot sun and let everyone around know it.

This iguana had a house under our deck and the minute he heard us open the sliding door, he would come out and sit on this concrete base waiting for us to toss him a few grapes.  He had all of the guests trained to do this.  It was hilarious.

This sweet face belongs to the howler monkeys that lived in the trees next to our room. Not my photo, they never came in close to the guests but you could see them in the trees.

This is a close a shot as I could get.  This Howler would come visit each morning and stay until around 9:00 am and then disappear until the next day.

That's all folks...the end.  Sea Witch
ps:  Have a wonderful week.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A little of this, a little of that.

Back from the sea and knee deep in work.  Sigh, the vacation was too short and too sweet but a wonderful time was had.  Sun, surf and diving...everything a sea witch could want. 

Looking out towards the pool area.  Huge pools with lots of seating, a great open bar and lovely dinner/lunch area.  Food was wonderful and the staff couldn't be more attentive or friendly.  Sandos Resort in Playa del Carmen, Mexico (about 40 minutes south of Cancun and a 30 minutes ferry ride from Cozumel) is a lovely property.  Will share more about our stay later in the week.

We had an end room that was right next to the Mayan jungle that was filled with monkeys.  They would start chattering early in the morning.  Not enough noise to wake you but if you were awake, you could here them.  I loved being  hidden from everyone and this shot is the view from our little patio.  Lush, away from folks and a lovely view of the ocean.   Late in the afternoon and before we would leave for dinner, my honey would sit out here and read while I frittered in the room, rinsing our bathing suits and dive gear.  I would join him outside and we would sit together with a cold drink, a few pretzels and just listen to the jungle and the ocean.  Heaven I tell ya, heaven.

These vibrant pink beauties were everywhere. They reminded me of hydrangeas only shocking pink.

 Brought my company's banner and had my photo taken with it while diving on Palancar Reef in Cozumel. I was at about 70 feet when this was taken.  Currents were fast and the banner and I kept traveling out of the picture, but we managed to snap this one before I was carried away with the current.  It looks like I'm standing still, but I was moving pretty fast as was the photographer.  He did a great job considering the conditions. 
A nice dive but visibility was limited as you can see in this photo.  Normally, it is crystal clear but not this day.  Saw lots of turtles and huge parrot fish.  I'm cleaning up the photos now and will post later next week. 

Got some knitting done while waiting at the airport.  Now that you have to spend as much time at the airport as you do getting to your destination I usually have a few paperbacks and of course, my knitting.   It make the time fly is relaxing and fills my creative void.

Once back, I managed to find a few treasures when I returned.  The "itch" for junk is always around me. 

Nice vintage bird bath, smaller size which I really like.  It's also a pretty sea shell (which I almost kept it myself) but I have a nice big bird bath for my feathered friends in my yard.  Displayed a pewter candelabra and velveteen birds in it.

I adore these decorative bird cages and this is a nice big one. Perfect for burning candles on a deck or patio table.

Nifty little vintage wicker shelf unit.  I snagged this cutie for $5.00.  Sometimes the deals just jump into your lap. 

So it was back to the work grind last week and I played catch-up with over 1,000 emails.  No internet connection for me in Playa so I knew I was going to be hammered when I got back.  I hope to catch up on all my blog reading too. I have missed you all.  Have a wonderful Saturday and Sunday and blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch