Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pendant lamp tale

Okay, so three weeks ago I come across a fantastic "Dale Tiffany" Dragonfly pendent lamp at one of my favorite haunts.  Cheap Cheap Cheap and only missing one of the support chains needed to keep it balanced.  As most dealers will agree, finding lighting these days is like pulling hens teeth.  Even if you find a hen, you are still trying to locate the teeth.

This lamp is larger then it appears in the photo and it has extraordinary color.  Perfect for a dining room or large entry way.

I had the 3 way lighting tested at the place I found it and it worked.  Yes!!!!  So I grabbed it up, took it home and then contacted Dale Tiffany to see if I could purchase a replacement support chain.  Dale Tiffany is the world's foremost collection of fine Art Glass Lighting and Home Accents. Known for their quality workmanship and impeccable attention to detail, Dale Tiffany has recaptured the artistry and craftsmanship perfected by L.C. Tiffany in his original creations.  They did and a replacement support chain was in my hands in less then 5 days. 

I couldn't wait to put this beauty in my Victorian booth.  Especially since its original retail price was $630.00.  I paid peanuts for it so I was going to price it at a few hundred so everyone comes away a winner with a find like this.

I carefully drive it to Queen of Hearts, unload it from the car, carry it to my booth, climb the ladder, hang the lamp, put the bulbs in, plug it into the booth outlet and - and - and, wait for it....nothing, nada, nyet, bupkis.  Not a hint of light.  What's going on here?  It worked beautifully at the shop I found it in, it worked when I got it home.  What gives? 

I tested the lamp at other booth sockets and nothing so it was not my booth outlet.  So, back up the ladder, take down the lamp, carry it back home and still no connection.  Seems one of the wires was loose in one of the sockets so now I must tear the lamp down and rewire.  Sigh.  I know, I know, not a difficult fix, just a disappointment as I really wanted to get this in the store.  Oh well, as my forward thinking honey asked...why didn't you test it before you left the house?  Oh, I love you baby...but it worked when I bought it and in my world it should still be working. LOL.  Have a great day everyone and I hope all of your sockets connect.  Sea Witch


Richard Cottrell said...

I have always liked that dragon fly pattern, that one might be up side down, but works for me. Haven't had you drop by for awhile. Missed you. Richard at My Old historic House

Bettyann said...

aww so disappointing..but so lovely..good luck

Vicki Boster said...

Oh my what a gorgeous lamp! We are getting ready to attend a fabulous Tiffany lamp display at the Biltmore next month -

Can I just take this little space to thank you for being a part of my blogging family - I so appreciate your visits and comments. I hope you have a wonderful summer~~


Pam of Eastlake Victorian said...

How pretty! But wouldn't ya know it. Maybe that's why somebody got rid of it. I wish I had the right place for a beautiful stained glass fixture like that!