Monday, June 27, 2011

New display case

I have been looking for a large, display case for my main booth at the Queen.  My tabletop case was just not large enough and I really wanted to free up table space for other items.   A few weeks of looking on Craigslist and I scored a lovely, large curio cabinet from a gentleman who was downsizing his living space. So my honey and I rented a cargo van and picked it up and brought it to my booth on Saturday afternoon.  After we returned home, I had plenty of time to price more items to put in the new case on Sunday.  I am so please with my new display case.  It hides the red grids that my "neighbor" uses to hang her new merchandise on, it has a light at the top so it makes my items it the case really sparkle and best of holds so much.  (all photos enlarge when you click and double click on them)

Don't you just love it?  Most importantly, customers really seem to like it as well.  I had to stop working in it often to let customers see items inside.  Visually, it is the first thing you see in my booth as you come down the aisle from the front of the store so I am excited to see what type of sales I have from it.

A closer view of three levels.  I am now on the hunt for clear risers or other interesting objects to utilize the space better. 

What I love most about the case is it allows me to bring in much higher value items like these Art Glass cobalt blue goblets or the 10 piece set of 1880's champagne bowls with hollow stems that I know won't take a walk now. Yea, sad to say that with this difficult economy, many of my items have grown "legs" and walked out of my booth these last few years.  I rarely had items stolen but the last few years, people have walked away with Antique Limoges plates, sterling vases, etc.  I hate having to put so much behind a locked case but these times require a little more protection.

Anything I display in this birdbath sells so I changed it to display Americana pieces this week. 

How neat is this Coca Cola magazine ad? 
I love the smiling face of this Navy WAV.

Found this glorious Victorian frame with a heavy mirror behind it.  Great piece for over a mantle or a wall of mirrors.

Did Hugh Hefner leave behind his crushed velvet smoking jacket?  Sure looks like it.  Nifty piece from the 1960s for a cigar smoker or someone who just wants to live in the Playboy Mansion.  LOL

How cool are these faux candle lamp parts?  I found these a few weeks ago and keep arguing with myself if I should just take them home and keep them. I love the look of candles holding candles.  They are heavy items piece and from the 1950s.

Did a complete redo of my Victorian booth. Have been wanting to move the oak mantle and mirror to the center wall of the booth for months now.  So tough when you can't move items into the aisles to redo your booth.  I finally decided to just go "balls to the wall" and move it.  So glad that I did as it allowed me to display a favorite quilt of mine. A magnificent crushed velvet black and white checkered quilt from the turn of the Century.

Yea, I like the mantle and mirror in it's new location.  Items on the mantle keep selling so the eye appeal is working.  Opens up the view of the booth nicely.

I mentioned a few posts back that I paid $4.84 for a nasty, horrid, ugly looking chandelier a few weeks ago.  Well, no more.  I painted it it up and now it looks wonderful.

Amazing what a little paint can do for an old chandelier and I like this look so much better.  

Hated the weekend to end but it's back to the Monday-Friday gig.  Sigh.  Why can't I win that redneck pension plan they call a winning lottery ticket here in the south? I really just want to play...don't you? Blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch


Layanee said...

Hi there, your sister sent me over and I love these antiques. Where are they displayed? The new cabinet is choice.

Pet Portraits By Becky said...

Love your new display case. it show everything so nice. Love the light fixture too. Looks good

Ana said...

Awesome display case...You can certainly fit a lot of beautiful eye candy in there. Your booth looks great...Don't worry Saturday will be here before you know it and you will be able to play again soon :-) Have a wonderful new week.

Much love,

Richard Cottrell said...

Great display case. I bet it will make a difference. Have missed you at, My Old Historic House, Richard!

Pam of Eastlake Victorian said...

That's a nice big display cabinet! I always wondered how often items of value "disappear" from antique booths if they're not locked away. Sad. But it all looks great in the new cabinet! I think the light really helps.