Monday, July 15, 2019

Summer junkin had me a blast

Summer junkin happened so fast.  It was a lovely Florida Saturday.  Lots of sunshine, heat and a later afternoon storm.  Oh how I love living here with nature constantly changing her mind.  Finally had the old, original carpet removed from the main living areas in my home.  I'm not a fan of wall to wall carpet and my little house still had the original white carpet from 1979.  I use the term "white carpet" loosely as the last owners had a pair of small dogs that used it as a personal toilet and there were gray circles everywhere.  Installed an indoor/outdoor vinyl planking that is gorgeous so it is perfect for my Florida lifestyle.  I wanted something for the main part of the family room but not a rug. Found this marvelous calligraphic script on bamboo mat that measures 6 x 9 and I love it.  

Everything about this is me.

I put a no slide rug pad under it and it has a nice cushion feel to its step.

 My "real" job keeps me busy these days so I look forward to Saturdays to do a little junkin in between my errands running.  Found a nice selection of eclectic pieces too.

 An assortment of lovely, hand made needlelace doilies.

Some nice carnival glass pieces have been popping up like crazy these last few weeks.  This brilliant, marigold carnival glass fruit bowl by Indiana is in fantastic condition.

A lovely pair of Fenton Marigold carnival glass, orange blossom tree mugs. Circa 1910.

The first piece in the 12 Days of Christmas plates by Imperial. The brilliant iridescence on this carnival glass plate, A Partridge in a Pear Tree is gorgeous.

This little sweetie is an early, small table lamp that emulates an oil lamp.  Heavy cast metal, I had to fight with myself not to keep it as I love that seafoam green color.

I've been coming across both small finger oil lamps and mini's these days.  This personal lamp is a charmer.

Who doesn't love the 1950-60s pop it beads that every young girl loves to wear and play with?  The largest necklace is a pale shade of blue.

The Flower Madonna and Baby Jesus Hummel figurine.  This is the second one I have found in the wild.  This one is the medium size figurine that measures approximately 10.5 inches.

Delightful pair of mid century modern, white tulip candlestick holders with gold brushed accents by Wales Pottery.  Made in Japan, 1960s.

 One of the coolest things that I have found in a long antique porcelain spout (faucet). Circa 1900s.

A lovely antique 1870-80s ruffled nightgown.  Cotton with decorative French seams, tiny hand stitched button holes with tiny buttons and ruffles at the neck, wrist and down the bodice.  This is a nice, larger size with lots of room and very wearable.

And a piece I kept for myself.  A brilliant and heavy American Brilliant Cut Glass trumpet vase. This bad boy is huge and heavy and beautifully cut and throws fiery rainbows.  This was a Goodwill find and filthy along with mineral stains on the inside.  I was worried it may have become sick glass but it cleaned up beautifully.  

This was a great two weekends of finding treasure and between the cleaning of what I have found and the putting my home back together after the new flooring was laid has kept me busy but so worth it.  I'm crazy about the new floors, love the way my house remains cooler and cleaner.  

Most of all, I love the sound of my sweet baby girl click clacking across it.  Blessings to you and those you love, Sea Witch.