Monday, August 10, 2020

Have Antiques Shops Become the New Entertainment?

 COVID has certainly changed our lives with self isolation, to soft rollouts and every day the news says wear a mask or don't wear a's confusing.   I miss the freedom of movement of when I want and where I want and I miss chatting with friends and strangers mask free, I miss the movie theater experience and I miss my knitting and spinning time with friends.  I miss, I miss, I miss and I know, dear readers, you have your own miss list.  

The only upside to all of this is the Lyon's Head antique mall, where I have my spaces, has seen a huge uptick in sales and especially, high end sales.  Since May, my monthly ticket sales have nearly doubled and this is echoed by the other dealers there as well.  What we have agreed upon is that with everything else closed, antique shops have been the new entertainment and people are visiting.  They can stroll through and relieve items from their childhood and share that experience with their children and friends.  They enjoy learning about items they have never seen before and even though the conversation is behind a mask, there is such enjoyable rep-ore for both the visitors and the dealers and we as dealers always love hearing the stories behind what people collect or reminisce about what they used or played with.

One of the few pieces of vintage clothing I could not get on this tiny dress form.  A gorgeous, slinky, bias cut gown that is so Jean Harlow inspired.  You will be a smooth kitten in this rich, electric blue velvet with with upper bodice on this bias cut gown.  Size is very small and circa 1940s.

Always love these antique books.  

Nice vintage pewter Christmas collectible plate and stand commemorating Christmas Critters, 1998.  Fort Pewter Collections  

Vintage religious items do so well for me like this Italian Madonna on a wooden stand and the chalkware Saint Barbara figurine.

That famous Anchor Hocking pine green bulbous pitcher.  Circa 1950-60s

Not old, but living in Florida, anything with a coastal design theme is poplar.  Love this Santa with sea stars, shells and seahorses.

Another decorative item that is not old but a perfect piece for the coastal living home with its neutral color and sea shells.

Nice June 26th, 1902 commemorative King Edward coronation buttermilk pitcher.  Transferware King Edward VII and Queen Alexandria.

Pair of antique invalid feeders.  Love the WW1 Red Cross. 

Finally brought in that extraordinary vintage needlepoint Aubusson rug. 

Oh so retro, mid century paisley glass tray with wooden handles.  Signed Georges Briard, circa 1960s

A marvelous vintage American Racoon jacket.  Circa 1940-50s.  Beautiful chevron sleeves and this baby is toasty warm for those cold climes.

Last but not least and the only thing I kept from this weeks treasure hunt is this stunning American Brilliant cut glass bowl. This bad boy is heavy and 5/8 inch thick with hand cut, deep spectrum throwing lines.  Now, this bowl has an issue, a surface crack the length of the bowl most likely from being dropped and that is why I was able to purchase it for $4.00.  That little issue doesn't concern me as it is such a big and beautiful bowl and it will hold a lot of M&Ms.

So here we are in August.  I still feel like we have lost most of 2020 and cannot even wrap my arms around that the year will end in less than 5 months.  So with that said, I wish you all a gentle August and a healthy one. SeaWitch