Sunday, June 26, 2016

Heat wave finds.

The US is under a heat wave throughout most of the country and in Atlanta, the temps are in the high 90's and with parts of the afternoon reaching the 100's.  

Most folks are either hanging out at movies theaters or shopping malls to escape oppressive heat.  Me, I escape to the local auction house where it was cool inside with hot items to bid on.  This Saturday's auction was predominately Asian pieces and they were from a marvelous personal collection.  I don't usually acquire or sell these pieces as I have no real expertise in this genre, however, this was a marvelous opportunity for a little education in this field.  I learned a lot over those four hours and now when I come across pieces, such as these, I have more confidence in possible purchases.  

In between the Asian pieces, there were other offerings that I bid and won.

Lovely little tilt table that spins like a lazy Susan.  

Not an old piece, but too pretty not to bid and win.

Bid and won a lovely handled serving tray and a handless tray with pretty scrolls and flourishes.  Both pieces look like new.

Was delighted to win these three antique/vintage pill boxes.  The first a low grade silver with cabochon stone, high relief faux coral cameo in brass and mother of pearl shell.  Victorians used these small boxes to hold their prayer rosaries as well.  

From the auction, a quick run to my local Goodwill to drop off a few bags of items and I decided to make a quick run in.

Found this lovely 1920s rolled gold bangle with the name Frances engraved on the front but inside, in lovely engraved script, were the words, "For my wife on her 21st birthday, Love Walter".  Original safety chain was still attached as well. 

 This fantastic vintage, Navajo bracelet was black with tarnish so it was priced for a few dollars.  A little elbow grease and the sterling silver shines through.  Natural turquoise stones are set in each miniature concho.    

This handsome face is a lovely rendered water color of a young boy.  Beautifully framed, this was a Queen of Hearts purchase.   After I fluffed up my booth spaces today, I always do a little "walkabout" around the Queen and I couldn't resist it, especially since it was priced to bring home.

Found this adorable primitive pig (looks like a Jim Shore piece, but it is not) and my little girl decided it was her friend.  She gave it a little sniff and it fell over and she decided to take a snooze next to it.  I'm gonna have a hard time bringing it into one of my spaces if she continues to take a shine to it.  

I hope everyone has a gentle weekend and wishing cooler days to all.  Blessings to you and those you love. Sea Witch

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Liquid Sand

Glass is a bit of a riddle.  It's hard enough to protect us and yet shatters with incredible ease.  It is made from opaque sand and yet's it's completely transparent.  Glass is one of the world's oldest and most versatile human-created materials.  By heating ordinary sand (which is mostly made of silicon dioxide) until it melts and turns into a liquid and then when it cools it becomes the transparent glass that we know.  When a bit of lead oxide is added to the sand, you then have lead crystal that is the basis for stunning, American Brilliant cut glass.  It was a weekend of finding some lovely pieces along with other treasures.  

A visit to a local thrift shop and I found an assortment of pretty glass pieces, among them is this beautiful, medium size cut glass bowl.

 Lovely cut crystal in marvelous condition, appears to be American brilliant.

Stunning and very heavy cut crystal serving tray. 

Pretty cut crystal cruet with zipper cuts.

From cut crystal to Early American Pressed Glass (EAGP), this lovely serving plate is in perfect condition considering its age of late 1890s.

Lovely controlled bubble art glass vase by Robert Eickholt in the palest shade of lavender.  Signature on bottom.  Eickholt has retired and his pieces are rising in value.  This is a very heavy piece and just beautiful.

Very Rare Fenton Peach Blow Horsehead Medallion Plate. Fenton began making their custard glass in 1915 but the original Fenton name for it was Peach Blow. The horse design on this pattern is based on the famous painting, Pharoh's Horses by John Frederick Herring.  

Pretty little transferware hot plate of the Madonna and Child.

Lovely, handpainted pin tray. It's a small piece but hand painted with the peace Eagle.

From the local thrift shops, I made my way to Snellville as the dealers in Vintage Village had  refreshed their spaces and I had to see what treasure was within.

And of course, My Vintage Heart had filled her space with transferware and ironstone and I had to have this lovely pair of antique white ironstone bowls with the prettiest corn cobs along the rim.  Made me want to go home and prepare homemade chicken corn soup.  The pretty linen under the bowls was also from her space.

My Vintage Heart always has the most interesting things and I fell in love with this hand made, antique rolling pin.

I am always drawn to mother of pearl (MOP) handled flatware so this set of three Victorian butter knives came home with me.  The silver polished up brilliantly.

Now, can you say "Cheese"? 

I'm one of those stubbornly old fashioned gals who loves to use the tried and true tools of another age when it comes to keeping cheeses and butters.  I nearly squealed with delighted when I came upon a shelf full of antique and vintage cheese keepers and they were priced to take home.

Pretty transferware pieces with handpainted designs and decorative handles. 

This is a smaller keeper with clean lines with the look of a piece from a hotel.  I have a little homework to do on this one.

Now, my favorite one is this stunning flow blue with gold lustre keeper.  I can't wait to serve cheese to family and friends with this one.  Now, no need to worry they I took them all, there are still more for the taking at Vintage Village.  Lots of pretty patterns and shapes too.

Finally, made a quick visit to Curious Possessions and found this pair of tintypes. Nothing like bringing home instant relatives.

Hope everyone's week is a good one and stay cool as we try to beat the heat.  Blessings to you and those you love. Sea Witch

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Glory Days

"well they'll pass you by

Glory days, in the wink of a young girl's eye

Glory days, glory days" ... Bruce Springsteen

My gal pal, Rose, has booth space at Hodge Podge in Monroe, GA and they have relocated to a new address, 600 S. Broad Street, Bldg 1B, next to Ian Henderson's Antique Mall.  Rose's spaces have always been named by color, "Pink Glory" and "Silver Glory".  Her new space is combined into one, large space and for me, this single glory space is truly "Glorious."

A stunning open space with vintage windows, white structures and nooks abound, this is so pleasing to the eye.

Little vignettes of bedrooms, curio spaces and open windows.

 Everywhere you look you see "glory" and as I write this blog, I just noticed the sweet cherub with pretty posies.  I may have to make another trip back to see if it is still available.

Made a few purchases and this lovely, tea length wedding dress by Marie for Pandora was a Glory find.

I go weak in the knees for vintage foundation garments...another Glory find.  Found a sweet little, battenberg lace parasol that I purchased for my youngest granddaughter.  Can't wait to bring it up to her next time I visit.

From Hodge Podge, I hit a few thrift shops as I returned home.  

 Terrific little find, a McGuffey's Spelling Book from 1879.  The reader that taught children how to spell across the American Prairie.

Pretty little Victorian creamer in marvelous condition with most of the silver on it.

Brilliant flow blue and gold lustre chamber pot is a real beauty.  I have always put "thirsty" hand towels and wash cloths along with handmade soaps in these in guest rooms.  

Nice Heimkehr vom Germany stein.  Earthenware with relief decoration showing gnomes in procession though the forest. The dark background and twisted branch handle is a signature of the Girmscheid factory.

Lovely pair of heavy, frosted glass figures.  Japanese man and woman in traditional dress, they are glued into what looks like candle cups.  I have been unable to discover what they are used for.  Some research shows centers for flower frogs, candlesticks when not in use and another says cane handles.  I'm leaning towards set in candlesticks when they are not in use but if anyone recognizes them, your expertise is greatly appreciated.

Spent Sunday fluffing up my spaces and my Victorian space is filled with treasures.

 My main space is also filled with something for everyone.  

I have plans to tackle my garage next weekend.  I was hoping to work in it this weekend but it was so oppressively hot that I am now looking to next week.  I have half full boxes that I need to go through and donate items to Goodwill and price those items I want to keep.  That will also let me begin parking my vehicle inside the garage again, sigh.  I would like to blame it on my baby sister who left furniture to sell on her behalf when she moved to Florida three years ago.  Unfortunately, as I sold her pieces, I replaced that space with other pieces to sell.  I have to own my filled up garage and get it cleaned out now.  So with that said, blessings to you and those you love and prayers for Orlando.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Auction and Gold Lame

I'm dragging.  I was not ready to end my mini vacay with sis, the week before and in spite of the short workweek because of the Memorial Day holiday, my mind and heart were no where to be seen with getting back into the grind.  So I decided to chuck it and go to an auction on Saturday instead, LOL.

First pieces on the auction block were a pair of vintage silverplated butler's trays. This one is a Wm. Rogers, Victorian Rose in like new condition.

This tray is HUUUUGGGE!  Well loved and used often as constant cleaning and polishing from use has seen much of the silver removed with the copper base showing through the design.  I actually like this look and have a large one like this that I adore.

Next up was this stunning, Mission (Craftsman) tiger oak piano bench.  It was very dark and I believe scared off any interest as I was the only bidder so I took it home on the cheap.  A little Howards Restore on it and now really shows off the lovely tiger oak pattern.  

The auction gallery was filled with plat after plat of vintage silverplate.  I won two boxes of really nice pieces and was delighted to win the two plats that I wanted.  Now I have lots of polishing to do.

Love Early American Period Glass (EAPG) and this pretty sun purple celery vase is the cat's meow.  It was in a box of mid century Sandwich glass bowls and another bidder actually wanted those.  She saw me pull out the celery vase and put the rest of the box on the floor and immediately recognized my disinterest in them. So she made me a good and fair offer on the Sandwich and I sold her the box.  Everyone was a winner with that item.

There were lots of mid century paintings that were moving quite well.  Not interesting to me but when this lovely oil on board came up, I jumped on it.  Dated 1902,  I was the only bidder.  Funny how folks in the gallery can define what sells.  This was a large group of folks who were interested in mid century and contemporary pieces and those items garnered higher prices.   Lucky for me, it was the few antique items offered that most folks were not interested in.

A box lot of a creepy doll and friends was offered and I was delighted to win it.  Dolls usually go high no matter the condition or kind and this sweet little mid century drink and wet (Betsy Wetsy type) doll was in the box lot.  Original diaper and the eyes still blink nicely.

There were a handful of modern porcelain dolls in the box and I gave them all away to the neighborhood girls.  Of course, this is the "creepy" doll that I was interested in.  A nice big Ideal composite baby doll. She will be perfect for a Halloween display.

A hat box with vintage hats was another win.  Pretty vintage, pale lilac curly feather hat is too cha cha for words.

Nice lace and sequined hat is a pretty thing.

This is the best hat in the box.  Pretty pill box is silk and hand beaded. 

This marvelous overshot coverlet, early 1800s, showed no interest to the gallery and I walked away with this piece.  I nearly cartwheeled out of the auction with this prize.  Yes, it has a few holes, but I don't care.  As a spinner of fiber, this gorgeous piece is woven with flax (linen) and hand spun wool and dyed with natural dyes of red and blue.  Can we get more American than this?  I don't think so and it is a new, favorite piece for my personal decor.
Following the auction, I had to drop off a few bags of stuff at my local Goodwill.  Never to let a stop to drop off here go to waste, I hopped in for a quick looksie and found this very heavy decanter.  I knew it was mid century but it was so dirty I couldn't see if it had a hallmark. When I got it home and cleaned it I found the engraved mark for Boda.  Score!!!!! 

Another find, vintage Barton Nantucket lightship purse.  Pretty bone accents, scrimshaw of dogwoods on faux ivory top.  Circa 1970-80s.  

Oh, and that Gold Lame I noted in the post title?  Well, here it is.  

Paging Esther Williams, Miss Williams?"  Here is your signature bathing suit.  Before I left to visit my baby sister, in Florida, over Memorial Day, I saw this stunning, vintage gold lame bathing suit on a gal pals face book page. She sent me a quick message that she just brought it in to her space. Well a quick call to the Buford Queen of Hearts Antiques & Interiors and I purchased it over the phone and picked it up today. 

It is now part of my personal collection of vintage swimwear. Thanks Dawn M Fischer of Fragments for letting me know it was in your space. This is when social media is such a great tool, as Vintage Village can attest to, as I make more purchases off their facebook page before I even get into their shop.  Thank you to the Queen of Hearts folks for processing this purchase for me when I was on my way out of town.  

Hoping everyone's week is as bright and shiny as my new (old) gold lame swimsuit.  Blessings to you and those you love, Sea Witch.