Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Uber Good Time

It was a marvelous Memorial Day weekend for the SeaWitch as she ran away (or rather flew) to visit her baby sister in Boca Raton, Florida.   I was a little worried about the TSA security lines but "Poseidon's Trident" was with me and I literally sailed through all travel obstacles with no delays or waiting in line.  

90 minutes later I was in beautiful Florida where the temps were hot and the water fantastic.

Sis picked me up and whisked us both to one of our favorite restaurants on the water, Aruba  Beach Cafe.  Our family has been dining at the Aruba Cafe for over 20 years now. Great food and drinks, restaurant overlooks the water and a happening beach bar that is always fun to people watch.

Hands down, the best Mojito's anywhere and a Key Lime Colada christened the start of my mini vacay.  My baby sister and I are very close so when we get together we are like giddy, silly kids laughing at everything and anything that makes us go "hmmmmm."  My late husband said we fed off of each other's idiocy.  

After a lunch of coconut shrimp and potstickers we took a lovely walk on the Anglin Fishing Pier.  

Photo courtesy of LBTS Pier 2

The Anglin Fishing Pier in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea is one of Browards County's oldest and most familiar landmarks.  Originally built in 1941 by the Anglin Family who originally developed the land.  The pier was rebuilt in 1963 and at 876 feet, it is the longest pier in South Florida.  Beautiful views and lots of folks fishing and a cool breeze blowing and we found ourselves spending an hour enjoying this marvelous space.

Our first beach day was Saturday morning and we headed for Deerfield Beach.

Weather forecast was 50% storms but we went anyway.  The water was like molten silver at times and as the clouds rolled in it whipped up the tides.

My daily Vitamin Sea, oh how I needed this.

Sis and I sat for 3 hours in the rain, thunder and a few lightening bolts but we were smack between rocks and we watched the boats go by and kept our toes in the seas.  Heaven.

Time for an afternoon snack so we headed to BurgerFi and ordered the definitive beach food...fresh french fries and onion rings.  

Had to stop by famous Kilwins for their homemade slabs of fudge.  So many fun little beachy shops abound and I purchased a few of these crazy, tiny rubber hands.  They are hilarious and sis and I played with them all afternoon.  

Even though the snowbirds have left, major holidays bring lots of traffic so we decided to ditch driving and Uber it for dinner.  It's hard to find parking and valet is costly and limited, so we decided to Uber it. 
Uber is the way to go when beaching it. Fast, efficient, affordable and you meet the nicest drivers.  The cost for both trips (to and from) combined with tips was still less than parking or valet.  

Supper was at the famous Whales Rib.  A Diner's, Drive-In's and Dive's pick and a Deerfield Beach favorite.  Lines are always out the door but it is worth it.  

Monsoon Margarita's all around and we start with Conch Fritters and the famous Whale fries (homemade potato chips.) Filled with fresh Conch and a Cayenne pepper kick, these were amazing.  

We then shared an order of blackened scallops that were so tender and juicy you could slice them with your fork.  Best scallops I have ever eaten.   

From dinner we took a lovely walk along the beach and then sat on the benches and watched the world stroll by.

A slow sunset was rich with pastel color.

The lifeguard shack at sunset.  Lovely way to end a perfect day and we Ubered it home.  

Sunday we attended Church and then lunch at The Flashblack Diner.  From there we decided to do another beach day and after spending 40 minutes trying to find a parking space we drove back home and called Uber instead.  Really, this is the only way to get around a beach community.

Since we planned to spend most of the Memorial Day morning at the beach, we did not want to spend time looking for a parking space. We called Uber again and boy are we glad we did.  The beaches were already packed with families and locals wanting to spend time in the sun and parking was full by 9:30 am.   We spent the next 3 1/2 hours laying on a raft in the ocean and soaked up the sun as we were gently rocked by the low tide waves.  

Following another lovely day in the water, we waited for Uber to pick us up to return home but not before watching the boats come and go at the coastal inlet.  It was very busy on the water as well as on land.

Have to give a shoutout to Uber as they saved this holiday weekend for us.  Special thanks to Mark, Antonio, Timothy, Manual, Jeffrey and Stan who were friendly and pleasant and made the Uber rides so nice.

We returned home, showered and relaxed with a little binge watching of the Netflix original series, Bloodline, season 2.  Set in the Florida Keys, this has been a fantastic show and sis and I were on the edge of our seats.  After a light supper at sis's place, I had to get packed to return home the next day.   I did not want to leave, this was one of the best vacays I have had. So relaxing, lots of laughs with sis and as much time as we could spend in the water.  

A nice flight into Atlanta and I was picking up my sweet little girl from the Pet's Hotel and we were on our way home.

Sweet Gynness and I unpacked the suitcase, washed the sand out of the clothing and I got ready for reality to hit the next day.  

Still, it will be a short week for me so life is good and wishing blessings to you and those you love.  SeaWitch

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Unknown said...

I'm glad you had a great time. The food looked yummy and it's always great to have your feet in the sand and g drink in your hand. Miss you girl! Whimsy