Sunday, June 26, 2016

Heat wave finds.

The US is under a heat wave throughout most of the country and in Atlanta, the temps are in the high 90's and with parts of the afternoon reaching the 100's.  

Most folks are either hanging out at movies theaters or shopping malls to escape oppressive heat.  Me, I escape to the local auction house where it was cool inside with hot items to bid on.  This Saturday's auction was predominately Asian pieces and they were from a marvelous personal collection.  I don't usually acquire or sell these pieces as I have no real expertise in this genre, however, this was a marvelous opportunity for a little education in this field.  I learned a lot over those four hours and now when I come across pieces, such as these, I have more confidence in possible purchases.  

In between the Asian pieces, there were other offerings that I bid and won.

Lovely little tilt table that spins like a lazy Susan.  

Not an old piece, but too pretty not to bid and win.

Bid and won a lovely handled serving tray and a handless tray with pretty scrolls and flourishes.  Both pieces look like new.

Was delighted to win these three antique/vintage pill boxes.  The first a low grade silver with cabochon stone, high relief faux coral cameo in brass and mother of pearl shell.  Victorians used these small boxes to hold their prayer rosaries as well.  

From the auction, a quick run to my local Goodwill to drop off a few bags of items and I decided to make a quick run in.

Found this lovely 1920s rolled gold bangle with the name Frances engraved on the front but inside, in lovely engraved script, were the words, "For my wife on her 21st birthday, Love Walter".  Original safety chain was still attached as well. 

 This fantastic vintage, Navajo bracelet was black with tarnish so it was priced for a few dollars.  A little elbow grease and the sterling silver shines through.  Natural turquoise stones are set in each miniature concho.    

This handsome face is a lovely rendered water color of a young boy.  Beautifully framed, this was a Queen of Hearts purchase.   After I fluffed up my booth spaces today, I always do a little "walkabout" around the Queen and I couldn't resist it, especially since it was priced to bring home.

Found this adorable primitive pig (looks like a Jim Shore piece, but it is not) and my little girl decided it was her friend.  She gave it a little sniff and it fell over and she decided to take a snooze next to it.  I'm gonna have a hard time bringing it into one of my spaces if she continues to take a shine to it.  

I hope everyone has a gentle weekend and wishing cooler days to all.  Blessings to you and those you love. Sea Witch

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