Sunday, June 5, 2016

Auction and Gold Lame

I'm dragging.  I was not ready to end my mini vacay with sis, the week before and in spite of the short workweek because of the Memorial Day holiday, my mind and heart were no where to be seen with getting back into the grind.  So I decided to chuck it and go to an auction on Saturday instead, LOL.

First pieces on the auction block were a pair of vintage silverplated butler's trays. This one is a Wm. Rogers, Victorian Rose in like new condition.

This tray is HUUUUGGGE!  Well loved and used often as constant cleaning and polishing from use has seen much of the silver removed with the copper base showing through the design.  I actually like this look and have a large one like this that I adore.

Next up was this stunning, Mission (Craftsman) tiger oak piano bench.  It was very dark and I believe scared off any interest as I was the only bidder so I took it home on the cheap.  A little Howards Restore on it and now really shows off the lovely tiger oak pattern.  

The auction gallery was filled with plat after plat of vintage silverplate.  I won two boxes of really nice pieces and was delighted to win the two plats that I wanted.  Now I have lots of polishing to do.

Love Early American Period Glass (EAPG) and this pretty sun purple celery vase is the cat's meow.  It was in a box of mid century Sandwich glass bowls and another bidder actually wanted those.  She saw me pull out the celery vase and put the rest of the box on the floor and immediately recognized my disinterest in them. So she made me a good and fair offer on the Sandwich and I sold her the box.  Everyone was a winner with that item.

There were lots of mid century paintings that were moving quite well.  Not interesting to me but when this lovely oil on board came up, I jumped on it.  Dated 1902,  I was the only bidder.  Funny how folks in the gallery can define what sells.  This was a large group of folks who were interested in mid century and contemporary pieces and those items garnered higher prices.   Lucky for me, it was the few antique items offered that most folks were not interested in.

A box lot of a creepy doll and friends was offered and I was delighted to win it.  Dolls usually go high no matter the condition or kind and this sweet little mid century drink and wet (Betsy Wetsy type) doll was in the box lot.  Original diaper and the eyes still blink nicely.

There were a handful of modern porcelain dolls in the box and I gave them all away to the neighborhood girls.  Of course, this is the "creepy" doll that I was interested in.  A nice big Ideal composite baby doll. She will be perfect for a Halloween display.

A hat box with vintage hats was another win.  Pretty vintage, pale lilac curly feather hat is too cha cha for words.

Nice lace and sequined hat is a pretty thing.

This is the best hat in the box.  Pretty pill box is silk and hand beaded. 

This marvelous overshot coverlet, early 1800s, showed no interest to the gallery and I walked away with this piece.  I nearly cartwheeled out of the auction with this prize.  Yes, it has a few holes, but I don't care.  As a spinner of fiber, this gorgeous piece is woven with flax (linen) and hand spun wool and dyed with natural dyes of red and blue.  Can we get more American than this?  I don't think so and it is a new, favorite piece for my personal decor.
Following the auction, I had to drop off a few bags of stuff at my local Goodwill.  Never to let a stop to drop off here go to waste, I hopped in for a quick looksie and found this very heavy decanter.  I knew it was mid century but it was so dirty I couldn't see if it had a hallmark. When I got it home and cleaned it I found the engraved mark for Boda.  Score!!!!! 

Another find, vintage Barton Nantucket lightship purse.  Pretty bone accents, scrimshaw of dogwoods on faux ivory top.  Circa 1970-80s.  

Oh, and that Gold Lame I noted in the post title?  Well, here it is.  

Paging Esther Williams, Miss Williams?"  Here is your signature bathing suit.  Before I left to visit my baby sister, in Florida, over Memorial Day, I saw this stunning, vintage gold lame bathing suit on a gal pals face book page. She sent me a quick message that she just brought it in to her space. Well a quick call to the Buford Queen of Hearts Antiques & Interiors and I purchased it over the phone and picked it up today. 

It is now part of my personal collection of vintage swimwear. Thanks Dawn M Fischer of Fragments for letting me know it was in your space. This is when social media is such a great tool, as Vintage Village can attest to, as I make more purchases off their facebook page before I even get into their shop.  Thank you to the Queen of Hearts folks for processing this purchase for me when I was on my way out of town.  

Hoping everyone's week is as bright and shiny as my new (old) gold lame swimsuit.  Blessings to you and those you love, Sea Witch.

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