Sunday, June 12, 2016

Glory Days

"well they'll pass you by

Glory days, in the wink of a young girl's eye

Glory days, glory days" ... Bruce Springsteen

My gal pal, Rose, has booth space at Hodge Podge in Monroe, GA and they have relocated to a new address, 600 S. Broad Street, Bldg 1B, next to Ian Henderson's Antique Mall.  Rose's spaces have always been named by color, "Pink Glory" and "Silver Glory".  Her new space is combined into one, large space and for me, this single glory space is truly "Glorious."

A stunning open space with vintage windows, white structures and nooks abound, this is so pleasing to the eye.

Little vignettes of bedrooms, curio spaces and open windows.

 Everywhere you look you see "glory" and as I write this blog, I just noticed the sweet cherub with pretty posies.  I may have to make another trip back to see if it is still available.

Made a few purchases and this lovely, tea length wedding dress by Marie for Pandora was a Glory find.

I go weak in the knees for vintage foundation garments...another Glory find.  Found a sweet little, battenberg lace parasol that I purchased for my youngest granddaughter.  Can't wait to bring it up to her next time I visit.

From Hodge Podge, I hit a few thrift shops as I returned home.  

 Terrific little find, a McGuffey's Spelling Book from 1879.  The reader that taught children how to spell across the American Prairie.

Pretty little Victorian creamer in marvelous condition with most of the silver on it.

Brilliant flow blue and gold lustre chamber pot is a real beauty.  I have always put "thirsty" hand towels and wash cloths along with handmade soaps in these in guest rooms.  

Nice Heimkehr vom Germany stein.  Earthenware with relief decoration showing gnomes in procession though the forest. The dark background and twisted branch handle is a signature of the Girmscheid factory.

Lovely pair of heavy, frosted glass figures.  Japanese man and woman in traditional dress, they are glued into what looks like candle cups.  I have been unable to discover what they are used for.  Some research shows centers for flower frogs, candlesticks when not in use and another says cane handles.  I'm leaning towards set in candlesticks when they are not in use but if anyone recognizes them, your expertise is greatly appreciated.

Spent Sunday fluffing up my spaces and my Victorian space is filled with treasures.

 My main space is also filled with something for everyone.  

I have plans to tackle my garage next weekend.  I was hoping to work in it this weekend but it was so oppressively hot that I am now looking to next week.  I have half full boxes that I need to go through and donate items to Goodwill and price those items I want to keep.  That will also let me begin parking my vehicle inside the garage again, sigh.  I would like to blame it on my baby sister who left furniture to sell on her behalf when she moved to Florida three years ago.  Unfortunately, as I sold her pieces, I replaced that space with other pieces to sell.  I have to own my filled up garage and get it cleaned out now.  So with that said, blessings to you and those you love and prayers for Orlando.

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