Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Merry Christmas

The year is almost over...how quickly it flew by.  Just finished hot chocolate with freshly whipped cream with my sister as we sit and get ready to watch Christmas Eve service.   
I am grateful for a fairly gentle year and hope it will continue in 2020.  This was my best year at the Lyon's Head Antique Mall and I continue to enjoy this marvelous antique mall with great owners who treat all of of heir dealers like their family.

I found some treasure last weekend in between the Christmas shopping and 
have already sold most of it.

A great little holiday find, a 1963 Annalee Santa doll warming his buns near a pot belly stove.

Marvelous silverplated champagne bucket by Gorham in wonderful condition makes a great Christmas tree stand. 

Love these vintage commercial spools. 

Nice mid century silverplated butlers tray.  These have so many decorative uses.

Love this small porcelain  bucket with the hand painted American peace eagle.

Nice vintage, E. O. Brody milk glass pedestal urn. 

 Pretty set of Nativity Scene figurines with a sand cast look with silver leaf highlights.

Everyone knows the Lefton holly line but this is the first miniature kerosene lamp I have come across. 

 Love these big hand stitched beaded and sequined Christmas items.  These are a personal keeper.

Hard to find, vintage, St Anne figurine.  St. Anne is the mother of Mary and patron saint of grandmothers, housewives, women in labor and unmarried women.

As I child, my family visited the NY Worlds Fair almost every weekend during its two years existence.  The Vatican Pavilion was a family favorite and where I saw Michelangelo's Pieta many times.  As a young girl, even then this extraordinary sculpture impacted me.  I had a tiny chalk figurine many years ago and it got lost over the years.  Was delighted to find this much larger, resin cast figurine with lovely details.  This is now in my home and brings me joy and fond memories.

With all that said, I wish peace and joy for all and always, blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch

Sunday, December 1, 2019

December 1st

November came and went.  Had a lovely four days off over Thanksgiving and spent the time putting up outdoor lights and decor, pricing items for my booth spaces, taking photos for my Etsy shop, Girdle Gals Fashion, did a little antiquing and baked cookies to send to my son who is deployed again.  

Strung lights, decorated the antique wicker baby carriage, my antique snow shovel and my Victorian chair.  

I adore this antique snow shovel as a gentle reminder that I will never have to shovel that white stuff again.

I like to decorate my two front urns for the holidays and this year I decorated large, bouncy balls from Walmart to look like those delightful Scandinavian gnomes.  

Weekend finds were these nifty, 1960s beaded/sequined fruit.

A pair of vintage, milk glass candy dishes with a pretty lattice edge.

A pretty mid century flower frog/planter in the shape of a boat.  Italian piece.
Nice vintage marble small study lamp.

Pair of naval handbook/manual for Boy Scouts.  Really unique items.

10 inch figurine of a shepherd and sheep for a Nativity scene.

Two of the three Kings for a Nativity scene.  10 inch figurines.

Pair of flocked vintage deer.  Charming pieces.

A stunning Raku pot, signed and dated.

A fabulous find, gorgeous hand painted Victorian fan on a mother of pearl frame.  Professionally framed in the 1940s.

Brown paper packages tied up with string...a really neat, vintage string dispenser. 

A Goodwill find, a stunning Art Deco Buddha lamp with a gorgeous Czech shade.  I'm in the process of rewiring it with a vintage look wrapped cord to keep it's Art Deco look.

A lovely set of Fitz and Floyd seashell plates.

 Christmas is always a fun time in our booth spaces.  I brought in this charming pair of red, long underwear which always makes a great decorative element.

 Vintage stockings are always fun.

I changed around my main space and moved the furniture to different locations within the space.  It really opened things up and this pretty green, Circa 1900 general store counter can now be seen more clearly.

Moved my display case to the front of my space as well.  I really like the openness of the walk around area.

Image may contain: people standing
and finally, Santa Claus has left a spare suit in the front display case.  A great vintage piece of red velvet and faux fur trim.  

I was a wonderful four days off and I got a lot done.  This year will fly by so let me wish all peace and happiness and blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch