Sunday, July 31, 2016

New and favorite haunts.

Spent a long week visiting grandchildren in Virginia and since I drove I was able to stop at a few antique malls and thrift shops along the way.  Returned home on Tuesday so I was at the local auction house on Saturday.  Lucky me, as these last two weeks brought some interesting finds.

Dropped by a huge antique mall, in North Carolina, that was going out of business.   

Was deligghted to find this marvelous unmarked McCoy piece. 1935 vintage, pictured on page 46 of Volume 1 Hanson's McCoy Pottery Book, " Swallows Jardiniere" and in fantastic condition. 

Another pottery find from the same mall, this pretty little Weller vase, pattern: Bouquet Drape. White with pale pink rose and soft green leaves. Really nice condition, circa 1940s

Vintage and antique cut glass is my new passion and this pretty vintage decanter does not disappoint.  They had this priced so low that I felt like I stole it.  Needs the topper and a big one so that is my new hunt.

Pretty little vintage Westmoreland milk glass creamer with lid in the Cherries and Grape design.  Circa 1950s

Just adore this sweet child's picture of a Guardian Angel watching over a baby.  Pretty pink frame is original to framed print.  Circa 1950s

Love early American pressed glass (EAPG) and this open compote is a beauty.

Hats, hats. and more hats.

 Labelless hat but who needs a label when your hat is filled with taupe silk flowers and a cha cha rose bouquet as a topper? Very 1960s.

You can never, EVER, have too many sassy hats. This Brookfair, Design by Frances vintage hat is in marvelous condition, very 1960s 

Lovely, handmade hat by Lucila Mendez, exclusive New York label. Blue and gold lame fabric with netting, scattered rhinestones and gro grain ribbon. Very 1960s .

"On our way to Bunny Bixler's—that's my friend who lives on Park Avenue and 71st Street—Patrick and I just stuffed ourselves at Schrafft's! Do you know what your silly nephew did? He spoke French to the counterman! Imagine anybody speaking French to a counterman ... at Schrafft's?"
So excited to have finally stumbled on to one of these pretty little Schrafft's chocolates server. It is in perfect condition, no chips or flakes. I spent $15.00 on it but I don't mind...I just adore it. Can't wait to serve my holiday Grand Marnier truffles on it.

Found a second piece of American Brilliant Cut glass.  A small olive serve but heavy and thick in it's cut design and it throws brilliant rainbows when the light hits it.

Nice large tin type in plastic frame painted up to look old.  It works.

A pair of Imperial Glass candlestick holders made in the Art Nouveau style. Imperial calls this color “Sunset Ruby”. The beautiful dark red glass with hints of yellow, gold, blue, green has carnival iridescence. The pattern is called “Acanthus Leaf”. Circa late 1960s, these would look stunning on your holiday table.

Vintage pool balls are a hot decorative element…or just rack’um and play. Circa 1940s

Once I returned home it was off to Saturday's auction.  This was an online catalog and in gallery auction with lots and lots and lots of exceptional glass being offered.  I did not expect to bid but was there more for what I call "continuing education".  Always something to learn in the antiques field and you learn so much from the bidders in the gallery who are the real collectors.
The first hour is gallery offerings and I actually was a winning bidder on some nifty pieces.

Part of a figurine lot that I won. This lot had lots of new pieces that all went to Goodwill, but this pretty pair of chalk ladies from the flapper era (1920s) are in marvelous condition.

This is what I was actually bidding on his this box lot.  These Hummels were buried deep and the handler never showed them to the gallery so I won this on the cheap.  Two figurines have original hang tags and two are signed by the artist.

Part of a two platter lot, one being a contemporary Noritake, this fantastic early Mason's patent ironstone china platter. Circa 1815.  I practically squealed with delight when the hammer came down and I was the winner.  This is in my personal collection.

One of my fellow bidders was after a huge silverplated platter and this lot of ladies items were offered with it.  I wanted the silk shawl that was with this group and he was glad to sell me the lot.  He won the platter and what I gave him for the ladies lot, we both did well.

 This is what I was after, a faboosh, Civil War era, big paisley shawl.  Silk and in fantastic condition with just a few age holes, colors are true and this is just a stunning piece.  
Circa 1860s 

Can never resist a lot of linens and this group has lovely cut work tablecloths.  Can't wait to bring these in over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

Marvelous late Victorian “golden oak” parlor table.  Pretty spool turned legs.  Beautifully refinished by a previous owner.  Circa 1890s-1900s.  

 Nice Craftsman, oak coat rack  with original brass hooks for coats and hats.  These are usually beat from use and this one is in  great condition.  Circa 1900s

So enjoyed visiting grandchildren, they are so big these days.  We had such a great time and I did grandma-ma play dates with each one this trip.  Can't wait to visit again. 

August is just around the corner and school starts in a week for a lot of the counties.  Hard to believe that there are only 5 months left in the year...I feel like I just sent in my taxes.  Wishing everyone a gentle August and blessings to you and those you love, Sea Witch.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Auction Fever

Spent Saturday at a local auction and to say there was "fever" is an understatement.  Lots of smalls on the block to be had and a consignor's, multi decade collection of every Precious Moments figurine ever made was also on plat after plat after plat.  One PM collector said this easily was a $10,000 collection.  With so many eclectic items offered, this auction could be a bang or a bust for me.  Of course, that is the fun about attending auctions, you never know which way they are going to go.

First item offered was a vintage electrified Gone With the Wind lamp.

What, not one taker?  Well my paddle went up and I took this beauty home for pennies.  This may be a good sign for me.

They roll out this bad boy and again, no this beauty also came home with me for pennies.  This Underwood model is often referred to as the "World Fair" model introduced in 1939.    

Next came up a few of the many plats of Precious Moments figurines and that is where the bidders were.  These bidders must have been collectors because the bidding was feverish with plats averaging $100 or more each.  

A plat of vintage silverplate came up in between the figurines and I was the winning bidder.

This pretty compote was in the same box.   So far, this auction was a winner for me.

This stunning, Queen Anne, overstuffed chair has carved elements and the comfiest crushed velvet in a stunning shade of seafoam.  The sofa sold but no one wanted the chair and so my paddle goes up and it came home with me.  It's in my booth space now, but I keep looking at it and thinking it would be a lovely mermaid chair for the SeaWitch. 

Next up was a box of linens...I go weak in the knees for Edwardian whites and inside this box was a set of Edwardian cotton sheets with cut work cherubs along the edge and a set of three fancy shames with hand embroidery and the phrase "Buonanotte" which is Italian for "sleep well". 

A box of vintage tablecloths was another win with this very cool gambling tablecloth with a slot machine theme.  

More boxes of figurines were fought and won by the same three bidders.  Had hoped to win at least one box to give to grandchildren but that didn't look like it would happen unless the three main collector/bidders stepped out.

A box of early Carnival Glass in marigold was offered and I won this lot too. 

The jewel in that lot was this stunning Dragon and Lotus piece.  The lustre on this piece is stunning.

 A box of Precious Moments Christmas ornaments was offered and crickets.  It seems the three collectors had stepped out to get some lunch so I won this lot for $5.00.  These will be perfect for Christmas in my space.

Ladies were still at lunch so I won two plats of figurines at $10.00 a plat.  Pictured are the figurines that did not come in boxes, I still had 9 other figurines that were in their original boxes.  By the time the next lot came up for bid the three collectors were back and so were the high bids.  I am delighted that I was able to get these for the price that I did.

Was so pleased I won this small box of jewelry items.  It had several small boxes filled with Catholic medals along with sterling chains.  A working Bulova watch and assorted sterling charms.

My final win was this lovely set of Rogers AA silverplate. The pattern is Heraldic and has an engraved monogram "S" on all flatware pieces.  

Was so pleased with all of the treasure that I won during today's auction fever.  I have lots of linens to clean, starch and iron and medals to price.

Brought in some old pawn turquoise pieces along with a massive watch cuff.

 A stunning coral and sterling bracelet.  The shaped coral are matched stones.  The fun guitar brooch is a Taxco Mexico piece that is sterling silver with brass. 

It was a fun auction and always good to see friends and colleagues at these events.   I always learn something new when I attend them.  Wishing everyone a gentle week and blessings to you and those you love. SeaWitch

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Love One Another

Three simple little words that still hold great power since spoken language began.  

Love One Another.

I traveled north, this weekend, to avoid the many protests that were happening around the greater Atlanta area.  The temperature of this nation is on fire and I must admit I am fearful these days.  So I traveled north to a favorite spot for find authentic antiques, Statham, GA.  

The shops located along the railroad line look deceptively small to the visitor. They are not, in fact they are huge as the buildings were actually factories with hardwood floors and high ceilings with lots of brickwork.  Antiques and More is packed from floor to ceiling with every genre for the collector.  This plane hovers between the checkout counter and the main floor.

Aisle after aisle is filled with treasure.
One of the first pieces that caught my eye was this marvelous, Victorian perforated paper embroidery.  A "timely" find, considering the sadness that abounds these days, this Victorian piece is emblazoned with the words, "Love One Another."  

Oh, the power in these three words whether the Victorian era or today.  Original frame and bubbled glass with wood backing, this dates circa 1870s.  The invention of new printing processes (1850s) and with the popularity of the perforated paper, mottoes and bookmarks pre-printed on the paper became all the rage for the Victorians.  

Found this stunning American Brilliant Cut Glass bowl.  It was filled with artificial pears and very dusty but it whispered to me, "SeaWitch, take me home"

The work by the glass cutter artisan is magnificent in this piece.  Heavy and a thick blank, nearly every part of it is deeply cut and filled with fire.  I am now researching to learn the pattern and the glass house that produced it.  

Another great shop is Factory Antiques.  I have been visiting Factory since they first opened and fell in love with this store.  Another old factory building filled with items downstairs and upstairs and a huge rental section for weddings and other events.  

Factory Antiques specializes in unique architectural pieces and they always have the most spectacular selection of amazing doors.

A gallery presentation makes this a unique shop and you feel like you have entered someones home.

Don't let the elegant displays discourage you regarding prices because this is the place for unique primitives and decorative elements at non decorator price tags.

Was delighted to find this turn of the century, portable Preacher’s pulpit or lectern.  Has drawer for keeping bible safe.  Lots of layers of old paint, this is a fantastic piece as most of these eventually found their way to the fire pit once a church was founded.  Circa 1920s.  

From the same dealers space, a marvelous offering box from a convent.  Original paint on the sides of the box, overpaint on the top.  Two keys for entry, Mother Superior held one key and another nun assisted with a second key.  

 This latch allowed the box to be closed for donations.  Still doing research on this unique piece.

Lovely Victorian, small accent table (also known as a cutaway as it is the height of a coffee table ~ Victorians did not have coffee tables) with Italian Carrara marble top. Eastlake design base, marble top is NOT SECURED to base so you can lift it up and hide a key, important papers, jewelry or cash in the base.  Circa 1870s     

Pretty little wooden box created from architectural salvage. 

Was delighted to come across these antique pulls.  I am always looking for them to hang from keys to locking cabinets. 

Lovely little vintage, bone china souvenir from "The Witch House," Salem, Massachusetts. item dates to the 1890's and was made in Austria for the Frank Cousins store in Salem, Massachusetts.
The Jonathan Corwin House in Salem, Massachusetts, USA — known as The Witch House — was the home of Judge Jonathan Corwin (1640–1718) and is the only structure still standing with direct ties to the Salem witch trials of 1692.  This is a keeper for me.

 Sweet, Vintage mechanical toy, walking bear by Modern Toys, Occupied Japan. In nice condition considering the age, overwound so it does not walk but has original blue windup key. Circa 1945-48 

 Nice selection of insignia pins, earrings and keys.  Was pleased that the larger key actually fit one of my tall cases.  Still search for two other keys that will open and close the locks on other furniture pieces in my home. Ahh, the hunt continues.

Do you like old books, I do.  Both are mid 1800s.  

 The red book is titled, "Keeping the Christian Home" and is a neat read with steel engravings.

The smaller, blue book is also filled with interesting steel engravings.

It was a lovely visit and the 100+ degree temps had me carry a hand fan to not much success.  I headed back home with my Statham treasure to hop in the kiddie pool on my deck.  A SeaWitch has to cool off any way she can when she is not near salt water.

Wishing everyone a gentle week and blessings to you and those you love.  SeaWitch

Love One Another