Sunday, July 10, 2016

Love One Another

Three simple little words that still hold great power since spoken language began.  

Love One Another.

I traveled north, this weekend, to avoid the many protests that were happening around the greater Atlanta area.  The temperature of this nation is on fire and I must admit I am fearful these days.  So I traveled north to a favorite spot for find authentic antiques, Statham, GA.  

The shops located along the railroad line look deceptively small to the visitor. They are not, in fact they are huge as the buildings were actually factories with hardwood floors and high ceilings with lots of brickwork.  Antiques and More is packed from floor to ceiling with every genre for the collector.  This plane hovers between the checkout counter and the main floor.

Aisle after aisle is filled with treasure.
One of the first pieces that caught my eye was this marvelous, Victorian perforated paper embroidery.  A "timely" find, considering the sadness that abounds these days, this Victorian piece is emblazoned with the words, "Love One Another."  

Oh, the power in these three words whether the Victorian era or today.  Original frame and bubbled glass with wood backing, this dates circa 1870s.  The invention of new printing processes (1850s) and with the popularity of the perforated paper, mottoes and bookmarks pre-printed on the paper became all the rage for the Victorians.  

Found this stunning American Brilliant Cut Glass bowl.  It was filled with artificial pears and very dusty but it whispered to me, "SeaWitch, take me home"

The work by the glass cutter artisan is magnificent in this piece.  Heavy and a thick blank, nearly every part of it is deeply cut and filled with fire.  I am now researching to learn the pattern and the glass house that produced it.  

Another great shop is Factory Antiques.  I have been visiting Factory since they first opened and fell in love with this store.  Another old factory building filled with items downstairs and upstairs and a huge rental section for weddings and other events.  

Factory Antiques specializes in unique architectural pieces and they always have the most spectacular selection of amazing doors.

A gallery presentation makes this a unique shop and you feel like you have entered someones home.

Don't let the elegant displays discourage you regarding prices because this is the place for unique primitives and decorative elements at non decorator price tags.

Was delighted to find this turn of the century, portable Preacher’s pulpit or lectern.  Has drawer for keeping bible safe.  Lots of layers of old paint, this is a fantastic piece as most of these eventually found their way to the fire pit once a church was founded.  Circa 1920s.  

From the same dealers space, a marvelous offering box from a convent.  Original paint on the sides of the box, overpaint on the top.  Two keys for entry, Mother Superior held one key and another nun assisted with a second key.  

 This latch allowed the box to be closed for donations.  Still doing research on this unique piece.

Lovely Victorian, small accent table (also known as a cutaway as it is the height of a coffee table ~ Victorians did not have coffee tables) with Italian Carrara marble top. Eastlake design base, marble top is NOT SECURED to base so you can lift it up and hide a key, important papers, jewelry or cash in the base.  Circa 1870s     

Pretty little wooden box created from architectural salvage. 

Was delighted to come across these antique pulls.  I am always looking for them to hang from keys to locking cabinets. 

Lovely little vintage, bone china souvenir from "The Witch House," Salem, Massachusetts. item dates to the 1890's and was made in Austria for the Frank Cousins store in Salem, Massachusetts.
The Jonathan Corwin House in Salem, Massachusetts, USA — known as The Witch House — was the home of Judge Jonathan Corwin (1640–1718) and is the only structure still standing with direct ties to the Salem witch trials of 1692.  This is a keeper for me.

 Sweet, Vintage mechanical toy, walking bear by Modern Toys, Occupied Japan. In nice condition considering the age, overwound so it does not walk but has original blue windup key. Circa 1945-48 

 Nice selection of insignia pins, earrings and keys.  Was pleased that the larger key actually fit one of my tall cases.  Still search for two other keys that will open and close the locks on other furniture pieces in my home. Ahh, the hunt continues.

Do you like old books, I do.  Both are mid 1800s.  

 The red book is titled, "Keeping the Christian Home" and is a neat read with steel engravings.

The smaller, blue book is also filled with interesting steel engravings.

It was a lovely visit and the 100+ degree temps had me carry a hand fan to not much success.  I headed back home with my Statham treasure to hop in the kiddie pool on my deck.  A SeaWitch has to cool off any way she can when she is not near salt water.

Wishing everyone a gentle week and blessings to you and those you love.  SeaWitch

Love One Another

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