Sunday, July 3, 2016

Independence Day weekend

A nice, long Independence Day weekend, can you believe it, we are already half way through the year.  I still feel like it is March and I just sent in my taxes.  Well the heat tells me different and the neighbors shooting off fireworks confirms it is the Fourth of July.  

I place Old Glory all over my yard and took a quick photo of my antique wire chair with a few flags.  A quick run through a filter and we have a painterly effect.

Didn't want to spend a lot of time cooking over these three days so I decided to make, homemade, baked giant rigatoni with three cheeses and fresh sauce.  Always good but just gets better each day it sets.  Some fresh Rosemary and Sea Salt sourdough (from Fresh Market) and it just doesn't get any better.

Went to my favorite haunt to for treasure on Saturday.  One of those trips that really didn't find a lot (it happens) but the five items I did find I was really delighted with. 

Brilliant cobalt blue and sterling silver overlay , Art Deco cup was black with patina. Really shined up nicely.

Beautiful hand painted late Victorian plate offers pretty hydrangeas as a theme.  Not often seen.  It is signed and circa 1900s

Pretty little Northwoods EAPG blue opalescent tree truck pump creamer has damage, but it is just too pretty not to save and use for holding makeup brushes, paint brushes or hat pins.  Circa 1900s

My best find at the thrift shop was this stunning vintage Leslie James hat.  This label is in high demand for their unabashed sassiness. Known as Leslie James and celebrated as the pre eminent women's milliner of the 30's, 40's and 50's.   James Druce was the founder and CEO of Leslie James of California.  He was the James and his partner was "Leslie Masters", the creative designer.  

This magnificent pink and mint green summer hat is a stunner with the huge, flopped silk flowers surrounding it.  Perfect for a garden party, horserace or Sunday church.

Really nice EAPG open compote.  Trying to decide if I want to keep this one or sell it.  I have such a weakness for EAPG compotes.

Antiques in Old Town, (Lilburn) was celebrating 22 years and I had to swing by to see what celebratory items they had.

Couldn't resist this lovely vintage Edgar Berebi brooch.   Brilliant yellow gold wash with large iridescent blue stone.  Circa 1980s. 

 What could be better than finding a King Crown (also known as Emperor's Crown or thumbprint) pedestal cake plate with ruby stain in excellent condition?

 How about two of them!!!  I was head over teakettle when I saw these in one of the booths at Antiques in Old Town.  Highly sought after for their pattern and rich ruby stain.  

 Finding treasure abounds at Antiques in Old Town and I was delighted to find four, "Stars and Stripes" water/tea goblets by Anchor Hocking.  (really the definitive find for Independence Day)  Circa 1940s, these are highly sought after and to find four was a joy.   These are now in my cabinet and are my day glassware.

 A gal pal has space here, Romantic Farmhouse, and her pieces are always amazing.  This gorgeous brown transferware teapot insisted I take it home.  Who am I to argue with a teapot so we had fresh brewed lavender and green tea that evening.

Cheryl's space is always filled with the prettiest antique linens and she knows I have such a weak spot for them.  Purchased these three and they will be used throughout my home.

My sweet little Gynness, insisted upon rolling in the antique lace pieces while I attempted to photograph them. Sweet baby knows fine linens.

 There is a lovely primitives space here and I always find the most unique pieces.  One of the space owners, Linda Napier, created these lovely tags of George Washington with pretty crepe paper rosettes.  We spent time talking about American primitives and the conversation turned to spinning wheels.  Seems Linda also has a few wheels but has never learned to spin.  She asked if I knew of any spinning instructors...yea, "me"!!!  So we are going to get together, at Antiques in Old Town in the near future and I will teach her how to spin and do a live demo for visitors.  Such fun and I always love the way conversations, with those who love antiques, take on a life of their own.

I went into the Buford Queen of Hearts to fluff up my booth spaces and then did a complete walk around to see all 100+ spaces and sure enough, found a little treasure to bring home.

Lovely antique, EAPG lidded glass compote in the Paneled Sprig pattern by Bryce Higbee Company.  Circa 1885.  This is a keeper and is now in my EAPG lidded compote collection.

I hear the neighborhood fireworks going on and my little doxie barks and barks at all this noise.  I'm grateful that she isn't afraid of them like so many other animals are. Wishing everyone a safe and happy Independence Day and much blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch

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