Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Beauty and the Beast and a packed suitcase

I am one month away from my first year as a Florida resident.  Still can't believe it will be a year as it seems like I'm still unpacking.  My day job has me overwhelmed but living here makes it all worth it.  Spent Halloween visiting my son and his family and I got to bring up costumes for them all as they went as a family dressed like Beauty and the Beast.  I had such a marvelous time creating the costumes and so grateful that only hem adjustments were needed for the dresses as everything else fit like it should.

The family that Disney's together has fun together.

Beauty and her Beast!

 Lumiere lights the way.

Plumette loves her Lumiere.

And the Enchantress who was the architect of all this fun.
  I traveled with all of these costumes in a checked back and I did not want to check an empty bag when I returned home so my lovely daughter in law took me junkin at her favorite thrift shop where I found some great treasure.  

Gorgeous vintage, cut crystal nappy.  This one throws beautiful rainbows.

 Stunning pair of Hobster and Feather tumblers by Millersburg glass.  Circa 1909.

Lovely set of 5, cut crystal brandy snifters (two were still in the dish drain drying).   

Lovely quadruple plate urn and a group of  vintage miniature billiard balls. I'll be keeping the quad plate and adding it to my personal collection but the "balls" are going in my space this weekend.

Fantastic and what looks like it was never used Ronson "Nordic" table lighter.  
Produced 1955.

Nice Imperial Glass mushroom candlestick in the Candlewick pattern.  Has the slightest hint of sun purple.  Circa 1950s

Upon returning home, I still had two days of my day job to perform and then the weekend arrived and I was off to a few local haunts to see what was out there.

Sometimes the best place to shop is where you sell and these pretty cut crystal salts were at the front desk at the Lyon's Head Antique Mall.  They always have "impulse items" for those checking out to see and I was drawn to these when I saw them.

Marvelous marriage of two EAPG pieces.  The top is a Gillinder, round frosted lion head and the bottom is ... well I haven't discovered this pattern yet so I'm still looking and will report back when I find it.  Still, it was a great marriage of two pieces that did not start out together but ended up a perfect match.

A Goodwill find, a pair of gorgeous Wedgwood serving platters.  

 A nice, vintage gravy boat and pretty little butter pat.

Finally, a terrific store display mannequin.  Heavy duty and linen cover,  am crazy mad for this.  Especially since it was priced at $38.00.  I use them in so many different displays and when sewing that I couldn't wait to wheel this sweetie out of the vehicle and into my home.

All in all, it was a lovely two weeks, we turned the clocks back last Sunday and the days are still getting shorter.  Is it wrong to say I can't wait for next spring to change the clocks again?  I miss the long sun filled days.  Wishing everyone a gentle fall season and blessings to you and those you love.  SeaWitch