Monday, September 14, 2020

September Roles In

 September is here and 2020 continues to wind down; and I'm hoping that the last of this year will be a gentle one.   Sis came to visit over Labor Day weekend and we had five lovely, sunny days just lazing in the pool, having food delivered, read books, talked like teenagers at a sleepover and laughed until our stomachs hurt.  It was a perfect weekend.  Back to work on Tuesday and I have to say, I love the four day work week following a Monday holiday, but my heart was still not ready for business so four days felt like 10 days of Mondays.  

This weekend it poured both days so I ran errands and hit a few of my local haunts to find treasure.  It was a banner weekend with some nifty finds.

Hit my favorite local thrift shop and found a variety of antique and vintage pieces like this 1940s salt box.  

The wooden top is missing but it has a marvelous margarita green glaze and this is perfect for holding kitchen tools.

Always crazy for American Brilliant Cut Glass (ABCG) and I found a small plate and a nappy server.
This little sweetheart throws rainbows like crazy.

This little item is so beautifully cut and detailed and I'm now researching the maker.

Christmas is not that far away so I'm adding to my Romancing Christmas space with this lovely Woodland Santa figurine.  He has a marvelous face.

This was a unique find, a heavy and hand forged fireplace tools stand.  
I have stockings hanging from it now but it has so many uses.

This antique geometry book is copyrighted 1928.  

Another item I doing research on.  Pretty little Depression glass ice bucket but unusual in its floral details.  Trying to determine the maker and pattern.

Tall, mid century religious print.  Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane in original frame.

1900s small swung vase with gold lustre trim and hand painted daisies.

A fantastic antique primitive butchers paper roll dispenser.  This looks like a handmade item for a small butcher shop.  Original paper still on it.

Antique Dinner plate size transwer wae flowers plate.  These pretty late Victorian plates are enjoying a nice popularity in my area again.

Vintage, stretch glass low bowl in that popular caribbean blue.  I adore stretch glass, there is something so joyful with it and I crazy about the caribbean blues and the irisdencent whites.

Kenjutso Soden by Frederick J. Lovret with signed autograph by Mr. Lovret. 

Dated Mar 22, 1978 by Frederick J. Lovret.

Inside this soft bound book is a list of items that were sold by Mr. Lovret with his signature and the date 6/11/80.

From my favorite haunt I moved on to one that deals mostly in consignment furniture and quality yard sale items.  Not usually a good resource for me but everyone once in a while you find a treasure.

Well, this time I went home with two treasures.  First, this marvelous 1940s Skookum doll and papoose.  I used to find these when I lived out west and found only one in the sixteen years I lived in Atlanta.  They are often found with a lot of issues, but this one is in marvelous condition.  

Second, this fun, pull back tin toy cable car.  Has a few issues but it still works and I adore the Christmas green and reds. This will make a sweet Christmas decoration.

Had one more stop to make at my favorite place for all things rusty, crusty, chippy and primitive, Junk Co, Port Richey, Florida.  

I have a sweet spot for Early American Pressed Glass (EAPG) cake stands and this one took one look at me and practically lept into my arms. I can't wait to use it over the holidays.  Circa 1880s pattern: Lace Edge.

Sweet, mid century door stop with handle is just too cha cha for words.  Heavy cast brass with lovely details, this little kitty is a charmer.

And now, the piece that stopped in in my tracks as I walked the the door at Junk Co.   A lovely little specimen cabinet with six drawers and locks at the top.  Be still my heart.  

I've been blessed with finding a lovely spool cabinet that I purchased in 1985 on a road trip through Micanopy, Florida on my way to visit my mom in Deerfield Beach.  The little antique shop had it marked way down in price and I had to make the purchase. I still have it and love the piece and when I saw this beauty, I was just as excited.  Two of the drawer trays have slotted squares for tiny items and the remaining four are open.  I'm thinking of filling them with my bone and ivory crochet hooks. I have nearly 100 and this will be a perfect place for them all.

It was a wonderful weekend albeit a rainy one but as long as water is involved that this seawitch is happy. Stay healthy and blessings to you and those you love.  SeaWitch