Monday, September 16, 2013

Getting ready for the holidays

Hard to believe that September is half over and the autumn days will be upon us shortly. These last few months will bring lots of holidays and the biggest sales of the year for antique/vintage dealers.  I need to make sure I have lots of inventory so I spent Saturday at a local auction and then stopped off at Statham, GA to look for a new fireplace mantle for my Victorian booth.  I sold my gorgeous antique mantle a few months ago and now I need to find a new one to fill that empty space.  

A fantastic Leeds, England serving platter. 

 Heavy and in perfect condition, this will be a showpiece on any Thanksgiving table or focal point hanging on a wall as a lovely decorative element.

 Large velveteen tapestry of a stag.  
The definitive Victorian design for a masculine room.

 Won this great vintage suitcase at my local auction.  This suitcase is a nice, large size but has lots of travel time to it.  The previous owner even taped the bottom with masking tape to keep it together.  Brought it in to my booth on Sunday and it was sold three hours later.

One of my favorite wins on Saturday is this fantastic antique Eastlake Victorian rocking cradle for a girl's dolls.  In pristine condition, this beauty is perfect for displaying a prized doll collection. 

 I have a weakness for antique quilts and this beauty from the late Victorian era is pieced with rich velvets and a few silks.  Love the brilliant colors, I'm leaning on keeping it rather than selling.

 Closeup of the pieced work.   This quilt is so joyful in its colorful brilliance.

Same place I found the quilt had this marvelous early stoneware jug. Nice ovoid shape and stamped with the number 1, this jug dates to the early 1800s.

This was an auction win that was buried in a box full of vintage American flags.  I was bidding to win the flags and found this nifty little lunch pail inside it.  Score, a double win for one money.

 I collect antique pudding molds and although my collection is small (4 of them) this one is my new favorite. It is a smaller mold and the corn impression is deep and clean.  Can't wait to make a Thanksgiving pudding in it.

 A Goodwill find, nice vegetable tureen with pretty green transferware pattern.

 Pretty green transferware pickle server was also found at Goodwill. Someone must have cleaned out their china cabinet.

 Pretty vintage Japanese Christmas candleholders.  So sweet.

 A lovely Victorian chromolithograph titled, The Oaken Bucket.  Original frame and glass.  Large print measures 16 x 20 inches.

 Found these at a local thrift shop.  Couldn't believe my luck when I saw them and the price was more than right.  Love these blown milkglass eggs and handpainted Easter messages from the Victorian era.

 Neat cast iron safe with a working combination. Circa 1920s

 Found the linen mannequin torso at my local goodwill so I bought an old lamp and had my son mount the torso on it for me.  Now we have a nice tabletop display mannequin.

 Filled the shelves with lots of vintage and antique transferware.  This always sells so well over the holidays.

Moved my glass case from the front of my booth to the right corner to open up the space.  I need to bring in items for the holidays and will need room for additional furniture pieces.

 All of those linens I cleaned, starched and pressed have been selling as fast as I can bring them in.  Have already sold 4 large tablecloths and lots of doilies.  These pretty tea towels are rich with color and so much fun to 
use as decorative elements.

It was a great weekend for finding treasure and adding them into my inventory sheet and pricing.  Wishing everyone a joyful week.  Blessings to you and those you love. Sea Witch

Sunday, September 8, 2013

My first, my last, my everything!

 Harold Alan Brown - April 1, 1947 -- September 3, 2013. Rest in Peace my love. You have been and will always be my first, my last, my everything.

This Sea Witch is swimming solo as her sailor has crossed over to restful waters.  I miss him so but continue to be surrounded by his love and laughter.  I will always carry him in my heart.  Thank you all for your prayers during his fight with cancer and for those you sent me. I am humbled by your love and care.  So hug your friends, kiss your loved ones and revel in their presence whenever you can.  Above all, blessings to you and those you love. Sea Witch