Sunday, July 17, 2016

Auction Fever

Spent Saturday at a local auction and to say there was "fever" is an understatement.  Lots of smalls on the block to be had and a consignor's, multi decade collection of every Precious Moments figurine ever made was also on plat after plat after plat.  One PM collector said this easily was a $10,000 collection.  With so many eclectic items offered, this auction could be a bang or a bust for me.  Of course, that is the fun about attending auctions, you never know which way they are going to go.

First item offered was a vintage electrified Gone With the Wind lamp.

What, not one taker?  Well my paddle went up and I took this beauty home for pennies.  This may be a good sign for me.

They roll out this bad boy and again, no this beauty also came home with me for pennies.  This Underwood model is often referred to as the "World Fair" model introduced in 1939.    

Next came up a few of the many plats of Precious Moments figurines and that is where the bidders were.  These bidders must have been collectors because the bidding was feverish with plats averaging $100 or more each.  

A plat of vintage silverplate came up in between the figurines and I was the winning bidder.

This pretty compote was in the same box.   So far, this auction was a winner for me.

This stunning, Queen Anne, overstuffed chair has carved elements and the comfiest crushed velvet in a stunning shade of seafoam.  The sofa sold but no one wanted the chair and so my paddle goes up and it came home with me.  It's in my booth space now, but I keep looking at it and thinking it would be a lovely mermaid chair for the SeaWitch. 

Next up was a box of linens...I go weak in the knees for Edwardian whites and inside this box was a set of Edwardian cotton sheets with cut work cherubs along the edge and a set of three fancy shames with hand embroidery and the phrase "Buonanotte" which is Italian for "sleep well". 

A box of vintage tablecloths was another win with this very cool gambling tablecloth with a slot machine theme.  

More boxes of figurines were fought and won by the same three bidders.  Had hoped to win at least one box to give to grandchildren but that didn't look like it would happen unless the three main collector/bidders stepped out.

A box of early Carnival Glass in marigold was offered and I won this lot too. 

The jewel in that lot was this stunning Dragon and Lotus piece.  The lustre on this piece is stunning.

 A box of Precious Moments Christmas ornaments was offered and crickets.  It seems the three collectors had stepped out to get some lunch so I won this lot for $5.00.  These will be perfect for Christmas in my space.

Ladies were still at lunch so I won two plats of figurines at $10.00 a plat.  Pictured are the figurines that did not come in boxes, I still had 9 other figurines that were in their original boxes.  By the time the next lot came up for bid the three collectors were back and so were the high bids.  I am delighted that I was able to get these for the price that I did.

Was so pleased I won this small box of jewelry items.  It had several small boxes filled with Catholic medals along with sterling chains.  A working Bulova watch and assorted sterling charms.

My final win was this lovely set of Rogers AA silverplate. The pattern is Heraldic and has an engraved monogram "S" on all flatware pieces.  

Was so pleased with all of the treasure that I won during today's auction fever.  I have lots of linens to clean, starch and iron and medals to price.

Brought in some old pawn turquoise pieces along with a massive watch cuff.

 A stunning coral and sterling bracelet.  The shaped coral are matched stones.  The fun guitar brooch is a Taxco Mexico piece that is sterling silver with brass. 

It was a fun auction and always good to see friends and colleagues at these events.   I always learn something new when I attend them.  Wishing everyone a gentle week and blessings to you and those you love. SeaWitch

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