Tuesday, August 27, 2013

There's treasure everywhere!

I'm all decked out and doing the happy dance as I found lots of treasure this weekend.  Sometimes, you just hit the right places at the right time.

Loving the antique frame on this small vintage needlepoint picture.  

It is such a pretty little piece.

 Candlestick with silver overlay florals on base.  Circa 1940s.  Kota, my coyote mix is stretched out on the floor. He is such a good boy.

 These late Victorian celluloid brush boxes are usually "lady" oriented, but this nifty box is for a man.  Neat faux wood grain shows a couple i a canoe that is paddled by two men through a raging river.  Love this unusual theme.

 Four rosaries, the three blue ones are faux crystal and fairly recent pieces, but the black rosary is from the 1930s.  Nice black, wood beads and sterling crucifix and medal.

After washing, starching and ironing nearly 50 pounds of vintage linens, this is the one piece that I am thinking about keeping for myself. A marvelous red thread on white cotton sampler study of initials. These stitches are so precise and intricate...beautiful. Circa 1930s

 Pretty EAPG  buttermilk pitcher.  This beauty has a hint of sun purple in it.

 Crazy about this fantastic double light tiffany style lamp.  Heavy, made in the USA and the shade is all cathedral glass. 

How about this huge crown...big enough to be worn by a person, this will not sit long in my booth.

Can't wait to polish this bad boy up.  Lovely, heavy silverplate footed server.  Perfect for your best cakes, tortes, cookies or tea sandwiches or fill with vintage mercury glass.

 You can never have too many brides baskets and I just added this one to my personal collection. I use them over the holidays by putting paper doilies in them and filling with homemade baked goods.

 Always delighted when I can find a piece of flow blue.  This pretty little dessert plate was $3.00 at a local thrift store.

Thanksgiving isn't that far away and gravy boats are always a huge seller.  This pretty red transferware  piece won't be in my booth for long.

Still doing research on this lovely, needle etched poppies on a bell shaped water decanter.   Definitely a piece of elegant Depression glass. 

Found these at Buford Queen of Hearts on Sunday when I was restocking my booths.  Priced to move, I was delighted to find them before another shopper.  Very heavy, gun metal cast candlesticks are antique gold with glass prisms that send rainbows everywhere.  Can't wait to use them over the holidays.

 The last three auctions I attended, I came back with three big boxes of linens.  After washing, starching and ironing nearly 50 pounds of assorted vintage linens, I have been pricing them to sell fast.  Filled this antique wicker flower stand with them and by the time I shot this photo, it was nearly empty. Gonna bring more in this weekend.

 and last by not least, I fell in love with this pretty little primitive pillow with a witch giving readings to felines.  Love the gentleness of this theme and it is now in my antique dough bowl.  This pillow was another find at the Buford Queen of Hearts.  I forgot to get the name of the booth and will do so this weekend for those who may want to visit it.  It is across from my  Victorian booth and I believe is two side by side booths filled with primitive pieces.

Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Labor Day Weekend and blessings to you and those you love.

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