Sunday, August 4, 2013

Auction Wins

As many of you know, my honey is battling Stage 4 liver cancer and has been doing weekly chemo sessions.  This leaves him very tired over the weekend and although he insists that I do my Saturday treasure hunting, I do not like to be far from home these days.  So I have been hanging out at a local auction house for treasure finds.  The fun thing about auctions is that you never know what you will come home with. There were several plats of silverplate that I thought I would bid on and win but they went for outrageous bids.  In fact, nearly all of the items I had hoped to win were sold for prices way out of my investment range.  However, I came home with a few marvelous pieces that I hadn't planned on buying, but I couldn't resist the low start bids.

My first winning bid of the morning.  The clock found in 19th century schoolhouses, train stations and office buildings across America,  is in excellent working condition.  Nice size, all original glass, pendulum and key made this a terrific auction win.  It is already in my Victorian booth looking for a new home.

 Sorry about the poor photo, but my camera was giving me fits today. This is a magnificent table lamp from the 1950s.  Heavy bronze candelabra with five candles that have twinkling flame bulbs and a center three way bulb setup that lights up a gorgeous opalescent glass shade.  
Will try and get a better photo this week.  Without a doubt, this lamp will be the focal point in any room it resides in. 

 Had my eye on a plat full of Native American beaded pieces and was afraid it would go high.  Lucky me, I won the plat and it was filled with adorable vintage moccasins and souvenirs.

 Pretty little pair of hand beaded child's moccasins.  In great condition with Plains tribe beading, these moccasins were made for the tourist trade, circa mid 1900s. 

 A sweet pair of miniature buckskin boots with real, buffalo nickel buttons.

 Look, there's more.  A pair of vintage, hand beaded buckskin and fur miniature mukluks and an unusual pair of woven sweetgrass mukluks.  Both are northwestern tribal pieces made for the tourist trade.

 This little vintage Skookum composition papoose doll in cradleboard was hiding under a beaded bag.  Nifty Rockaway Beach souvenir. Circa 1930s

 And here is that gorgeous beaded bag.  Beautifully hand beaded rosette with bands all around the four sides of the softest suede split ever.  Beading is mirrored on the opposite side as well.  Another piece made for the tourist trade, late Victorian, circa 1900s.

 Small Papago woven basket. Circa 1950s

Was the winning bidder of a vintage sewing basket from the 1950s.  Inside was the usual assortment of sewing tools, but it also contained a chain of old keys and this neat, Sterling silver St. Christopher  medal with the words, Be My Guide, on the obverse. 

However, it was the reverse side of this medal that was most interesting to me. It had a single prop airplane and a sedan car from the 1940s.  Medals with transportation on them were popular in the 1940s and were often found on key chains carried by men. 

So it was a successful auction for me and still allowed me be to close to home.  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and wishing blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch


My Garden Diaries said...

Hey you....I did not know about your husband and I am adding him to my prayers tonight. I will be thinking about you. Your finds are thoughts are with you and your family.

Mitzi said...

You did well at the auction....we just had a woman searching for Skookums at one of the antique malls I'm in. I love the little mocassins, too.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I did not know the extent of your husband's illness! I will keep him in my prayers.

You found some wonderful things at the auction!

Vicki Boster said...

Oh no--- I'm new to finding out about your husbands illness- bless your heart for the worries you carry in your heart. I will keep you both in my prayers as you both make this journey--