Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend fly by

The weekend came and went faster than I had planned for.  Ran my Saturday errands early and hit a few haunts for treasure. Not a lot of finds so I stopped off at the auction that was going on in Lawrenceville.  I made some good purchases at my first visit to this auction house, but as auctions are known to go, sometimes you do well and other times not so much.  Bids were running high this Saturday so I didn't buy as much as I did a month ago. However, I was the highest bidder on a box of vintage linens that had some pretty things.

The jewel in the box was this fantastic ercu Irish linen buffet linen with filet crocheted butterflies along the three edges.  This is a magnificent piece and so wish it was big enough for my own oak buffet.  So instead, it is in my Victorian booth at The Queen of Hearts in Buford.

A pretty parlor tablecloth of filet crocheted squares over a blue backing.  There was also various dresser scarves and linens and all are now in my booths and priced to sell.

Won the bid on this lovely, American brilliant cut crystal nappy.  
This baby just sparkles.

Another win was a box lot of vintage handbags.  Most of the bags are from the 1960s and are darling clutch bags...very Magic City.  A nifty celluloid sequined bag from the 1940s and a lizard skin, hard bodied pocketbook circa 1950s.  I have these priced to sell quickly as well as I paid a minimal price for the box lot.  I like to pass on good buys when I get them.

Here is my favorite bag in the lot, a marvelous, hand beaded bag from the 1920s.  What is interesting about this purse is the wood inlay frame.  I have never come across a wood frame like this. Some of the beading is separating from the handle but the lining is still intact.  Going to keep this one and add it to my personal collection.

Found this marvelous Victorian mantle luster or glass candlestick at a thrift store for a few dollars.  It was missing it prisms.  I bid and won a bag full of antique prisms and was able to hand them from this pretty mantle luster.  It was considered the height of luxury during the Victorian era to own at least one set of mantle lusters for display on mantles, sideboards or tables. These were always sold in pairs and this green beauty has lost its mate. They are delicate so they break very easily. Circa 1860-70s.

I like vintage dress clips as they have so many decorative uses. You can clip them to hats, boots, shoes, purses, scarves and of course, dresses.  I like to clip them to my favorite chains or vintage ribbons and turn them into unique pendant necklaces.  I won this group of clips from the 1930s off of ebay last week. Sometimes, you can win a lot for pennies.

This was a Goodwill find, pretty covered EAPG candy dish. 

Antique and vintage rose bowls are pretty and a lovely way to display your cut roses.  This pretty EAPG rose bowl is a smaller one (about 5 inches in diameter) and has the prettiest pressed pattern. Circa 1900s

Loaded up on more silverplate as these are always great sellers.

Another Goodwill find, this new, reproduction goose neck lamp had an ugly "new" shade on it.  I replaced it with one of the antique shades I purchased at the Atlanta Auction House a few weeks ago.  It looks so much nicer.

I love treenware, antique and contemporary. There is something beautiful about wood and these beautifully made honey dippers are a delight. 

Sweet little vintage aqua kitty planter.  This is just too cute.

A terrific Goodwill find...yup, that is a Victorian brides basket insert.  I was so excited to find this insert and in excellent condition and will fit a few of my quadruple plate brides basket frames.  Can't wait to use this over the holidays.

This is the Goodwill find that is certainly the most fun.  A lovely, petal edged, morning glory horn and priced at only $2.92.  It is missing the connecting piece at the small end that would attach to the phonograph but I am going to turn it into a hanging lamp.  When I finish the conversion, I will post photos. I think it will make a unique lighting piece.  

My honey had a quiet weekend and we are now preparing for his second round of three chemo sessions beginning on Wednesday and ending on Friday.  I cannot thank everyone enough for all of your wishes of strength and healing energy along with the many prayers.  Alan and I are humbled by these many acts of kindness.  Blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch

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audrey said...

You found some lovely items over the weekend.
I was happy that you mentioned your husband ~ I have been wondering how he is doing with the chemo. I hope it hasn't been too hard on him. Will keep praying for both of you.