Sunday, July 7, 2013

If you seek it, it will come.

It has rained all weekend and frankly, has been raining for the last 5 days.  Still, a little precipitation never stopped the SeaWitch from a good treasure hunt.  Shops were open on the 4th in my town as well as all around the Atlanta perimeter so I thought I would take a trip to Monroe to do a little buying.  Unfortunately, it was a wasted trip as this little town shuts down on this holiday.  Noting but fast food places and gas stations were open and everything else was shut up tight.  So I returned to Lawrenceville and hit a few local places to see what they had to offer.  On Saturday, I made my usual rounds and was fortunate to find a marvelous selection of antiques.

 Rogers gravy ladle is a pretty piece with lots of silverplate and is the Mayflower pattern, 1901.

One of my favorite finds this weekend.  A gorgeous, antique beaded net cape in wearable condition and would look so lovely with vintage bridal wear. I'm still trying to decide if I just want to keep this or not.  Circa early 1900s.  

 Hard to find, Imperial Carnival Glass, two handled Urn Vase originally had a label that said "Delited Brand Pure Apple Cider Vinegar". Circa 1900s

Hubba, Hubba and all that jazz.  Delightful pair of antique, deadstock stockings from the flapper era. Great salmon pink color.  Circa 1910-20s

 Vintage lens filters just scream steampunk embellishment.  

 Can't believe that I found another one of these great English heart padlock bracelets again.  The first one sold two days after I brought it in the store and now I have another.  I actually like this one for it's lovely low grade gold links with rolled gold heart padlock. For a small wrist. Circa 1890s-1900s.

Sterling silver with rich, bohemian garnet stones in a beautiful Celtic design make these earrings a real show stopper.  

 A beautiful Acoma pottery bowl from the 1900s.  I was delighted to find this for a few dollars at a local thrift store.  This is now in my personal collection.

Medium size, vintage pressed glass Pedestal Cake Stand.  Beautiful Diamond Pattern with an outstanding scalloped, gold lustre apron.  

 Lovely, little Victorian butter dish in blue transferware.  
I just love this little item.

These elegant depression glass goblets are etched and pretty in pink and found at my local goodwill.  Four are perfect and the bottom two each have a single flea bite around the lip.  Both bites appear to have been professionally ground out.

 A sassy, 1940s brushed cashmere wool cloche hat with horsehair tassel.  
Kurt Jr by Tom Hann.

 A 1937 American Legion trophy awarded to MaryLen Watkins for Americanism from the Austell Post. Silverplate by the Wallace Trophy Co. and on original, plastic base.  This American Legion School was awarded to the boy and to the girl who are deemed most worthy of the high qualities of citizenship and of true Americanism. For details on this American Legion award:

A pair of antique books dated 1819 and 1818.  Love the printed word on these old leaves.

 Pretty etchings in front of book.  

Had this pretty antique wicker plant stand in my booth at Christmas and decided to bring it back in to hold some of the rose bowls and plates.  These are great for holding your favorite antiques and, of course, your favorite plants as well.  Circa 1890s

So in spite of the rain we have had daily over the last week, it was a great weekend for finding treasure.  Blessings to you and those you love and have a gentle week.   
Sea Witch

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Robin Larkspur said...

It amazes me the things you find at the Goodwill. No matter what time I go there is never anything like your goodies. I love the blue transferware and the pink depression glass. I think you should keep that beautiful wrap, it is so beautiful. Rain or heat here, every day, one day sweating, next day wetting, hehe! I hide out in the a/c mostly. Hoping all is well at your house.