Saturday, June 29, 2013

Scorching temps and hot treasure.

The heat wave has turned the Atlanta area into a sauna.  You can't walk 5 feet outside without turning into a glistening, sweaty mess.  Still, nothing was going to keep me from a bit of treasure hunting.   Vintage Village had posted pictures of items in the shop this week and I had to go pick up the two I asked the them to hold for me. Always fun to visit as I find great pieces and visit with friends.

I shot this when I first walked into the shop.  Really like the simplicity of this arrangement; the brown and grey hues work so well together.

 How delightful.  Haven't seen Pin Money banks in decades.  The origin of this term hails from the time of Henry VIII.  Catharine Howard, wife of Henry VIII., introduced pins into England from France. As they were expensive at first, a separate sum for this luxury was granted to the ladies by their husbands. Hence the expression "pin-money."  Ladies in the 1950s would save their pennies in a Pin Money bank.

Crazy about this seafoam green painted buffet.  

Getting ready to celebrate the 4th of July at Vintage Village.

 Nice vintage tobacco tin.

Love these painted bottles.  Great idea for a wedding table.

More painted vases and decorated with flowers.  Such a great idea to repurpose old, glass vases.

What a clever use of gameboards.  Cover a blank wall with them. They are colorful and set the tone for a good time.

Purchased this marvelous Eastlake chair with original wood finish and patina.  Nice re upholstery by previous owner.

Gorgeous quadruple plated, Victorian server.  Lots of original silver and pretty little handles.

Saw this sweet little child's chair on their facebook page and had to have it.  It's now in my foyer on a bucket bench.

Couldn't resist this great vintage Pinocchio hat.  Brilliant red felt, it was really wrinkled and squashed.  I soaked it in cold water and then put on a form to reset.  Added  vintage plum as the original one was missing and now it is ready for a collector.

Adore these military souvenirs that sons purchased for their parents and girlfriends.  Nice WW2 piece.

Found this pair of late Victorian quad plate serving trays at a local haunt and then the gorgeous blue stone dress clip and antique photograph of a man in drag at Vintage Village.  One of the treasures I purchased was a scrap book album from 1926. It was filled with other cool photos too.  Lots of flappers and love notes as well.

 Now, one of the reasons I had to make a fun run to VV.  This marvelous, early 1900s tin cake carrier.  Love, Love, Love the simplistic lines of this primitive looking carrier.  Can't wait to use it over the winter holidays for some of my best baked offerings.

 Found these vintage and very chippy wooden candlesticks at my local Goodwill.  These are great decorative pieces for holiday tables. 

Another Goodwill find...three Katherine's Collection at Silverlake fairies on pedestal balls.  Not my thing, but very collectible and they appear to have a big following.

And the last item I found at Goodwill...yup, it is a Lenox 1994 bisque figurine called Footprints in the Sand.  Books at $150.00 on the secondary market.  Will pass it along at a good price as I paid pennies for it.

 Nice, silverplated gravy boat trophy.  Runner up, tennis singles trophy.  1950.  

 White washed wooden crate has so many decorative uses.

Lastly, a gorgeous lamp base. Satin glass bottom with hand painted flowers.  This is a huge lamp and once I find a globe for the top half, I will take to the store.  Love the look of this piece.

Despite the heat, I had a marvelous time visiting shops, chatting with friends and bringing home treasure for resale and a few pieces to keep.  Stay cool and blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch


Robin Larkspur said...

As always, super finds. Those painted vases are a great idea!!
Ugh, the heat has been awful up here in NY, don't think I could handle the heat way down south in your sweaty neck of the woods!!

Have been thinking lots about your hubby and you! Hoping all is well!
Hugs from Robin.

My Vintage Heart said...

Thanks for braving the heat! Glad you love the little green chair...I loved it too!! Found that in Indiana with it's perfect patina!