Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Vintage Styled Life

Facebook is an interesting animal.  I launched a business page for my antiques business as I have been too busy to sit down and build a website.  What it has done is introduced me to marvelous pages and interesting people.  One of those is "The Vintage Styled Life" and lucky me, it was located in a town close to mine. After some new likes and a few messages, I made a trip to visit it on Saturday.

 Pretty calling card has all my favorite soft colors.

Not only lovely vintage and antique pieces, repurposed items, and wearable embellishments available for purchase, but you can rent out specialty pieces for weddings and other events as well.   

The Vintage Styled Shop is located in downtown Duluth, in a corner space of a beautiful old, brick building.  With an open door, swing sign and sandwich board, and pretty flowers nested around a white bench, you enter the shop. 
 So much to see, the shop is filled with lovely pieces.  Davina, the owner, has a decorators eye and her touch is in every little vignette she has staged throughout.

Had to snap a photo of her working studio behind the checkout counter...have to admit that this part of the store called to me the most.  I could play in this space for hours. 

Aren't these antique commercial bulbs fantastic? They are huge and a marvelous decorative element.
 Sweet turquoise vintage bicycle has a basket trimmed with vintage ribbons and lace.  It looks so at home next to a table filled with vintage tea cups, saucers and teapots.

 Davina also stages homes and events and with her artists eye she delights the senses with sweet settings such as this.

 Love this Americana display.  It is filled with all things Fourth of July and summer fun.

Tea carts are such hot items.  So glad I got this photo on Saturday, because I understand it was sold shortly thereafter.

 You will find some of the most interesting jewelry and body embellishments here.  One of a kind pieces.  
Isn't this sweet?  Lovely little bell cloche with bird at the top.  Had to purchase this and would have purchased two more if they were available.  I'm a nut about threes...probably because three of anything constitutes a collection in my mind.
I am so pleased that The Vintage Styled Life has come to a location so close to my home.  I will be stopping in often...especially, since there is another piece in her shop that I am jonesing for. 
While searching for The Vintage Styled Life's location, I stopped into a lovely, little at gallery called Smith2 Gallery to ask for directions.
Located on Main Street in Duluth, GA, the gallery has a corner location with lots of natural light.
This sweet little kitty greets you at the front door.  A whimsical sculpture that draws you into the gallery.
The walls are filled with marvelous pieces.  The gallery is owned and run by a husband and wife artists, Pamela and Larry Smith.  It was Pam that welcomed me in to provide me with directions to The Vintage Styled Life.  It didn't take long for a delightful conversation with her as she took me on a personal tour of the gallery.   The walls are filled with their works and other artists, sculptors and photographers.  Larry Smith is an American Impressionist with a love for Van Gogh's style.  Much of his work has a joyful and colorful emotion to it.  Pam is a portrait artist who not only specializes in human subjects but paints dogs portraits as well. 
This marvelous sculpture of large cherries is an eye-catcher.  At first it appears to be worked glass but it is a wood piece, handpainted and highly glazed.
Calling card for Smith 2 Gallery showcases the pieces within.
Calling card for artist, Pamela Nelson Smith.

 Calling card for artist, Larry Smith.

Was so glad to stop in here to see the art within and to meet Pam.  If you are in the Atlanta area, this lovely gallery is a must see.

Now for the treasure I found over the weekend.  
Darling late Victorian covered cheese or butter server.  Love these soft pastel colors.

Three pretty little footed china tea cups.  Lots of gold lustre around cups and pretty Victorian ladies on both sides.

Victorian glass top hat is the softest maize color with opalescent edges.  Looks pretty next to the capidomonte piece and the ice cream lick.
Vintage wrought iron plant stand had many layers of white paint.  I dry brushed lilac and aqua paint on it and really like the final look.  Reminds me of hydrangea flowers.
Fantastic vintage Indiana Carnival Glass punchbowl.  This piece has terrific lustre, circa 1970s. 
Four pretty transfer ware and hand painted salad plates.  Bavarian, late Victorian pieces.

At a dollar apiece, I had to purchase them all.  Beautifully handcrocheted and starched doilies from the 1950s.

How cute are these vintage parasols?  What a fun item for the vintage clothing collector.

I laughed with delight when I saw these vintage Chianti bottle miniatures.  So Mad Man, so patio entertaining pieces, so Jersey.  Growing up in New Jersey, we had these on our patio table over the summer.  The seals have never been broken but the wine is definitely not fit to drink.

Lovely little Jasperware dish still has its original cotton ribbon on the back for hanging.  Circa 1950-60s.
Found this nice end table at my local Goodwill for $6.96.  Heavy and well made, with a trashed finish, I did a repaint with my favorite shade of pale aqua and a coffee glaze.   It was a perfect weekend for painting furniture and I was a madwoman painting three pieces.

Another Goodwill find (Oh, how I wish I could find more like this).  A nice Mersman, Duncan Phyfe side table that had finish issues.  Gave it the same paint finish as the table above and then sanding back to expose some of the original mahogany.

Did a repaint of the white wicker side table.  Wasn't moving with the white color and there are so many under-colors that I figured it wouldn't matter if I painted it lilac.  Such a great color and you don't see it that often.
Last, but not least, a great find in this vintage Roseville white clematis pedestal for their large, matching jardiniere.  Circa 1940s. These are such hard to find pieces and I hope it finds a home with a Roseville collector.  

It was a lovely weekend for treasure hunting but especially meeting new friends.  Hoping everyone has a marvelous week.  Sea Witch


My Vintage Heart said...

I first met Davina at Scott Antique Market last year. What a talented lady she is! Loved her booth there & have seen her at a few other shows since. So happy to hear she's opened her own place! Thanks for the info...will be heading her way soon!

My Vintage Heart said...

Lovely end table you painted, by the way!

My Garden Diaries said...

Your Goodwill finds are amazing!!! And how cool that you were able to visit her shop!!! SO many things caught my eye in her space!!! I wish it was closer to Chicago!!!