Friday, June 7, 2013

RIP America's Mermaid

Esther Williams, whose experiences as a young swimming champion led to a career of Hollywood "aqua-musicals" designed just for her, passed away at the age of 91.  
Williams' aqua-musicals were escapist comedies in lush color, with lavish song and watery dance numbers and lots of footage of synchronized swimming. They were so popular that some credited her with a jump in the popularity of home swimming pools.

She dismissed her talent, saying "I can't act, I can't sing, I can't dance. My pictures are put together out of scraps they find in the producer's wastebasket." But after watching the films decades later, she softened that self-deprecating assessment, saying: "I look at that girl and I like her." (read entire article at

 I can see why she became popular with audiences. There was an unassuming quality about her.  She was comfortable in her own skin and a lady to the end.  My mother often called her a class act.  The pool in I grew up with in our back yard in New Jersey was an Esther Williams inground pool.  Small and oval shaped, I lived in it the minute dad declared the swimming season open.  I will always remember her fondly.  Sea Witch


Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

My mother loved her. She wanted me to be able to swim like Ester Williams. Momma was afraid of the water and was determined I wouldn't be. So she put me in swimming lessons. Every. Single. Summer. Funny thing was, she would always put me in the beginner class thinking I probably forgot what I'd learned the summer before. So I bobbed. And bobbed. Then dog paddled. And each summer I'd make it to actual swimming and lessons would be over. The only thing those lessons accomplished is that I do love the water - although I'm afraid of drowning. And I hate to swim. Floating on top with a quick dip to cool off is good.

sassytrash said...

Lovely tribute...She was one of a kind! I still watch her movies. Hope you are having a swell summer!