Monday, June 24, 2013

and so it goes.

 Life sometimes throws a curve ball at you and I have been handed one that I'm still trying to wrap my arms around.  I never want to use the blog as a crying towel because I cherish all who visit.  I want this to be a gentle space where you can enjoy the hunt as much as I do, delight in the finds and hear the tales I spin.  I appreciate those who visit and have counted so many of you as friends that I feel the need to unburden what I have been carrying for the last 11 days.   I'll make it quick and then share a few finds as I do not want to dwell on the heavy.  The doctors have discovered a cluster of spots on my honey's liver and he goes in for a biopsy tomorrow to determine if it is metastasis melanoma.  I am frightened and even though the doctors say it may not be cancer, the waiting for results brings all of the fear and stress and sadness I went through with my mom's swift but losing battle with this ugly disease.  As we learn of the results and prepare a plan of action, I may not be posting weekly for a while.  Still, this blog brings me focus and at a time where I need some gentle time, I will be here.

I found this sweet cupid on ebay last summer.  His chubby little body and crying face has such a sweet emotion to it.  It's called “Cupids Dilemma” and is a chromolithograph print in original fame with vintage glass. Chromolithography, the first true multi-color printing method as previously color had been applied by hand. The Victorians loved this method of printing because of its rich coloring; many children's books included this printing type. Print is dated Dec 4th, 1892.

Found this Victorian calling card receiving tray at my local goodwill on Saturday.   Solid cast bronze metal has been spray painted white by a past owner. Circa 1890s.  I like these lost use pieces and I have one that I display unique seashells on.

Another goodwill find, a pretty flapper era celluloid brooch of the softest shades of pastels. Measures approximately 3 inches. Circa 1920-30s.  Sometimes you just find the most interesting things at a goodwill.

I collect antique carnival glass when I can find pieces that I can afford.  I especially gravitate towards the older pieces with their brilliant lustre "MATT" finishes.  They have such fire and this lovely Dugan nappy, pattern: holly and berries, I found at the Buford Queen of Hearts this weekend.  I got it on the cheap because this piece has a perfectly lined clean break that has been reglued so well that you don't see the repair unless you hold it up to the light.  I can't wait to display this piece over the future Christmas holidays.

Yard sale find!  Yes, I said yard sale find.  I don't usually stop at those round my neck of the woods as they are mostly baby clothes and toys but this was near my home and it was late in the day.  I asked if they had any granny jewelry or broken items and she trotted out this set.  Lovely early 19th century demi parue necklace, earrings and brooch.  Braided mesh, gold washed chain and settings with jade cabochon stones, natural pearls and amethyst teardrop gemstones.

Closeup of earrings, clips.  I'm still doing a little research on their age and perhaps maker.  There are no hallmarks but this is such a lovely set it I hope to identify the manufacturer.  If I learn anything about it I will post on a future blog.

Last my not least, I saw this print at Queen of Hearts and it reminded me of my cyber friend, Mitzi from Mitzi's Miscellany.  She is like a walking encyclopedia or in today's vernacular, an antique fact wikipedia of information.  Her blog is as delightful as she is and she always takes the coolest vintage photos of herself.  A true lover of time periods, I know when she sees this print she will understand why I thought of her.  

Yup, it's the eyes.  This is most definitely you, Mitzi.

Have a marvelous week and wishing blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch


Robin Larkspur said...

I know how scared you are. Hoping that results come back quickly. Please let us know.
Thinking of you, and sending lots of love and healing light. Hugs from Robin.

Mitzi said...

Oh, my! I love that Queen of Hearts print! Thank you so much for thinking of me....and for saying such nice things about my blog! I'm so glad we have become cyber pals! By the way, that chubby cupid is adorable too....

Mitzi said...

P.S. I am hoping so much that you hear good news tomorrow.....

My Vintage Heart said...

I've just now read this news. I hope you know more by now, as I'm so late to read it. My thoughts and prayers are with you both. I would imagine the waiting is so hard and I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this!