Monday, July 22, 2013

Lakewood 40 Antiques Market

Finally made it out to the Lakewood 40 Antiques Market in Cumming, Georgia.  Originally located on the southeastern Fair Grounds in Atlanta,
 ten years ago, Lakewood moved to Cumming, as Lakewood 400 Antiques Market.  We expected rain all weekend so I wanted to get to the outdoor market early. There were a handful of outdoor dealers who braved the tentative weather report and I found my first great purchase among them.

 A lovely French, hand colored, engraving dated 1776 is titled, La Visite Inattendue.  Translation, The Unexpected Visit.  Seems one lover's dress got caught in the door upon leaving as the new lover entered the room.  Sweet little water spaniel can’t help but announce the interruption. 

Engravings by William Hogath, a painter, engraver, moralist, theoretician and philanthropist (1697-1764) was the most popular English artist of his time. He gained international success for his series of images in which he satirized social and moral vices among individuals encountered in everyday life.  

Mounted in a turn of the century frame with bubbled glass,   Circa 1900s.   I carried this prize back to my vehicle and then headed into the market.  It was bustling with energy and fair type foods.  You could smell the corndogs and funnel cakes as you entered.  I carry protein bars and Vitamin water so I ignored the fair food...although the giant hot pretzels were calling me.  Ya just can't take the "Jersey" out of the girl.

 Sweet little doxie greeted everyone.

 There were lovely booths everywhere and what I really liked was the size of the venue.  Boasting 500 spaces, it was intimate and walking was very manageable.

 This space had a case full of gorgeous cut crystal perfume bottles.  The light threw color rainbows everywhere.

 Of course, a SeaWitch would want a driftwood tree.  I didn't purchase it but I sure do like it.

 Pretty display of contemporary art and vintage pieces.

 This space had beautiful chairs and I am crazy about the Windsors.  They are my favorite type of seating.

 Hat boxes and vintage luggage are marvelous decorative elements.

 This space had the prettiest french pieces.

Nice display of vintage bone china.

 I collect jewelry caskets so I am always drawn to them.  These both had their original silk linings.  As I walked among the many booths, something stopped me in my tracks.  Was that what I thought I saw?  It sure was and I had to inquire about it.

 A pretty, little Victorian bon bon server (spoon).   

The Victorians loved their fussy serving pieces and bon bon (chocolates) spoons/servers are certainly a fussy little tool.  I can picture a tasty, hand made chocolate being offered from this Sterling bon bon server to guests.  Now, here was part of my dilemma.  These pieces are highly collectible and usually start at $75.00 and go up very quickly...especially the Sterling pieces.   Melissa, the dealer smiled and offered information on the piece and told me it was marked at $35.00.  My heart skipped a beat but I was on a budget and said that I would have to think about it...even though the spoon was calling my name.  So I continued to look at other booths.  Well the more I looked, the more I could hear that spoon calling my name, so I turned back and told Melissa I would take it.  It's mine and I can't wait to use it over the holiday season.  Bon bon spoons/servers are small as you can see by the AAA battery next to it for scale.  Melissa had more unique silver pieces and I found this great souvenir piece.

 A rare, sterling silver, Native American themed spoon with a morning star at the top and pretty stamped work throughout.  Circa 1900s.

Pretty Taxco sterling silver pin with an Art Deco design. 

This is the third mold I have acquired in my small collection of antique pudding molds and I actually steam puddings in them over the holidays.  This one has grapes in the center mold area. Purchased this mold at one of my newest, favorite places to visit and shop - The Vintage Styled Life in Duluth, Georgia.

Got a pair of vintage eye glasses and don't know what to do with them? Add vintage photos behind the lenses and display. I added these to this great pair of 50's cat's eye glasses and love the final look.  I printed them on window cling sheets so they could be easily removed from the lenses should you decide to wear them.  

Update on my honey, he had his first round of three chemo sessions two weeks ago and is now coming out of the chemo haze.  We now wait two weeks before we start the chemo again and in between he will have lab work done to see if the chemo is killing the cancer cells.  Thank you for all of your prayers and support you have sent to my honey and me.  I am truly grateful for your cyber prayers.  Blessings to you and those you love. Sea Witch


Mitzi said...

We like so many of the same things....jewery caskets, luggage and hatboxes for display, pudding molds....and I just love what you dd with the vintage eye glasses!

I hav been keeping you and your hubby in my thoughts and prayers every day, and I'm hoping this first round of chemo is successful.

Robin Larkspur said...

Fantastic find in that "scandalous" framed painting.
Have fun with that bon bon server, totally terrific!
Lots of great treasures!!
Every single day I am sending thoughts and energy down your way. I hope your hubby is keeping his spirits up, as difficult as that must be! Hugs from Robin.