Monday, July 23, 2012

Guys and Dolls Saturday

Been missing sis these last few weekends as we both have been so busy with our Monday thru Friday, 8:00 to 5:00 gigs.  Although they feel more like Monday thru Sunday and 7:00 to 9:00 gigs these days.   Sis was free this Saturday and we had lots to catch up with and the weekend rains would not stop us from getting together.  She was jonesing for a Five Guys hamburger and fries so "we dolls" headed out to "Five Guys" for her burger, my hotdog and fries. 
They always give you so much food so we split the fries between us.  Fortified with sustenance, we were now ready to hit a Goodwill or two and a few of my favorite haunts for treasure.

 At our first stop, I found this pretty little late Victorian serving bowl filled with purple violets rather than the usual roses you often find with these bowls.  Mashed potatoes always taste better when served up in a pretty bowl.

 Sold all of my lighting in both booths so I was on the prowl for more. I lucked out when I found this pretty double chandelier of heavy brass in a traditional Williamsburg design.

A very long, late Victorian velvet tapestry was a Goodwill purchase for $1.81.  In lovely condition, this was a terrific find.

Sis has been doing summer cleaning and decided it was time to pass on her folk art cat. I brought it in to the store and think it looks adorable next to the vintage bird cage.

Another Goodwill find, a pretty little tin litho doll house.  This is one of the smaller, Wolverine series, sizes. I love to decorate with these over Christmas.  They look so pretty nestled around tiny lights.

I had one of these banks as a little girl so it was fun to find a vintage, Ohio Art globe bank.  Even has the plastic stopper to keep the coins from falling out. 

A sweet vintage recipe box from the 1940s with a few hand written & typed recipes inside.

How sweet is this gold leaf Italianate commode dresser? 

 I have a soft spot for Raku pottery.  I adore the iridescence of this glazing technique.  I found two and kept the smaller one for myself but brought the larger one into the store.

 Yup, another goodwill find.  Heavy, glass chandelier holds a votive candle in the center.  Best of all, no crystals were missing.

First time I have come across a salt glaze, stoneware Santa from Eldreth Pottery, Lancaster, PA.  This Santa is the 1990 offering. He is handsome.

Found three vintage hats, each for $2.00.   The pair above are velvet, one in black with a large bow and the smaller a rich, navy blue with bow.  The spring hat is beautiful with very real looking roses all around it.  I may be keeping this pretty little thing to wear for myself.

As luck would have it, I found a second chandelier.  This one is modern but really beautiful.  A chrome and brass honeycomb piece that supports tiny bulbs above and below.  I have to pick up 50 little bulbs this week before I can bring it in to the store.  This was a Goodwill find as well.

I collect textiles and love the needlework that women create.  This is a fine cotton batiste that is heavily embroidered.  I came across five of these pretty pieces.
I may use them for Christening hats.  I do not cut the handkerchiefs, but spot stitch them in a way that showcases the beautiful embroidery, fits the tiny, sweet heads of infants and then I add ribbon ties.  I may have to post a blog on how I do that.  It is very easy and a lovely way to use old, family hankies or small linens as a christening cap that can later be returned to their original use and given to the wearer at their wedding as "something old".  
 I hope you all have a marvelous week.  Blessings to you and those you love and especially to the families of the Aurora, CO tragedy.


sassytrash said...

Hi SW!! You have an incredible 'divvy' eye for treasure, as always! (I never find anything in Goodwill??)
Hope you can drop by FB sometime - my booth is in the room in the front left - near the auction space (first full weekend of every month)

Ana said...

Oh you made my day...My sister and I use to have a little doll house like the one you found. We spent hours playing wit it. Such wonderful memories. Thank you for making my day my friend.

Much love,
❤Ana said...

Your hanky idea is so sweet?