Sunday, May 26, 2013

Treasure Hunting at my favorite haunts.

It has been a marvelous weekend with terrific weather.  Blue skies, sunny days and cool nights make for cooking on the grill, sleeping with the windows open and treasure hunting at a few of my favorite haunts.  I have been following Vintage Village's facebook page and their dealers have loaded their booths again so I had to make my first stop there.

 "The hag", Debbie, owner of Vintage Village, always has something interesting going on around her building.  The dealers all decorated a chair and held a contest for customers to select a winner.  It was great fun and a visually enticing display that draws you into the parking lot.

 I adore transferware and this pretty piece from "My Vintage Heart", keeps calling me.

Pretty Victorian slipper chair is priced just right.

These pretty stoneware dishes will make you smile with their whimsey.

Marvelous vintage basket and lovely whitework pillow.

Love Love Love this hen nester in one of my favorite dealer booths.  I had one of these in my home in Illinois and filled it with white chickens and my cookbooks.  Always got the most interesting comments with it.  Sold it before I moved to Atlanta and now I'm kinda missing it.  Still, I have no place for it but a girl can wish, can't she?

Neat commercial silver and bright pink painted toolbox.

Neat little chippy twig table with brilliant lemon yellow paint remnants.

 Really cool mid century office chair.  Love the metal casters and base with green faux leather seating.

This dealer always has the pretties ice cream colored items.  The palest shades of pink, yellow, mint green and blue are darling.  

After purchasing a few pieces, of which I will share shortly, I walked over the "The Shop" behind Vintage Village.

How clever to take damaged antique tobacco baskets and turn the bottoms in to stars.  I can see this on the outside of a home.

So many pretty items and lots of white, chippy tables from the turn of the century through mid century and all price at buy me now prices.

I'm really digging these books that have been removed from their covers.  

Great prints of wild gals on the cover of Real Detective Tales from the 1930s.  Couldn't help notice that some headlines never change.  The cover on the left reads, "Secret Crimes of Washington D.C Exposed. 

It was a fun Saturday run and here are some photos of what I found.

 Found this at my local Goodwill.  Beautifully framed canvaswork embroidery of a basket of shells.  Very 1970s.

 Pair of oh so soft cotton dish towels in the most delightful colors from the 1950s.   Found these at Vintage Village.

Vintage WWII Home Front 1941, Sentinel of Freedom, American Flag Print.  This popular print was distributed to schools, churches and individuals during WWII, and the painting has become a staple of modern culture. Depicting the beauty of the Flag when the wind had died down and the gentle folds took their natural place.  Artist is Adrian Brewer, The American Co. Little Rock Ark.  Original frame in blue and red.  Circa 1940s

Score one for Goodwill. They had the nearly complete set of Nancy Drew mysteries from the 1960-70s.  Got them for a song so I am selling them at $3.50 each.  What a great gift for a young girl or just pick your favorite mystery and display next to your other favorite reads.

Lovely capodimonte pansies on porcelain cameo base.  Very 1950s.

Found another set of heavy wrought iron candle stands at my local Goodwill.  Painted them up with my favorite shade of aqua.

Vintage advertising fan of young African American girl in prayer.  Calhoun, Georgia. Circa 1950s 

 Hats are fun, but hats with a veil and a feather are just a good day all around.

 Lovely Liz Claiborne straw hat is big and floppy.

 Stopped in at a fabric store and they had booths filled with other items.  Found this neat brass hurricane lamp that had been rewired for electrical use.  Got it for a song so now it is in my Victorian booth.

 Gorgeous Wedgwood & Co. antique soup bowl. Tunstall Potteries.              Circa 1865-1880s

Another Goodwill find.  Love this pretty silverplated server.  Looks like it was in a china hutch and rarely used.

 Sweet, 8 inch silverplated server looks like it was never used.

Antique yellowware buttermilk pitcher.  Nice spatter pattern in green to brown glaze. Some age flakes but still a nice piece. Circa 1880s

Don't you just love the shape of this delightful Art Deco covered candy dish. Definitive deco shape with black details.  Marvelous piece. Circa 1940s

And my most favorite piece found this weekend. 
A fantastic and unusual 1930s era optician's tool, soft-lite trial tester lenses.  Numbered 3 and 4 to denote the tint of the lens. A really cool item and makes a great “steampunk costume” prop. 

Had to make these for my honey to celebrate Memorial Day.  Our local Publix had the biggest and reddest strawberries so I melted down some white chocolate bars, dipped the berries and nestled in blue sugar.

 This salad plate, by the way, is a 8 inches in diameter so you can see just how huge these berries are.  I brought some to the Buford Queen of Hearts staff to enjoy and they were a huge hit.

I hope your Memorial Day weekend was a marvelous one and that we give thanks for those who gave their lives so that we can enjoy ours. Blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch


Tanya said...

DAMN, I wish I was closer to you and your shop (or closer to anything but this desert nothingness, really)! :-) You ALWAYS go on the greatest treasure hunts, and return with incredible finds! Can't wait to see the rest of it!

Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

First, those chairs! What a great idea! We've been trying to get the mall owner of the local mall I'm in to so some things to draw customers. Or something at the road to get attention. Or better signage. Her idea is to have antique car shows. Sigh.

I'm in love with the pitcher you found. You must really have some good thrifts in your area because you manage to find some neat things!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for stopping by The Shop, and for the nice write up on your blog!!! Stop by and take pictures anytime :)

Mitzi said...

Wow, what a great post! So many wonderful finds....I really like what you did with the candlesticks. Great color! The ice cream colored dealer's booth was lovely, and I agree that books without covers are very appealing....