Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Smoke gets in your eyes

Ahh, the title of my blog post really should say, pollen gets in your eyes.  I am now full Floridian as the palm pollens have broken through my life long, no allergies for me, defenses.  Even living in Atlanta for 16 years with the heavy Southern Pines pollen fall each spring couldn't make a dent and I happily went about my day without issues, unlike so many of my family, friends and colleagues.  I'm still luckier then most as my symptoms have only been gritty eyes and teeth with a runny nose.  Thankfully, a simple allergy nose spray works very well for me.  But like my antiquing gal pals, even a pollen kissed nose will not stop us from the hunt.

It always surprises me to find pieces like these at my local Goodwill.  Signed Waterford crystal pieces.  There truly is nothing like Waterford, substantial crystal with spectrum clarity and a lovely ring when pinged.

Pretty elegant depression parfait glass etched and the popular pink.

Pretty little hand painted cup dated from the Memorial of the Dead, Brezova pod Bradlom.

Fine bone china and hand painted Slovakian in gold lustre script and dated 1928.

Set of three pretty little porcelain dessert plates with gold lustre trim and lovely cabbage roses in the center. 

Two cut crystal salts.  I love these little things for so many reasons, mostly because they throw lovely rainbows when the sun hits them.

This was a nice find as well.  Heavy Victorian crystal knife rest in lovely condition.

Lovely vintage glass stein with heavy pewter lid.  Marked Original BMF Bierseidel.  Germany.

It's been a few years that I've come across these large, antique glass apothecary funnels.  They are great decorative elements and large enough to be used as a cloche for found objects.

This Edwardian parasol may look a little rough for ware with the aged stains but it has a marvelous look and long wooden handle.

Vintage and antique clock faces are the hot decorative element for decorating these days. I was lucky to find a bag full at my local thrift shop.

I acquired this rare, political Nixon campaign parasol at a local Atlanta auction house several years ago.  It is now in my display case at the Lyon's Head Antique Mall .  

Marvelous Native American, silverplated and beaded coin purse.  The have repousse image of an Indian Chief, and the beading is a lovely dark green with pin and black details.  Patent date inside is Dec 15, 03. 

The Indians were commissioned to produce the beadwork and then forwarded to Bostonia Company to complete the silver plated embossed design.

and last but not least...smoke does get in your eyes with this lovely, pencil drawn picture requesting patrons to not smoke.  Lovely retro lady from the 1940s with big shoulder pads and a handkerchief dabbing at her eyes.

Wishing you all a pollen free February and blessings to you and those you love. Sea Witch

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