Monday, February 25, 2019

Happy mails to you...

Until we meet again...okay, Roy Rogers never sang Happy Mails, but he would if he received a  happymail package like I did this week.    I adore living in Florida but I sure do miss my antiquing haunts back in Georgia and especially Vintage Village in Snellville.  Still, I can visit that marvelous shop on their facebook page and cyber purchase smalls that they will safely package and ship to my front door.

A happymail package arrived this week and as always, there is pretty packing paper to be found.  Several sheets of this delightful paper was inside and wrapped around treasure.  I can't wait to use this paper in a project or two.

This antique book of "Pleasant stories and pleasing rhymes" is filled with what it advertises and lots of pen and ink illustrations.   Reading these stories of 100 years or more ago brings smiles.

My love of antique bibles is fed with this leather bound, small hand bible published 1865.

Both Old and New Testaments with gold paper edges and very tiny letters means I must really open my eyes to read the word.   What really touches my heart is the date.  On 
April 9th, 1865 the Civil War ended and then 5 days later on April 14th, President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.  Was this bible opened by a shaking hand and read with a tearful heart?  It is what I feel when I hold it.

My sheepies herd is growing with these charming little lambs.  I use them as part of my Christmas decorating by placing them throughout vintage toy houses and buildings.

 Needed a unique shaped glass apothecary jar and this big girl fit the bill.  It may be just a Chinese import but I don't care, I love it.

A Saturday trip to a favorite haunt found a lovely Victorian, cut crystal knife rest.  It is now in my display case at the Lyon's Head Antique Mall.

A magnificent green and gold lustre accents Early American Pressed Glass (EAPG) banana bowl.  Produced by both Bryce and U.S. Glass, the pattern is Delaware and produced in 1899.   

Sweet little bone china trinket dish is handpainted with sweet flowers but my favorite part is the green lucky shamrock at the top of the dish.  

Not an old mirror but it has the look of an antique all mirror and can be hung or left standing on a dresser or mantel.

Spring is just around the corner with Easter hopping for time with family and friends.  I had sold a similar set of vintage cabbage salt and pepper shakers many years ago and was delighted to find another set last weekend.  They look sweet with vintage Lefton bunnies and make a charming Easter table display.

Looking forward to turning the clocks ahead in a few weeks and seeing the days continue to get longer.  I love the Florida outdoors and the longer days make it that much more fun so with that I wish blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch

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