Sunday, February 10, 2019

Finding love.

February is a reminder to express your love for those who impact and enrich your life.  We find love in many forms and places as well as in what we love to collect.  I have a love for textiles and fiber of all types and  found these two American beauties at one of my favorite shops near me.  The Junk Co., located in the same shopping center as The Lyon's Head Antique Mall where I have my spaces, had a marvelous vintage vendor market and one of their dealers offered a series of 1930s quilts.  I was lucky enough to grab these two in rich reds, whites and blues.

A true American beauty with great calico patterns, this quilt is soft from years of use.  

Another stunner, brilliant reds in calicos and just as soft from use.  My raviolis, what I call my grandchildren, will love wrapping up in these after a full day in the pool. 

Found this fantastic pair of Hollywood Regency lamps from the 1940s.  Heavy, faceted crystal balls on a black glass block with glass sticks, these are stunners.  

Retro is the word these days and this quirky resin marlin with glitter in the fin and abalone shells in the body and eye makes me smile.  

Pretty red roses on this 1920s Droste tin chocolate box.  Makes a lovely Valentines Day gift box.

How cute are these little cherubs holding up a mirror for one to look at.

Charming little wooden box crafted from architectural salvage from a home in South Georgia.

Found a pair of American Brilliant Cut Glass nappys.  These are full of fire and a smaller size than you usually find.  

Now I'm on a hunt to confirm the makers.

Lovely silver plated basket with pretty beaded handle.

Love this brass wired little basket and it holds a WW2 New Testament with a presentation from mom and dad to their son and dated 1947.

Vintage barbershop item, Campana Italian Balm wall mount soap dispenser.  Circa 1940s.

Elegant, mother of pearl opera glasses are French.  A Goodwill find, I will need to replace the missing brass screw that moves the eyepieces up and down.

A Sunday find, everything about this antique watch chain and fobs is made for this Sea Witch.  Lovely gold filled Anchor and Bosun's whistle fobs.  I will be converting this to a necklace to wear.  

Another thing to love is that the days are getting longer and lighter and my little doxie is loving running around the lanai barking at the herons and the squirrels.  We have much to be thankful for and wishing you blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch.

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