Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bottle caps, Asian influence and chocolate brown.

Okay, okay! I'm knee deep in hundreds of wedding photos and am trying to put a few albums together by this weekend. Lots of thank you notes to write and send and the company I work for is in the middle of a migration and we are in complete upheaval and all I really want to do is play with antiques to price and display in my booth at Vintage Village. Instead and in answer to the many emails I have received regarding jewelry that I have made, I am posting some of those photos because this is the easiest of everything that I have on my plate right now. Besides, it's more fun to post pics of jewelry than pay bills on line, clean house or do the things I should be doing. (My wedding and reception was wonderful and being surrounded by family was such a blessing, especially since my two grown sons gave me away...once I get the photos together, I will post a few of those) But for now, here are some pics of jewelry that I created:

I love anything that has a summer flair to it and these bottle caps are too cute for school. Paired up with a kicky pump or sandal an natural stones and you have a winning summer combination.

This sweet silver heart gives a two fold message -- taken or available -- depending on your mood. Lovely, deep cranberry Italian glass beads paired with small matt seeds.

Golden Tiger's Eye and black cinnabar beads with brass toggle.

Heavy Denim Lapis and tiger's eye beads necklace, bracelet and earring set.

Heavy ceramic beads and gold finished spacers.

I pushed two themes this summer, "Asian Influence" and "chocolate brown". I love the marriage of the two for the organic elements and their simplicity and the earth tones of brown.

My one signature piece that I produce each season. Big, bold and not for the timid, this is a real showpiece. Heavy natural green turquoise stone in center.

Lovely wooden beads with tiger striping paired with abalone shell beads.

Pale pink natural pearls, Bali silver beads and Swarovski crystal beads with a hand blown bead in the center. Piece is offset with sterling silver flower clasp that is much to pretty to hide behind your neck so I placed in on the side so it would enhance the overall piece.

Faux cinnabar beads in bold Chinese Red and Black.

Pretty summer piece with mother of pearl petals and ceramic brown bead discs.

Lovely, heavy pineapple quartz (rough cut) stone beads accented with sterling Bali beads and a citron stone cross. Heavy, bold and smashing when worn with a black dress.
So, there you have it, a few of my pieces. If you must have one of them, please drop me a line. Shipping is always on the Sea Witch.

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